Will Williams: Taking the Hard Line

William_White_WilliamsMark Cotterill interviews William White Williams (pictured), the Chairman of the National Alliance, for the second time in the latest issue of Heritage and Destiny magazine

Q. Williams is a British (Welsh) name. Do you know much about your British family tree?

A little. English and Scots-Irish, mostly, from a long line of Presbyterians on both sides of my family tree. There is an 1823 tinted engraving of Warwick Castle on my office wall that’s connected to my maternal ancestors. My mother was active in the Order of First Families of Virginia because we had ancestors who were among the adventurous pioneers that settled Jamestown, Virginia — the hard-won, first permanent English settlement — beginning in 1607.

Q. Tell our readers a little about your political background, i.e. which nationalist groups you have been involved with in the past / before (and after) joining the National Alliance (NA).

Guy's Tower, Warwick Castle in the West Midlands
Guy’s Tower, Warwick Castle in the West Midlands

Other than doing a little volunteer work for segregationist presidential candidate George Wallace in 1972, I was rather apolitical until 1985 when I joined the White Patriot Party (WPP), headquartered near my hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina. Until then I was focused on my career as an architect, builder, and developer. It was a protracted struggle with the Internal Revenue Service that led me to the WPP because it was the only group in my region that was standing up to what I saw then as the tyrannical federal government.

When that group was banned by the feds in 1986, with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Morris Dees, my involvement continued with a couple of WPP successor groups; they failed. Then I got a good education in the futility of third party politics in the U.S. with the Populist Party (I became Executive Director for my state, NC), which also failed. I was getting used to the failure of anything organized for the interest of the White American majority — and I was learning why we were failing.

During those first three years of political involvement I met many prominent, serious activists on the regional, then national scene. I organized rallies in my area, including one for David Duke when he was a Democrat candidate for President. I brought him to Raleigh when another Democrat candidate for President, the Negro supremacist Jesse Jackson, foolishly provided a couple of weeks’ notice that he was going to be in Raleigh on a certain day. That was a big deal in October of 1987: two presidential candidates, one pro-White, the other pro-Black, clashing in Raleigh. There were 400 cops there that day protecting our little “Democrats for Duke” front group from Jackson’s 7,000-strong lib/mins attending his national Rainbow Coalition convention. David was “on the stump” for hours that hot day, speaking to crowds, wearing a bullet-proof vest. I painted his portrait that evening in his motel room as we watched the day’s events being covered on all three major TV networks’ evening news shows.

A sunburned David Duke, painted from life 10/17/1987 by Will Williams
A sunburned David Duke, painted from life 10/17/1987 by Will Williams

In early 1988 west coast leader Tom Metzger introduced me to Ben Klassen, founder of the Creativity religion, whose Church was headquartered in western North Carolina. I soon was invited to work for Klassen and came to learn from him the necessity of a non-Semitic belief system for Whites — an exclusively White racial religion. It was while working with Mr. Klassen that I was introduced to the work of Dr. William Pierce, since we received his magazine National Vanguard and the National Alliance’s internal membership BULLETIN. I was impressed by those, and by his novel The Turner Diaries which he wrote under the nom de guerre Andrew Macdonald. I left Mr. Klassen’s employ toward the end of 1989 and “went to the woods,” raising German shepherd dogs, painting, hiking; and doing lots of reading and reflecting on what to do with my life, how to make it count. I wrote some for Wilmot Robertson’s Instauration magazine during this period and did artwork for him, including a couple of magazine covers. Then I read Andrew Macdonald’s Hunter. I was hooked. It was like he had written that book especially to me, to clarify my purpose in life. I was compelled to go meet Dr. Pierce.

A friend and Alliance member took me up to West Virginia to meet him in mid-1991 for a few days and we hit it off well. A few months later that year he invited me to come work with him. I couldn’t turn him down, and moved up there in January of 1992, staying for two full years as the Alliance’s first Membership Coordinator. I then went back to NC as the Alliance’s first Regional Coordinator, for the Carolinas, where, for the next eight years I put into practice what I’d learned, working with Dr. Pierce as an Alliance-builder. The Alliance was never the same after Dr. Pierce died, but I was not a party to the decline of the organization during that era, except as a harsh critic of it.

Q. What first attracted you towards the NA and Dr. Pierce and to want to work full- time for the organization?

That he told the difficult truths that our people must hear, no matter that those truths are unpopular and may make many of our people uncomfortable. I never caught him in a lie.

Q. What did you do in years after Gliebe took over the NA and after you left the organization?

I got married, for one thing. Svetlana, who I met in Novosibirsk, Siberia, and I have been together now going on 12 years. Though I’d resigned from the National Alliance in 2002, I never stopped working for the cause, networking with Alliance members who wanted to preserve Dr. Pierce’s teachings and somehow save the organization Gliebe was destroying.

Q. When — and why — did you decide to try and take the NA back from Gliebe?

Why? Because, as Dr. Pierce would say, “it was necessary and it was the right thing to do.” Too many good people had invested too much of themselves in the Alliance to allow it be destroyed. There was no other organization that could replace the National Alliance of Dr. Pierce. There was no one available in 2002 who could step into Dr. Pierce’s shoes and inspire our people like he did. Many organizations have gone through a period of decline for similar reasons after their founders died.

The new stairwell in the Alliance's William Pierce Memorial Library
The new stairwell in the Alliance’s William Pierce Memorial Library

Q. How long did it take and what was the process of taking the NA back and getting rid of Gliebe?

It took 12 years. I began using the Internet to expose the mismanagement of Dr. Pierce’s successor as Alliance Chairman in 2003, purchased the Internet domain “” in early 2004, and never stopped trying to organize a takeover from Erich Gliebe.

I helped quietly organize a legal challenge in 2007. A dozen or so of us former Alliance cadre formed an ad hoc group we called “The Beginning,” raised a substantial amount of money among ourselves, and went lawyer- and venue-hunting. No attorney would touch our case, no matter that it was viable, for less than $20,000 up front — which was twice what we had raised. We didn’t go public to raise more funds. I realized it wasn’t time for such a legal challenge against Gliebe. We returned everybody’s money. We had to let the decline of the Alliance run its course for a while longer. The best thing that came out of The Beginning was that no one ever learned about it; we managed to keep it secret, which is unusual in our circles. Several from that same core group have quietly networked ever since; we never gave up, looking for the opportunity to save the Alliance.

Q. At the same time another group now hostile to Gliebe (led by Jim Ring) was also trying to take over the NA. Can you explain why you did not join forces at the time with these former NA members?

That would be NARRG (the National Alliance Reform and Restoration Group). They see me as a competing faction. They are correct. Half of the NARRG co-plaintiffs never met Dr. Pierce; the other half went along with Mr. Gliebe’s reign of destruction for a full decade, despite exposure of his mismanagement by myself and others.

And they are what’s called “Big Tent” — those who want to open the Alliance to any and all “pro-White” comers of any ideology; and they do not follow Dr. Pierce’s Cosmotheist belief system. I want nothing to do with compromisers who appeal to the herd with a watered-down message for the sake of expediency, for a short term gain in numbers. Dr. Pierce would not have approved of NARRG’s departure from his vanguard approach, which was to attract that perceptive, responsible minority of our people who agree with our uncompromising, hard-line ideology, program, and strategy, and build a mass movement of will and determination around that core. It is really that simple and straightforward.

Q. Now that you have taken back the NA and are its legal Chairman, what is the attitude of Jim Ring and his group?

Sour grapes that the court did not take the Alliance away from Chairman Erich Gliebe and give it to them. I credit them, however, for forcing him to step down as Chairman and name his successor.

Q. What are your short term — and long term — aims for the NA under your leadership?

Short term: to carefully, patiently restore the National Alliance to what it was under Dr. Pierce and reform the mess Erich Gliebe & Co. made of it, step by step, meeting achievable goals. Long term: same as under Dr. Pierce — White living space and an Aryan society, free of alien influence. We must have a responsible government, educational system, and an economic system based on racial principles.

Q. Are there plans to re-launch National Vanguard magazine and/or other former NA publications?

Yes. Hopefully, later this year. Meanwhile the weekly Internet radio show American Dissident Voices is our flagship means for reaching our people. We have brought back online and are expanding that. Applications for membership can be printed there, filled out, and sent to me for consideration.

Q. In what state is the Hillsboro headquarters now and is it in a fit state to be used again by the NA as a centre of operations?

It will be by Spring. I have people there now, bringing order out of the chaos we were left with, repairing what’s broken and maintaining what’s not. Remember, there has been no one on staff or residing there for years. It may be the end of this year before we get our publishing arm, National Vanguard Books, operational up to National Alliance standards.

Q. Dr. Pierce always claimed that the NA was not part of what Americans term “the movement”. Will this be the case under your watch?

It sure will be. For readers with computer modems, here’s what Dr. Pierce said about that shortly before he died:

I had that transcribed just a couple of weeks ago and see it as fundamental Alliance policy. Since Resistance Records was sold by Gliebe in 2013, I won’t have to worry much about undisciplined “Movement” skinheads joining in the numbers they did 15 years ago, expecting the Alliance to accommodate itself to them rather than the other way around. The best former members, along with new ones, are filling our ranks again.

Q. In regards to religion. Dr. Pierce was the founder of Cosmotheism. What are your views on the subject?

I embrace Cosmotheism wholeheartedly as does Kevin Alfred Strom, our Media Director, who articulates Cosmotheism better than I. It is a sound, Eurocentric, Nature-based belief system for our people for the 21st century and beyond, and I expect our members to understand that it is the fundamental basis of National Alliance ideology. Cosmotheism will be Dr. Pierce’s greatest legacy to our race.

Q. Will the NA be primarily a North American (USA and Canada) group, or are you looking to organize throughout the White world?

We cover international events that impact our race and have members and correspondents throughout the world, but are essentially American. We can still say things here in the US that will now get you thrown in jail in the rest of the White world.

Q. What will the NA’s relationship be to other nationalist groups both inside America and world-wide?

Cordial, depending on their attitude toward us. There will be some people claiming to be on our side that for various reasons we will want nothing to do with.

Q. I understand that you are 68 years old now, an age when most men would be thinking of retirement; however you are just about to start the momentous task of rebuilding the NA — almost from scratch. I guess this does not frighten you?

Good guess. What is there to fear? All our enemies can do is lock us up or kill us. What’s the alternative? (And I’ll be 68 in May of this year, thanks.)

Q. To rebuild the NA you will need a good team of experienced and dedicated nationalists around you. Can you tell us about your team and what roles they will play and what jobs they will do?

I mentioned Kevin Alfred Strom; He has been closely associated with Dr. Pierce and his work for over 30 years and is the ideological backbone of our Alliance. He’s got ten years on me. I prefer to not mention other Alliance-builders publicly. A few were mentioned in our latest internal members’ BULLETIN.

Q. The NA under Dr. Pierce recruited quite a large number of former US military personal to its ranks. Do you see this continuing under your leadership? And can you tell us a bit about your own military background?

LT Williams, ready for parachute jump with CPT Robert Marasco, alleged "trigger man" in the notorious "Green Beret Affair" in RVN.
Lt. Williams, ready for parachute jump with Cpt. Robert Marasco, alleged “trigger man” in the notorious “Green Beret Affair” in RVN.

We’ll have some members of the military, but, since the military is now little more than a giant multiracial/unisex social experiment that has effectively been purged of White “racists,” it’s hard to say to what extent that will affect our recruitment there. Less than half of the U.S. military now are White males.

I joined the U.S. Army in 1966 while still in high school, attended Infantry Officer Candidate School (OCS), and was commissioned a year later. After Airborne (parachute) and Special Forces training I served two tours in the Republic of Vietnam with the 5th Special Forces Group, half of that time in an “A-Detachment” as our team’s Executive Officer, leaving RVN with the rank of Captain.

Last year I was interviewed for a documentary that was centered around activities in our camp on the Cambodian border in 1969. The producer, a former teammate, has been out of the country for a few months and has suspended sales, but he says the documentary will be available again later this month. For military aficionados who might be interested in that, here’s the link: Double Agent Down. The topic of the documentary was an incident that is said to have changed the course of the Vietnam conflict.

Q. Outside of politics what are your main interests and hobbies — if you have time for any!

Not much time for hobbies. I’d someday like to paint again, but will be organizing Dr. Pierce’s library with my spare time for the foreseeable future. Most of my time lately is dedicated to Alliance-building, as I expected.

Q. Heritage and Destiny wish you all the “Very best of British luck” in your task of rebuilding the NA to what Dr. Pierce made it, and hopefully to take it to the next stage. Any final remarks for our readers?

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce H&D readers to our Alliance. We had a good number of British members before and welcome their return to Alliance-building. I’ll always remember how I worked with John Tyndall and Peter Rushton to sneak Dr. Pierce onto the Island to address a BNP conference. Those were the days.

* * *

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13 April, 2015 2:55 pm

So glad you are doing well Will. This is a great article. Please call me ASAP to catch up. I have left msg in the contact national alliance links with my contact info. I have some urgent matters and many things to donate to NA to help the future endevours. Time is of essence so please call.

Dave Holland
Dave Holland
14 April, 2015 6:16 am

Great Article

29 September, 2017 2:11 pm

David Duke is a beautiful man ….

Will W Williams
Will W Williams
17 December, 2017 11:59 am

Q. At the same time another group now hostile to Gliebe (led by Jim Ring) was also trying to take over the NA. Can you explain why you did not join forces at the time with these former NA members? That would be NARRG (the National Alliance Reform and Restoration Group). They see me as a competing faction. They are correct. Half of the NARRG co-plaintiffs never met Dr. Pierce; the other half went along with Mr. Gliebe’s reign of destruction for a full decade, despite exposure of his mismanagement by myself and others. And they are what’s called “Big Tent” — those who want to open the Alliance to any and all “pro-White” comers of any ideology; and they do not follow Dr. Pierce’s Cosmotheist belief system. I want… Read more »

18 December, 2017 12:34 am

So many young white men went to Vietnam, only to have the rug pulled out at home by jews and leftists (some future neocons) with deferments, and even by LBJ with his limited bombing. I wouldn’t break bread in Hanoi like Trump has.