Jeb Bush: “Hispanic” Change Agent


by Steve Sailer

HERE’S PART OF Jeb Bush’s (pictured) official 2009 Florida voter registration form, in which, as you can see, he declared himself to be “Hispanic.”

Like I’ve been saying, this isn’t just a lark, this is Dynastic Grand Strategy. The historic destiny of the second generation of Bush Presidents is to finish what the first started with NAFTA and unify America and Mexico economically and politically, thus making the mestizo third generation of Bushes a lock for the White House down the road.

… One thing you can say for sure is that the Bush-Walker family is truly a self-conscious dynasty, operating at the highest levels of American society for four generations. Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather, noted, “Any family—nuclear or otherwise—that wants to learn how the game is really played should study the Bush dynasty.”

The Bushes have always been ultra-ambitious and ultra-competitive, including with each other in their nonstop sports. Constant competition comes with costs, though. The great psychological burden of George W. Bush’s life has been his consciousness of his inferiority compared to his father.

The former President [the older George Bush] is not a great man, but he’s a fairly superior individual. When he arrived at Yale in 1945, he had already been the youngest pilot in the wartime Navy. He proceeded to graduate Phi Beta Kappa in only two and half years, yet he had time to also captain the Yale baseball team, be tapped for the ultra-elite Skull and Bones fraternity, and father his first son, George W. …

Still, despite the sizable chip on his shoulder George W. has carried over his inadequacy relative to Poppy Bush, the two men have had an ultimately positive dynastic relationship.

The father repeatedly stuck with his often sullen son, finding him new jobs to play at. And the son was there for his dad, helping him in his campaigns. Most notably, on January 1, 1987, George W. stopped drinking to avoid embarrassing his father during his 1988 run for the Presidency.

George P. Bush
George P. Bush

So it’s likely that the dynastic urge burns as brightly in George W. as in the previous generations of Bushes. Unfortunately, his decadent daughters appear to be worthless. In the next generation of Bushes, the one kid who appears to have the good looks, the confidence, and the fire in the belly is his nephew, George P. Bush, the son of Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Indeed, George W., who calls himself “43” and his father “41,” has labeled George P. “44.”

At only 27 years old, George P. is too young under the Constitution to become the 44th President. But he could be ready to run in another 20 years or so, by which time his uncle`s policy of “electing a new people” has altered the voting population in ways favorable to him.

You see, what’s distinctive about George P. is that he’s Mexican on his mother’s side. His father, Jeb, was an Andover student who went on to get a degree in Latin American studies. He spent a semester in central Mexico and fell in love with Columba Garnica Gallo, the daughter of a modest mestizo family.

George P. campaigned in Spanish for his uncle in 2000 like this:

“This is a President who represents the diversity of our society, who we can count on to change the Republican Party to represent our views.” … He told the rally his mother had instilled him the values of Cesar Chavez, the Chicano activist who fought for the rights of migrant farm workers in the United States. `She told me we have to fight for our race, we have to find the leaders who represent us,` he said in fluent Spanish.`

Reuters, August 2, 2000.

Dubya has loudly proclaimed that his close ties to Mexican-Americans shows that he is a new kind of Republican.

Confirming this, his nephew George P. Bush told reporters, “Our biggest challenge will be to separate my uncle from the rest of the Republican Party.”

This, then, could be why George W. has spent so much effort promoting a wedge issue that can only split his own party. He thinks the long-run fate of his dynasty demands a new, improved Republican Party—and a new, debased America.

With friends like these, does Bush need Americans?

George W.’s plan to break down the border between the U.S. and Mexico is not at all out of character for the Bush dynasty. The decades-old connections between the Bush family and Mexico’s ruling class and its Texas offshoots have not elicited much attention in the United States. Yet they are highly relevant to understanding both the new President’s attitude toward Mexico and exactly what he means when he talks about his outreach to the Hispanic community.

Lebanese-descended Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim
Lebanese-descended Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim

Bill Clinton notoriously had his “FOBs” (Friends of Bill). It’s finally time to review some of the “AOtGs” (Amigos of the Georges).

The Bushes are an extremely friendly family. To a remarkable extent, that’s the source of their power. They’ve been acquiring pals for decades.

Needless to say, most of the Bush family outreach toward Mexicans has been directed toward that nation’s largely hereditary overclass. Since 1960, the Bushes have become friends with many rich and powerful Mexican oligarchs and their Texan kin and business associates.

When referring to the Mexican overclass, the words “rich” and”powerful” are synonymous. As former New York Times correspondent Alan Riding wrote in his 1984 bestseller Distant Neighbors: A Portrait of the Mexicans, “[P]ublic life could be defined as the abuse of power to achieve wealth and the abuse of wealth to achieve power.”

And the Bushes have apparently felt right at home with the life-style of the Mexican rich and famous.

There is, of course, a certain problem with the Bushes’ transnational amiability: A significant number of the dynasty’s friends south of the border appear to be crooks.

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