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Everything Normal


by Revilo P. Oliver

Part I

ALTHOUGH American Conservatives hope to restore the American Republic, they generally oppose change in all other matters, and hold steadfastly to their old faith in “democracy.” They must therefore derive satisfaction from the assurance that all is normal in their own ranks. (ILLUSTRATION: Colonel Archibald Roberts)

Last year the Ohio contingent of Colonel Roberts’ Committee to Restore the Constitution seceded from the parent organization but continued to use the name until it was enjoined by the courts from so doing. The dissension was over questions of policy and strategy. Now the Illinois chapter has either defected or been eased out. It is not clear why, but there is a rumor that the initial disagreement was over the relative merits of two brands of Jesus.

The minuscule Populist Party was organized so late in 1984 that the electoral laws of most states made it impossible for a new party to obtain a place on the ballot. Now, according to the widely-circulated weekly newspaper, Spotlight, the Party has multiplied itself by fission, having been sundered by diverse opinions about the proper use of its accumulated treasure. Needless to say, the schism was followed by reciprocal recrimination. And, furthermore, also according to Spotlight (12 May), the Party’s National Chairman is trying to avoid paying a judgement of $274,000 rendered by the courts against him and in favor of a lady whom he diddled with a scheme to establish a new hospital in her home town.

And so it goes, just as it has gone for the past thirty years and more. Everything is normal, and there is nothing for you to worry about — assuming, of course, that you have made arrangements to escape from the United States and its future.

Part II

In the February issue of Liberty Bell, Dr. Charles E. Weber commented on the conduct of the American Association of Teachers of German, who devote part of their publication to teaching the teachers of the German language what swine the German people are and why they must crawl in humble penance to the feet of God’s Race, whom they so grievously offended by their impious attempt to have a country of their own, instead of appreciating the blessings of life under Jewish ownership. The Association not only publishes viciously anti-German propaganda but insultingly refused to publish a paid advertisement for a book that exposed the Jews’ preposterous Holohoax.

Dr. Weber considers the masochistic behavior of the teachers of German strange and ironic. But it was only what was to be expected.

The German-American National Political Action Committee was founded by Mr. Hans Schmidt, who reckons that there are fifty-two million Americans of German descent, and who sees that if half of those ethnic Germans could be inspired with only ten percent of the racial consciousness and loyalty of the Jews, they could quickly recover possession of this country for Aryans, despite all the terrorism that the occupation government in Washington is exercising ever more openly.

Hans Schmidt of GANPAC

The Steuben Society is one of the oldest, and considers itself the most select, of the associations of Germans in this country. It is named, of course, for Baron von Steuben, who had been a distinguished officer in the army of Frederick the Great, and who, coming to the insurgent colonies in North America, made an army out of the rabble that George Washington had under his command. It is probable that Baron von Steuben contributed more than did any other one man to the eventual independence of the colonies and the foundation of the United States.

Mr. Schmidt was astonished when the Steuben Society at its annual meeting in 1986 had, as its featured speaker, a Jew from the Defamation League to spread the gospel of the Jewish weasel, who was recently awarded a Nobel Prize, evidently for his declaration that Jews must always hate Germans. In a recent bulletin Mr. Schmidt reported that the Steuben Society is, like all organizations that elect honorary officers every year, run by its permanent secretariat, who, employed in that office continuously for many years, naturally instruct the annual officers and teach them what is to be done, and as naturally determine the organization’s policies and usually decide who should be given the honorary offices each year.

Mr. Schmidt further reported that he investigated and discovered that the Steuben Society was run by its executive officer, the National Secretary, a Jewess who leaped into the United States in the late 1930s. Mr. Schmidt was surprised that a patriotic society of Germans was controlled by a member of the race that implacably hates Germans.

Mr. Schmidt was surprised by what he found. But it was only what was to be expected.

When God’s Chosen Pirates invade a nation, they, with the instinct that makes wolves hamstring the caribou they intend to devour, immediately infiltrate and capture the Aryan institutions and organizations that might enable their destined victims to resist them, and even after they own all the channels of communication in the doomed nation, they remain vigilant and police their Aryan subjects. You could not organize a national pinochle club and enlist a substantial membership without having some Jew, perhaps disguised as a White man or woman, exhibit great zeal for pinochle and aid you with prudent advice and, of course, a stack of the dirtied paper that the Jews have now taught the boobs to use in place of money. And you would eventually discover that you had become just a dispensable ornament, a supernumerary in the club you had organized.

That, of course, is what often makes it so difficult to judge with certainty the morality of some ostensibly patriotic “leaders.” One cannot be sure whether Robert the Welcher secretly founded the Birch Society as a diversionary enterprise to enlist and demoralize the Americans who in 1958 might conceivably have recovered possession of their country, or, instead, really began with the purposes he professed and unwarily accepted financial and political guidance from Jews who simulated devotion to his purposes until they had established ascendancy over him and began to tell their goy figurehead what he must do.

The Master Race, to whom, as all good Christians know from their reading of their Jew-Book, Yahweh promised domination over the earth, is ubiquitous and zealous, helping Yahweh carry out his repeated promise (e.g., “Isaiah,” 60.12) to destroy all nations that are not content humbly to serve his Chosen Predators.

Mr. Schmidt’s surprise reminded me of a letter I saw some years ago in Instauration. I found it in the issue for December 1979. Here it is:

The writer of a letter in your August issue estimates the number of Jews in our country as “twenty million or more.” He is probably right. I grew up in the 1930s in a small town in Minnesota that had a population of four to five thousand. When I went east to a graduate school, one of my professors was an amiable Jewish scholar, whom I came to know fairly well. In a conversation one day I remarked that I had spent my childhood in a town in which there were no Jews. He smiled patronizingly. “They were there,” he said, “but you didn’t know it.”

Of course they were there, keeping watch on one of the herds in their new Promised Land. If the writer of the letter was unaware of the presence of an alien race, its soldiers were probably disguised as Scandinavians or Germans, whichever ethnic group formed the majority. That small town would have called for no considerable diversion of manpower. One of the holy men who dished out God’s Word in the local churches and one or two prosperous business men would have sufficed for total control. So small a town probably had no newspaper, so its unsuspecting inhabitants probably took their news from the daily scandal sheet in a nearby large town or city, which Jews either owned or controlled through its advertising and financial structure. And when that polluted news was endorsed by respected and influential “citizens” of the little town, its unfortunate inhabitants knew what to think. Yahweh has taught his own to be thorough and leave nothing to chance.

I wonder how many of the estimated fifty-two million Germans will be disturbed by the findings of Dr. Weber and Mr. Schmidt. Will many be surprised by what they must be accustomed to regard as proper and only what should be expected? After all, most of them grew up reading the Jew-Book and believing the tales in it, although oddly refusing to have faith in Grimm’s much more attractive fairy tales or the more edifying Arabian Nights. They want to be righteous, love everyone, and adore their God-given masters. They want to be so stupid they can’t discriminate between their race and its foes. Joshua Barnes’ famous dictum can be improved by revision: Whom the Jews would destroy, they first make Christian.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, October 1986 and May 1987;

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19 April, 2015 10:29 pm

One can only be amused at the sharp sagacity of Revilo Oliver. The sardonic wit and revelation of an enemy that is ever present, fraudulent and treacherous. He ridicules their avarice for the enlargement of themselves in any or every situation and derides their imposture, their mockery and deceit.

Despite his acerbic and continuous disparagement of my own culture and confession forgiveness is easy

for his remorseless elocution and testimony is not tainted by malice but inspired by love of its benevolent purpose.