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Following Our Race-Psyche


by Dr. William L. Pierce

BEFORE WE proceed further toward the answers to certain fundamental questions, let us fix one fact in our minds: Reason does not, and never has nor ever will, determine our ultimate goals for us. That determination must, by its very nature, be made by our inner sense of direction, by our psyche rather than by our intellect. It is essentially a religious rather than a rational decision.

No matter how clever we become, no matter how far we advance in every realm of science, we can never use our reason alone to answer such questions as: What actions, what modes of behavior, are, by their nature, evil, and what are good? Or, having defined good and evil, why should we strive to do good and to promote good things? Why should we not do evil instead, or remain indifferent to both good and evil? Why should we seek beauty rather than ugliness? What is beauty, anyway? How do we know that the abominations of a Picasso or a Chagall are not beautiful, as the Jews say they are? How dare we assert that Aryan idealism is to be preferred to Jewish materialism? Why should the White race survive and have dominion over the earth? Why not the Jews instead? Or the Blacks? Or the gypsies? Or why not the liberal ideal of a mulatto world of universal equality and sameness? Which should a man, or a nation, seek in life: happiness or greatness?

No, our reason cannot answer these questions. Yet, they do have answers, and not arbitrary ones either, subject to the whim or inclination of the seeker. For each man and woman of our race, the answers are the same; they differ only for those of different race. But only our deepest inner selves can tell us what these answers are.

And that, my brothers and sisters, is why it is of such urgent necessity that we learn to seek through the veil that obscures the message our race-psyche has for us. When we have learned to read the runes which God has engraved on our souls, then we can answer the ultimate questions. Then we will know where we are headed and why.

And then our reason must tell us the best way to get there. Our reason can examine our subsidiary goals and tell us whether or not they are consistent with our ultimate goals. Reason is a powerful tool, an essential tool, for accomplishing our purpose.

Anyone who teaches that intuition alone is sufficient for our purpose is as much a fool and a deceiver as he who teaches that reason alone is sufficient.

The latter error–the error of rationalism–is especially widespread among our people today. Because it has led them to foolishly believe that their values could be justified by reason alone, the Jews have been able to wreak havoc among them with their destructive cynicism.

But the former error–the rejection of reason–is also fatal. We must use our wits to save ourselves. If we, like all too many simple souls today, wait for the heavens to part and a voice from up high to instruct us as to our course of action, we shall surely perish forever.

But first we must pierce the veil. And that, as explained in the last three monthly messages, is something which very few men are able to accomplish by themselves, no matter how sincere their intent. So, let me lead you by the hand to some very important answers. Together, the truth will be revealed to us. And then, together, we shall examine it and come to understand it and grow strong in our new understanding.

Come! We are already on the Path. It is a narrow and difficult Path, and dark chasms yawn to the right and to the left of us. The temptation is almost overpowering to turn around and retrace our steps to safer and more familiar territory–or, at least, to stop and cling to a rock while we rest.

But, ahead of us in the mists, there is already a faint glimmering. As we struggle upward a few more steps, the glow becomes brighter, and finally we can see the first part of the message we have been seeking. In fiery characters it tells us; “You cannot go back. You cannot stop and rest. If you seek your destiny, you must continue upward.”

Not a very comforting message, indeed, but it tells us more than we might think at first glance. Anyway, there is more to the message, and we only need to go a little further to see the next part of it.

To be continued . . .

* * *

From the National Alliance BULLETIN, February 1976

Source: National Alliance

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12 April, 2015 8:35 pm

That was very moving. I hope you continue to publish these essays from past issues of the NA’s publications. I know some of them are online but others are not and are being sold for quite a bit of money !