Thoughtcrime Britain: Police Arrest, Raid Home of Anti-Halal Activist


Father of two who plastered stickers on supermarket chicken claiming ‘Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism’ says he is an animal rights activist and not a racist.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Non-White Muslim invaders engage in animal cruelty (to say nothing of rape of White women) on a massive scale, yet a White man who places an educational sticker in a supermarket is raided by police — and trembles in fear that he will be found to have had forbidden negative thoughts (“racism”) about these invaders as his (heavily punishable) “motivation.”

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A FATHER-OF-TWO who plastered stickers which said ‘Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism’ on supermarket chicken has insisted he is an animal rights activist and not racist.

Liam Edwards, 29, walked into a Sainsbury’s store in Salford, Greater Manchester, with the #BanHalal stickers and stuck them on numerous packets of meat in the chilled goods aisle.

He was stopped by security and, after police were called, officers searched his home and found cannabis and a letter addressed from the Beer and Bacon Company of Great Britain which made reference to an ‘anti-Jihadi frog’.

Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard how there was also reference that he had browsed on his home computer.

Edwards (pictured outside Manchester Magistrates' Court) admitted criminal damage in relation to the supermarket incident but denied that he was 'racially motivated'.
Edwards (pictured outside Manchester Magistrates’ Court) admitted criminal damage in relation to the supermarket incident but denied that he was ‘racially motivated’.

Edwards, of Salford, admitted criminal damage in relation to the supermarket incident on February 18 and possession of cannabis.

However, he denied that he was ‘racially motivated’ when he carried out the attack on the supermarket chicken and will face trial in July over the charge.

It emerged that £16.50 worth of chicken had to be destroyed as a result of his actions.

At the court hearing today, it was said that he was simply drawing attention to the ‘inhumane’ halal methods of animal slaughter, which involves slitting the animal’s throat to allow the blood to drain out.

Holly Holden, prosecuting, said: ‘The defendant has gone to the supermarket and placed stickers on packets of chicken saying ‘halal is barbaric and funds terrorism’. The chicken had to be destroyed because the stickers could not be removed.

‘He says he wished to draw attention to the inhumane halal methods of animal slaughter and that was his motivation rather than racial prejudice.

‘The point about animal cruelty could be expressed in a different way without the suggestion that halal and terrorism are linked.’

Mike Cahill, defending, said Edwards was protesting against halal slaughter and the reference to terrorism in the stickers referred neither to race nor religion.

He said: ‘He uses the word terrorism but that can’t denote race or indeed religion.’

Chicken packet that must be destroyed because of ‘hateful’ sticker.

Bailing him until a further hearing on July 23, District Judge James Hatton added: ‘You have pleaded guilty to some matters but not guilty to the racially-aggravated criminal damage. There will have to be a trial.’

Judge Hatton told Edwards that the conditions of his bail including not going near the Sainsbury’s supermarket in Salford.

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Source: Daily Mail

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19 March, 2015 11:07 am

“There’ll always be an England whatever man may say” sang Deanna Durbin during the Battle of Britain. As if the German possible invasion would have destroyed England or even changed it , well… except for freeing it of Anglophobic alien spirits. English as well as German have a love of a kind for pets and all animals . It may be their most tenacious quality. In this case of the above the young Edwards must have known the risk and was prepared for the consequence. Racism there and throughout Europe has become a way to separate people from love of land, or faith or race. But will it separate them from their love of animals and hatred of cruelty to these people , who can be callous to the victim… Read more »