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The Wichita Massacre — A Shameless Media Coverup

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WELCOME to American Dissident Voices. I’m Kevin Alfred Strom. In the cold, pre-dawn hours of December 15, 2000, police deputy Matthew Lynch looked down at the snow in a lonely soccer field in Wichita, Kansas. The snow was pink, and spotted with red. It was stained with blood: the blood of the White victims of one of the most vicious racial attacks in American history — the attack that has become known as the Wichita Massacre. (ILLUSTRATION: The four murdered victims: Heather Muller, Brad Heyka, Aaron Sander and Jason Befort)

The bodies of four dead White Americans lay in that soccer field, and there would have been five if not for a near-miracle that allowed one of the White victims, a 25-year-old schoolteacher we’ll call HG, to survive to tell her story. She ran naked for a mile in 17-degree weather before she found help, and she refused medical attention (even though she was suffering from a gunshot wound) until she was sure that her helpers had heard and understood her story.

She said “…Don’t call 911 yet! I want you to hear this story in case I die.”

You see, young HG wasn’t sure she would live long enough to tell her story otherwise — after having been kidnapped, robbed, repeatedly raped, forced to engage in sex acts, shot execution-style in the back of the head, and then run over by a truck and left for dead by her two Black male attackers. That 25-year-old woman wanted us to know what happened. And thanks to the workings of a fate which looks a lot like Providence, and to her own endurance and courage, we do know what happened there. And we must never forget the Wichita Massacre.

Earlier that evening, HG had been visiting her boyfriend Jason Befort, age 26. Jason was a science teacher and coach at Augusta High School, and HG was to learn during the ordeal that he was about to propose to her and had bought her an engagement ring. Jason would never get a chance to ask “will you marry me?” or give her the ring. His bloody, battered, and naked body lay dead in that snowy killing field in Wichita.

Jason had two roommates, college friends of his, who shared a condominium with him: Bradley Heyka, 27 a financial analyst for Koch financial services, and Aaron Sandler, 29, who had recently decided to study for the priesthood. Later that evening, the twentysomething roommates were also joined by Heather Muller, 25, a church preschool teacher who was a former girlfriend of Sanders and who was also a graduate student at Wichita State University. Like Jason Befort, Heyka and Sandler and Muller would not survive to see the next day dawn.

At 11 PM, two Black males forced their way into the condominium. They have been identified as the Carr brothers, Jonathan and Reginald. Armed with a handgun, the Blacks forced all the Whites to strip off their clothes and shoved them into a bedroom closet. At first, the Blacks showed little interest in robbery, though the Whites told them “take our money, take whatever you want.” The young Whites were then brought out into another room, one or two at a time, for rape and sexual degradation.

Reginald Carr (left) and Jonathan Carr

According to HG’s testimony (which was subsequently censored) transcribed at the CourtTV message board, the Whites were forced to submit to rape and sodomy from the Blacks and were also forced to rape each other to put on a kind of “sex show” for the Blacks: “they had Heather and I come out of the bedroom…and they told us to perform oral sex. I did to Heather first and she did that back and then …he shouted …my mouth to her vagina..uh…it would be her mouth to my vagina… they wanted [us] to… digitally penetrate one another and we did that.”

The Blacks then forced Mr. Befort and Mr. Heyka to have intercourse with HG, and when they were unable or unwilling to perform as demanded they were mercilessly beat on the head with golf clubs until they were almost senseless. Neighbors stated that the men’s blood, as a result of these beatings, “was everywhere in the duplex.” HG’s testimony continued: “We had sex but he didn’t have an erection… so they were angry…several guys came out…they hit him on the back of the head and after that I went back into the closet. …we were under the impression that after they were done they would probably shoot us. And then they were just screaming, one of them made er ….a howling sound… they moved so that they could get a better view… they were angry that he wasn’t doing what they had asked him to do…he didn’t do what they wanted…there was some conversation about an erection….you have some certain time to get that vagina entered …He cried out (that) if he didn’t have an erection, he would be SHOT…so I was trying to help Jason…” Later, the Blacks repeatedly raped and sodomized the two White women, in the words of HG: “at that point in time Brad was gone …while Brad was gone …I was pulled out to the wetbar…where he raped me. …he had on an orange and black sweater that has FUBU. …I was spread on the floor on all fours…with him behind me …I saw a silver handgun …by me as I was down on all fours.”

The sexual self-expression of the Carr brothers temporarily satisfied, the Whites were taken on rides to empty their bank accounts with their ATM cards. On the way back from one such ride, Reginald Carr asked HG if she liked Black men. Thinking that a “yes” answer would please her captor, she answered in the affirmative. According to HG, “he said he wished we could’ve met under different circumstances. He said I was cute, and we probably would’ve hit it off.”

When they returned to the house, the same Reginald Carr raped HG again and forced her to perform oral sex on him. Jonathan Carr raped Heather Muller again and then he raped HG one more time.

After the rapes and beatings, as the Carr brothers ransacked the house, they found a coffee can containing a diamond ring. As the Blacks flashed the ring, Jason Befort managed to tell HG: “That’s for you. I was going to ask you to marry me.”

Three hours after the ordeal began, at 2:07 AM, the Blacks loaded the men into the trunk and took the five young Whites for their final ride, the men nude, the women naked from the waist down.

Arriving shortly thereafter at the lonely, snow-covered soccer field, the Blacks ordered the five Whites to kneel in the snow and then shot them one by one in the back of the head. HG remembers “As I was kneeling, a gun shot went off… I heard Aaron . . . I could distinguish Aaron’s voice. He said, ‘Please, no sir, please.’ The gun went off.”

There were three shots and then: “I felt the bullet hit the back of my head. It went kind of gray with white like stars. I wasn’t knocked unconscious. I didn’t fall forward. Then someone kicked me, and I had fallen forward. I was playing dead. I didn’t move. I didn’t want them to shoot me again.” The Blacks, thinking the Whites were dead, got into Jason Befort’s pickup truck and ran over the bodies, including the living body of HG.

She says: “I waited until I couldn’t hear any more, then I turned my head and saw lights going. I looked at everyone. Everyone was face down. Jason was next to me. I rolled him over. There was blood squirting everywhere, so I took my sweater off and tied it around his head to try and stop it. He had blood coming out of his eyes.” The rest you know. Everyone except HG was killed, and she is now testifying in the trial of Jonathan and Reginald Carr.

According to New Nation News, a pro-White alternative Web site, the autopsy of 25-year-old Heather Muller, the student who was also a preschool teaching volunteer, indicated new trauma to her hymen, showing that she had been a virgin at the time of her rape and murder, belying the statement allegedly made by Reginald Carr, “Ever been with a Black dude before, you bitch?”

Naturally, the defense is trying to confuse the identities of the brothers: the brother who had a bushy “afro” style now wears “cornrows,” and the brother who had “cornrows” has shaved his head, and both are now wearing glasses and squinting a great deal.

And the arrogance of these Blacks, who know that the system in this country will not tolerate Whites expressing even the mildest racial preference or concern, is almost unbelievable. One Black juror, a Boeing employee, was being questioned about his feelings toward the Carrs when he said, “I hate to see young Black men go through this.”

In a CourtTV forum message, a local woman in Wichita stated:

“I attended the second day of the preliminary hearing, the day after the surviving victim recounted the horrific ordeal of the Carr brothers’ victims. During a break in the proceedings, several family members of the Carr brothers left their seats in the back of the courtroom and sat in the jury box, where they were only a few feet away from the defendants. All manner of laughing, giggling and making faces at each other then ensued. It was the most surreal and repugnant sight I’ve ever witnessed. When Reginald Carr saw me staring at this display, he flicked his tongue, obscenely, at me; a gesture I’ve experienced several times before when driving by black men on the street.”

And the massacre didn’t even begin with the horrors of that night. A few days earlier, the Carr brothers carjacked a White man, Andrew Schreiber, and attacked and repeatedly shot Linda Walenta, a cellist in the Wichita Symphony, as she tried to escape them. She was paralyzed and suffered for three weeks before finally dying.

From the time of the attacks themselves, through the arrests of the Carr brothers, the preliminary hearings, the depositions, and now the trial itself, the Wichita Massacre has received very little national attention from the Jewish-controlled media, just as we predicted it would not.

Though these same media outlets shouted from the housetops for years about the dragging death of a Black man in Texas committed by Whites, and about the murder of homosexual Matthew Shepard, and even filled the airwaves with “outrage” over the use of excessive force against the Black criminal Rodney King, there has been hardly a mention of the grisly rape-murders of the Wichita Massacre.

Almost all of the coverage has been local Wichita coverage, with even readers in Kansas City complaining they get little news of the massacre in their local media. Ingram’s, a local magazine, states that the major media there have given only inside-page notice to the massacre — with no mentions of the interracial nature of the crimes in the Kansas City Star, and that their research revealed that Kansas City media had given considerably more coverage to the killing of an animal called “Scruffy the Dog” a few years back than they did to the Carr brothers and their seven White victims.

Another message, this one from a retired police detective, which was posted (and then removed) from CourtTV’s Internet forum, stated the media non-coverage issue succinctly:

“As a retired Chicago homicide detective, I have yet to hear of any more VICIOUS and COLD-BLOODED (5) homicides involving a PERSONAL CONFRONTATION between victims and STRANGERS than this case which resulted in ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN (113) FELONY COUNTS vs. Reginald CARR and his brother, Jonathan.

“This case involves a home invasion, repeated rapes and sexual assaults, armed robberies, burglary, abductions, theft and car-jacking as well as the execution-style murders of naked victims in a snow-covered soccer field.

“Aside from the Internet and local media, the mainstream national media has suppressed news coverage of these most HEINOUS atrocities outside of the State of Kansas. The case also involves a gag order in which (considering ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN FELONY COUNTS) the public has yet to learn the full extent of this outrage!

“Please have full COURT TV national coverage of Kansas v. Carr. Bros Veteran homicide detectives can assure all that it does NOT get ANY WORSE than the WICHITA MASSACRE!”

Please, please give this trial national coverage — so pleaded hundreds of White people outraged at the silence of the media. (It should have been hundreds of thousands, but give the new White media time to grow.) It looked too good to be true when Time-Warner’s CourtTV, in the person of chief anchor Fred Graham, announced in September that they would air “gavel-to-gavel” coverage of the Wichita Massacre trial. That statement sent a wave of hope through the White community, but that hope was dashed to the ground when, a few weeks later, CourtTV abruptly decided to drop all but minimal coverage of the trial. At around the same time, many discussions on CourtTV’s own message board about the case suddenly disappeared, and those who tried to re-post the deleted information or protest the censorship found that their accounts had been terminated and their messages erased.

There had been no public protest of the upcoming trial coverage. Despite the arrogance of the anti-White forces in our society, they still didn’t dare to publicly call for censorship of such a horrific crime. The pressures that forced the change in plans were behind-the-scenes pressures, pressures that have been kept secret from us. The ostensible reason given by front man Graham for nixing the Wichita Massacre coverage was the upcoming trial of a rabbi accused of murdering his wife. That in itself would be enough to make us suspect intentional misdirection from Jewish sources, even if we hadn’t discovered the fact that CourtTV is, according to their own Web site, a proud “partner” with the Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, whose anti-White activities are well known. CourtTV states on their own Web site that the ADL “is one of the nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agencies fighting anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defending democratic ideals, and protecting civil rights.”

I also checked the ADL’s own Web site, and they announce proudly that, right around the time that the coverage of the Wichita Massacre would have started, CourtTV will be airing an ADL-sponsored program called “Empowering Children in the Aftermath of Hate.” What an interesting coincidence. When one sees these connections, and remembers that heavily-Jewish Time Warner is a major owner of CourtTV, it is no longer surprising that CourtTV suddenly — and at the last minute — pulled the rug out from under coverage of the Wichita Massacre Trial, leaving other networks ill-prepared to step in even if they had wanted to.

The Jewish minority in the United States has a virtual monopoly control over our mass media, and all decisions that they make are decisions which place Jewish interests first. That is the key to understanding why CourtTV didn’t cover this trial; that is the key to understanding why White people aren’t allowed to have any institutions or preferences for themselves, that is they key to understanding why outrages like the Wichita Massacre aren’t considered hate crimes — even when they involve Blacks targeting only Whites seven times in a row, even when they involve gross sexual degradation and murder of Whites by Blacks, and even when racial references are made by the attackers — while at the same time Whites who post an innocent sticker saying that Whites are an endangered species are charged with hate crimes. Understanding the facts and the consequences of Jewish media control are the keys to understanding what has happened to our country. I hope you’ll continue to listen to these programs and write to us for a copy of our book catalog and magazine so you can understand the problem more fully and help us solve it in the future. Without Jewish media control, the situation in America would never have deteriorated to the point that made the Wichita Massacre possible. Even in the America of today, without Jewish media control changing the massacre from a hate crime to a hush crime the outrage from an enlightened White population would sweep the nation. Understanding media control is the key to understanding our current paralysis.

One final note: Listeners can obtain full, reliable, and verified information on the Wichita Massacre from Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you that we must never forget the Wichita Massacre.

* * *

Source: American Dissident Voices broadcast, October 19, 2002

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31 May, 2015 7:41 pm

Here is a link to a similar massacre which occurred 3 years ago on an Indian Reservation in North Dakota 20 miles from where I live.

An Indian entered the home of a white grandmother and gunned her and 3 of her grandchildren down with a large calibre hunting rifle. A fourth grandchild managed to survive by playing dead under the body of his slain brother.

The massacre spread shock and fear among the small closely knit farming communities surrounding the reservation, but received very limited media coverage initially before being completely hushed up.

The slayings occurred around the same time the Jewish media began giving incessant coverage to the self-defense killing of the black thug Trayvon Martin.

3 June, 2015 8:17 am

See horror at Sea Crest Diner in Old Westbury May 28th, 1982 for shocking similarities to the sexual degradation in the Wichita massacre. “Nothing in my career ever compared to the magnitude of this crime and the acts of pure evil,” said former detective John F Nolan. “This was degradation on a scale that was barbaric.”
The media NEVER mentioned the racial aspects of these crime even though, at this time, cops and White residents of Brooklyn were warning us to stay out of Brooklyn because of a raging race war of Black against Whites.

18 April, 2022 3:27 am
  1. That is abhorrent what that juror from Boeing said. What about what those so-called men put those 7 people through over that week?
  2. Schreiber sounds like a Jewish name to me. The reason that the media wouldn’t cover it is because of who the perps are vs. who the victims are.