A Portrait of the Negro as College Student


by Don Logan

THE UNIVERSITY, that quintessentially European institution, was established during the Middle Ages as an expression of European mankind’s quest for knowledge and as a means to lift and refine society to ever higher levels of greatness. When Europeans began to colonize new lands in the Age of Exploration, it would not be long before these men would erect new universities to cultivate the new colonies’ elites, the first universities in America being established in the 17th century, long before independence. Today, as with most European-derived institutions, they have tragically decayed into a monstrous bureaucratic machine more concerned with sentimentalism and coddling minorities than with the pursuit of noble truths. Simultaneously acting as a vast government-subsidized enterprise based on the business model of trawling for increased numbers of government-facilitated debt peons and as an incubator of conformist automata bent on cultural destruction, the modern university is at the vanguard of America’s rush toward the cliff.

The downward trajectory of the university accelerated after the federal government mandated integration at gunpoint in the South in the 1960s. The first Negro to enter the University of Mississippi, under the protection of 500 federalized marshals, was James Meredith in 1962, touching off riots in which hundreds were injured and two were killed. Meredith attended for only two semesters but was accompanied by federal marshals around the clock. The federal government had proven that they would go to incredible lengths to ensure that Blacks’ empowerment meant sitting at the feet of their White betters rather than leading and organizing their own peoples’ progress through HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities). Incidentally, Meredith, perhaps coming to the light as it were as he progressed in years, would later support former Klansman (!) David Duke in his bid for governor of Louisiana.

Since the days of Meredith and the seemingly constant memorialization of that violently undemocratic episode in our society since then – from Jew-run media’s favorite faux-working-class-Jew-hero Bob Dylan’s “Oxford Town” to History Channel documentaries highlighting Mississippi good-ol’-boys run amok – the Negro has come a long way. In fact, more Black high school graduates today enter college than Whites (70.9% versus 67.3% respectively).

Revilo P. Oliver used to teach here.

Colleges and universities go out of their way to get their hands on image-enhancing Blacks. ACT and SAT score standards are lowered and Blacks are given preference in the name of the god Diversity (or simply to put Whitey in his place). A small number of states have banned “affirmative action” (WA, TX, MI, CA, and FL) but I suspect they still may find ways to clandestinely increase their numbers of highly sought-after Blacks. After all, when your goal is “social justice” the modus operandi is by any means necessary.

Since 2000, Black enrollment has skyrocketed, going from 693,044 in 2001 to 1,445,194 in 2011, a 108.5% jump. So then, let us take a look at the “Black experience” during the college years.

The Negro on campus is often the recipient of a scholarship, athletic or otherwise. A host of liberal, globalist do-gooders such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provide millions in race-based scholarships and financial aid packages (no Whites need apply). Because there is less competition for Blacks-only scholarships and also because of the relative abundance of these, the Negro enjoys a privilege that the average White is simply not privy to. Athletic scholarships are tilted wildly in favor of the Negro – all one has to do is take a look at any college basketball or football team to see this in stark evidence. Indeed, the obsession with college sports and its lucrative nature so warp and degrade admissions standards that campuses see themselves inundated with entitled Negro thugs straight from the ghetto that expect to be worshipped (and usually are by a sports-obsessed country) and partake of the fruit of fawning White victims of jungle fever. Generally these “student-athletes” major in such trivial subjects as “Communications” or “Black Studies” and take remedial courses to supposedly get them up to the level of college coursework.

MLK + corruption + depravity = giddy jungle fever delirium

At the Univerity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, athlete tutor Mary Willingham became an outspoken whistleblower on university corruption. Many of the Black athletes were simply not attending their “Black Studies” courses and were being passed by professors eager to please the administration that coveted a winning basketball and football team. Some of the “classes” were complete shams and only existed on paper. Episodes like this are certainly emblematic of a widespread practice, due to an academic curriculum that is far beyond their native capacities, particularly the athletes. After being trashed by the media and university administration – naturally with the insinuation she was “racist” – Willingham reproduced a Negro athlete’s absolute joke-for-a-term-paper (146 words!) on none other than Rosa Parks, which approximated the literacy level of a third-grader. Willingham later conducted research on 183 UNC “student-athletes” and found that 60 percent read at a fourth- to eighth-grade level and roughly 10 % below a third-grade level.

Conceptual ode/deconstruction of the Rosa Parks Apotheosis by Negro student-athlete:


The Negro scholar on the other hand possesses enough competence and wherewithal to perform without such egregious cheating. However, once again, the lightweight “Black Studies” is his most popular choice. At the integrated school, he doesn’t seek diversity, but rather seeks companionship among his own people. He joins a Black fraternity and permanently brands himself in some sort of symbolic recasting of a practice to which his slave ancestors were once subjected by their masters.

The Negro scholar frequently betrays a psychologically bruised ego and is prone to lashing out at the very system that has helped elevate him. He interprets the privileged treatment and pandering as hostility and seeks to strike back. The following scenario will illuminate this condition: entitled and enraged Blacks gathered at the “Afro House” at the University of California at Berkeley and made a list of demands that were presented to the administration with a “deadline” for responding. The demands included hiring more diversity bureaucrats, an African American Resource Center (with grape soda vending machines?), a building presumably named after an old White Supremacist renamed after a Black Panther terrorist, and hiring nine Blacks – two of them psychologists to help the ever sensitive Negroes cope with the allegedly seething anti-Black animus on campus.

Structurally racist hats be all oppressin’ my fro!

Wife of the president, Michelle Obama, while a student at Princeton and Harvard Law, reflected the same attitude. She was involved with the Marxist Third World Center and consistently decried the White “racists” on campus. She sought to maintain the no-Whites policy of the TWC board as well, again indicative of the natural Black inclination to be around other Blacks yet hypocritically attacking Whites for not facilitating their meritless ease-of-access into White institutions. Her thesis was on the racial resentment held by Princeton Blacks for their fellow “racist” White students.

Finally, an abundance of Blacks will certainly lead to a spike in the university’s crime levels, a lot of this coming from the fresh-from-the-ghetto “student-athletes”. Ranging from domestic assaults to rape to theft, the high levels of crime have even occasioned an official announcement recently from the corrupt NCAA. The propensity towards violent mob activity is another risk, as seen in this university’s cafeteria, presumably after they ran out of fried chicken.

So we come to the point where we must ask the college Negro: quo vadis? Black solidarity is championed concomitantly with a sharp elbow to Whites to move aside. White liberal elites’ coddling and sentimentalizing of the sainted Blacks only encourages resentment. Some states have abandoned discriminatory “affirmative action” but it is still practiced overwhelmingly by public and private colleges alike. It must be said that most Blacks do not graduate college. And if they do, in most cases it’s due to systemic lowering of standards by professors. But why not? If standards were lowered for entry, why not lower standards once seated inside the classroom and surrounded by “racists”?

Truth be told, integration is an ongoing nightmare in our public institutions, but none more so than in our schools, fraught with tension and hatred as they are. The formerly revered Western university has become a Negro nursery. Excellence and meritocracy were buried with the White man’s dignity when federal troops marched on campuses to carry out a foolhardy, trans-generational campaign to uplift the Negro and turn him White, which, as muddled as his positions may seem to be, he clearly does not want.

* * *

Source: Aryan Skynet

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15 May, 2015 10:58 pm

It has been a long time since I was at University – either as an undergraduate or postgraduate student – 40 years in fact. I majored in Chemistry with a sub-major in mathematics, followed by a PhD in Chemistry. In all my time as a physical science major I never saw a single black person in class. I never saw them in the graduate school either. And from talks with the current crop of science majors attending my universities and others, you still do not see any blacks studying the physical sciences. Does this mean that the physical science departments at our universities are full of racists? Hardly? The reason for it is pretty simple! The overwhelming majority of blacks are just plain stupid! And there is no better place… Read more »

Reply to  SAMUEL U
16 May, 2015 9:56 am

I totally understand your dilemma. I am a black educated, NO criminal record, grew up in the hood as they say. I attended a Catholic grade school. Was routinely a victim on bullying because my friends were mostly white but many other races as well. I agree with many of your points one being that so many not all blacks dont study sciences. My favorite subjects in school were Biology, Botany and Math. I can not totally explain why so many black are not as visible in science classes except not lack on intelligence ( it is not a genetic thing all my cousins , aunts and uncles are TEACHERS) but lack of exposure TO those subjects. I am responsible for my life NOT every black person who CHOOSES to… Read more »

Reply to  Romero
17 May, 2015 6:48 am

Dear Romero: I was going to respond to your remarks with a very lengthy rebuttal, but I think Kevin has done it for me with his recent posting of the article entitled, “Multiracialists Are Crazy, Part 3.” During my tenure at university – agreed many, many years ago – the average IQ (confirmed) for a science major was 128. This of course is 28 points above the white average. Those doing Law did a little better, only because their verbal IQ was slightly higher on average than the average science major. Of course there were some science majors, especially those with a talent for mathematics who were in the 145 to 155 category. The dumbest white science major came in at about 124. And I think these IQ scores were… Read more »

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
Reply to  Romero
19 July, 2017 12:20 am

Romero: Today’s Whites are held corporately responsible for what about 4% of the White population of 1860 (and close to 30% of free blacks) did: hold some blacks as slaves. And many of today’s Whites had no ancestors here in the USA in 1860s. Meanwhile, today’s blacks are NOT held corporately responsible for the black violent criminals that they create (both physically and by acculturation); less than 5% of the US population (black males age 15 – 40) commit well over half of the violent crime. Flabbergasting hypocrisy. While most Whites treat (artificially, through mass media brainwashing) blacks as individuals, most blacks do just the opposite to Whites. Take Colin Powell in 2008. He and McCain shared just about the same life; career military, same schooling, same career tracks, same… Read more »

Dan York
Dan York
15 May, 2015 11:30 pm

This is a good article, however instead of asking the Negroes “Where are they going?” maybe we should be asking them what do they want? Perhaps that is essentially the same question. I’m not sure if they really know what they want, but it’s obvious by their attitude that no amount of concessions will make them happy living in an integrated society with White people. Which is ironic in itself because I am sure that if you asked the average Negro if he would prefer segregation or repatriation to Africa, they would interpret that as hostile suggestion, or some sort of White Supremacist trick to put one over on the more feeble minded and simple minded Negro. If he were true to his heart he would embrace the idea of… Read more »

Michael R
Michael R
16 May, 2015 7:01 am

Whenever I hear a White liberal say stupidity and “racism” go hand in hand, I immediately think of intellectual giants such as Dr. Pierce, Revilo P. Oliver, Kevin Alfred Strom, and David Duke.

D. Castile
D. Castile
27 July, 2019 4:42 pm

Samuel U – My postgraduate studies were in the area of Technology, and I wholeheartedly agree with your comment. In today’s Postmodernist mainstream culture is heretic to speak of IQ, but it is a fact that Blacks in the USA and the Caribbean have an IQ slightly higher (80) than those in Sub-Saharan Africa (72), perhaps because of some presence of White European DNA in their admixture. But this is not material for Science or Technology majors. Most of these the college students referred in the article who graduate, end up with degrees in Social Science and Humanities, in majors invented to be able to promote certain demographics through graduation (African Studies, Women Studies, etc.) I don’t remember seeing a single black person in junior year, and only one occasionally… Read more »

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
20 December, 2020 4:11 pm

Negro football player speaks on why he selected the University of Michigan 12/7/20…. Sobering…

Donovan Edwards why he chose the University of Michigan

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  Josef Tone
20 December, 2020 9:40 pm

First guess without following the link: Because USC doesn’t have enough hot blonde cheerleaders anymore.

LH Collins
LH Collins
4 September, 2021 6:49 pm

Wow, that’s amazing! This n1gress managed to dress herself before having her graduation photo taken; isn’t that cute?! She has quite a future ahead of her; mopping toilets at Macdonalds.