France: We Are the Anti-Scum Generation!

Nous sommes la génération anti-racailles!

YOUNG PEOPLE are among the main victims of the explosion of anti-White violence in our country. Even more than our elders, we are faced with the violence of the mob. In public transport, in high schools, in our neighborhoods, and where we must work or study, we must live with the reality that every moment the worst possible tragedy may happen. Few of us have never had to face insults or flee a threat — and many more every day are experiencing outright violence and sexual assault.

Faced with hateful gangs of invaders, young French men and women are all too often isolated and frightened. Our society does not train them to defend themselves, and, what is worse, does not teach them solidarity — nor united action — in the face of these threats. We want to break this isolation. We will show young people that they can and must defend themselves, and make it clear to the scum that recess is over.

That is the whole point of the campaign “Anti-Scum Generation” we are launching today.

Sports event actions, brochures distributed on what steps we can take to counter aggression — but also operation and intervention with security services; all these actions and initiatives we will implement in the coming weeks and months.

They have their band. Join your clan. Finally, as you and your friends are facing the scum, you’re not alone!

* * *

Source: Generation Identitaire

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