Faux-Nationalist Sweden Democrats Expel Youth Leaders for Being Racial-Nationalists

Sweden Democrats

Mere contact with critics of Jewish power is enough to merit expulsion.

AS The Local reported last month, Gustav Kasselstrand and William Hahne, chairman and deputy chairman of the party’s youth organization (SDU), were being investigated along with around 20 others by the Sweden Democrats’ (SD) members’ committee. (ILLUSTRATION: From left, Sweden Democrat youth leaders Gustav Kasselstrand and William Hahne on Monday.)

Parliament group leader Mattias Karlsson has previously said that the pair were involved in a probe over alleged contacts with extremist parties abroad. Both Kasselstrand and Hahne have denied the accusations and hit out at party heads earlier on Monday.

“The committee is just a ratifying instance for Mattias Karlsson. They’re a bunch of puppets,” Kasselstrand told Swedish news wire TT.

After previously saying they would remain on their posts as heads of the SDU no matter what happened, it has now been reported that the duo plan to step down. But Hahne, who is also an elected member of Stockholm Council, said that he would remain as councillor.

“I know that I represent a large part of the Sweden Democrat voters, and I will continue to represent them,” he told Swedish public broadcaster SVT on Monday.

Eight people in total were recommended for expulsion by the members’ committee last week.

Sweden Democrat party secretary Richard Jomshof told reporters at a press conference on Monday afternoon that seven members would be expelled from the party out of the 24 investigated, mentioning only Kasselstrand and Hahne by name.

He added that six or seven people had voluntarily chosen to leave the party during the course of the probe.

“All of them have had proven and clear connections to extremism,” said Jomshof.

The nationalist SD is Sweden’s third-biggest party, after scoring a record 12.9 percent of the vote in last year’s general election. The current conflict’s fault line is between its leaders, who want the party to present a social-conservative profile and its youth organization, the SDU, which has pushed for a more radically nationalist line.

Both Hahne and Kasselstrand hit out at the party leadership after the news of the mass expulsion first became known, with Hahne referring to it as “pure Soviet methods” and adding, “It is frightening that some of the people among SD’s leadership have as their ambition to govern Sweden. Total lack of respect for democracy”.

SDU deputy chairman William Hahne is reportedly being investigated.
SDU deputy chairman William Hahne is reportedly being investigated.

The Local also reported:

… Acting party head Mattias Karlsson refused to confirm the reports, but said that around 20 members were under investigation by the Sweden Democrats’ (SD) members committee. A final verdict is expected by April 27th.

“The leadership of SDU is said to have liaised with people from external extremist organizations in order to together move their position forward and change the ideological direction of the mother party,” he told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet . …

Among the members under investigation are people who are also affiliated with “undemocratic identity-based organizations such as Nordic Youth, anti-Semitic conspiration theorists as well as people who have expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler and so on,” according to Karlsson. …

And Kasselstrand wrote on Twitter: “Mattias Karlsson has orchestrated two chairperson battles against me and lost both. Now he responds by expelling me.”

* * *

Source: The Local

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28 April, 2015 6:33 pm

And of course there is nothing wrong with Jewish Americans, Jewish Britons or Jewish Australians serving in the IDF! Hypocrisy – how kosher it is!!

Karl Svensson
Karl Svensson
29 April, 2015 8:54 pm

It is mostly a power struggle between SD completely corrupt, scared, all powerful and incompetent zionist party bosses and the young bright SDU ledership.

The young call them self nationalist, the old ones not, and they lie about the young to justify their expulsion. They all believe in “open swedishness” that any one, even hottentotts, can become swedes as long they waves our flag.
SD has become one more swedish marxist party.