Hellstorm: The Biggest Cover-Up In History

The real story of the genocide of National Socialist Germany

How You Can Help Promote This Documentary

Please do whatever you can to make this powerful documentary go viral. There are a number of ways you help, which are quick and easy.

1. Share the link to everywhere you can.
Sharing this link is better than a youtube link, as the youtube video may get taken down, but there will always be a version up at this site. We don’t want your efforts to be wasted. You can post this link on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. but also in the comments section of articles, especially ones that deal with the “Holocaust” or other relevant topics.

2. Write a review.
If you have a blog or a website, you can write about your experience watching Hellstorm. You can also simply post the video and a synopsis.

3. Help generate press through interview.
We are open for written, audio, and video interviews, so please let us know if you or someone you know has a media platform and would be interested in discussing the content of this film.

4. Set up screenings for friends, family, and neighbors.
Hook up the video to a big screen or even rent a projector and a hall. Invite everyone you know. You can even entice them with the promise of punch and pie.

5. Call in to radio shows and TV program.
Ask the host or guest why he or she is not talking about the truth found at, which exposes the Allied genocide of Germans during and after World War II.

6. Download the video and then burn DVDs.
If you do not know how to download a youtube video, you can easily use to do so. Most computers these days have the hardware and software to burn DVDs, which are very cheap, and easy to hand out.

7. Create memes.
You can come up with clever images, short videos, or small snippets of texts that can be used to reach large numbers of people. These can be turned into business cards, bumper stickers, buttons and signs. Please let us see what you come up with, so we can share your work with everyone else.

8. Think outside the box.
Perhaps we missed something. In that case, let us know what your big idea is. Or better yet, go out there, do it, and then report back about its success.

* * *

Source: Hellstorm Documentary

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Tor the Bach
Tor the Bach
15 May, 2015 4:40 pm

Will do. Spread, that is.

7 November, 2020 1:32 am

Firstly, let’s capitalize the real holocaust of the Germans by the Jews as ‘THE HOLOCAUST’ to distinguish it from the Jewish non-holocaust.