Viral “Redneck Dixon White” Video is a Fake

The name is fake, the accent is fake, the idea is rehashed, malicious, anti-White nonsense.

RIGHT ON TIME for the red-hot summer of hate which is a brewin, a video has gone viral posted by a self-described fat guy who calls himself “Redneck Dixon White” in which he claims America is institutionally racist and all of us poor white people have benefited from that institutional racism.

Yes folks, all us white people are enjoying the good life simply because we’re white… or so says a Latino guy named Jorge.

He says we have to “take responsibility” for racism. Us white folks do that is.

He makes these claims sitting with his eyes closed most of the time in his Ford F150 as if that buys him credibility in redneck land. He claims he likes hunting and fishing and drinking “beeEEeeer” so therefore he must be credible.

He talks with an overly accentuated southern drawl almost to the point of it being an insulting cliche. The only thing he’s missing is some hayseed sticking out of his mouth or his sister/wife with a black eye in the back seat, washing dishes and pregnant.

When I first saw it I thought “this guy is acting” and he’s not very good at it.

And guess what?

He is an actor and director named Jorge Eugene Moran who hopes to parlay his anti-racism for white folks message into a movie deal which will finally make his life long dream come true.

UPDATE: Check out Jorge Eugene Moran’s earlier works like (notice he doesn’t have his fake southern accent):

  • The Mystery of Love  (completely WTF) from his school days.
  • The Other Side  (his black and white “art piece” in which he plays Mr. Death) looks much more recent

* * *

Source: Read full article at American Everyman

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Robert S Moulds
Robert S Moulds
23 May, 2015 12:27 am

Dixon White is a phony baloney who other than being born in Tennessee, a former confederate state, is a fake as Larry the Cable guy — clearly satire. His Jorge Moran character sounds like a bear cub treed by wolves in a nature film — while the cub is cute, Dixon is not. Dixon is just a fat drunk country cracker jack pecker wood white trash redneck who no one in their right mind takes advice from. Even southern people know better than to be a redneck white trash loser. If Jorge wanted to combat racism he’d do better if he was either a sexy romantic southern belle — those ladies can sell anything — or a handsome Rhodesian with a cagy English accent.