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The Moral Responsibility to Discriminate

51-8UuwBZ4LThe destructive ideas injected into our people by the media are like HIV injected into the cells of a healthy body.

by Steven E. Romer

RECENTLY, the concept of “Memes” has become popular in academic circles. This is the idea that information has a sort of detached life of its own—using our fertile brains and learning abilities to develop into lasting entities in their own right. Our intellects are a sort of environment for these developing information organization patterns. One example given in the books about this topic is religion. In this example, religion is seen as a self-sustaining meme which survives and perpetuates itself like an organism would, partly because of the dynamic it sets up in requiring faith as a virtue. This is a basic thumbnail to introduce the idea – I do recommend reading further.

The most important thing about memes is that they can clearly show us the power of ideas in shaping our worldviews — and in our divine pattern being taken over by contagious and destructive foreign ideas. One issue I have with the idea of memes is that I don’t think the concept is understood well. A good book on memes is The Meme Machine by Susan Blackmore. She is a friend of mine and a student of Richard Dawkins, who originally came up with the idea. I learned evolution from another student of Richard Dawkins named Matt Ridley while I was in graduate school, which gave me some further insight on the matter. Also informative is Promethean Fire which discusses gene/culture interactions. It is a complex concept – excellent as a focus for conceptualizing these Jewish/racial issues. Here is an example:

The European soul is like a sort of DNA within each individual sharing European descent. We have common goals, desires, morals, and ideals which have been tooled into our genetic character by our environment and our resolve (punishing/executing liars, thieves, etc.), and which we have tooled into our cultures naturally because of this.

Our external cultures are manifestations of this inner life – this way of conceptualizing things. Our memes are always partially rooted in our emotional makeup. The cultures we build are like bodies — many individuals bound together into a super-organism sharing long-term goals. This constitutes our body — our nation. This analogy of our people as a singular body is extremely useful in conceptualizing our modern racial realities.

A Jew is exactly like a virus.

Specifically, they are exactly like the AIDS virus. They attack our immune systems. They open us up to a host of other illnesses well beyond the direct things they do. They set up Rube Goldberg-like cascades of events which lead to our destruction from every angle.

They want us to race-mix to further decrease our higher/elite ability to see them as death-dealing invaders, pushing into our symphony of Western European-based culture. This removes our immune response. Seeing them and what they do to us is an immune response. Vision keeps us safe from dangers — even intellectual ones from the abstract and invisible world of memes.

Race-mixing also causes us to lose sight of the focus and continuity of our symphony — our basic motivation to build civilizations. Our body which was beginning to stand up in our cathedrals, our cities, within our symphony, and in our science is beginning to be dissolved. Here is an important distinction: there are good and bad memes just like there are good and bad kinds of DNA (i.e., cellular versus viral DNA). The virus is the perpetrator, the purveyor of destruction. The DNA it uses is the meme (the instructions for the cell, fitting its Ribonucleic acid pattern of information).

In this natural analogy:

CELL = the individual European mind — working like a symphony (body) with others for higher things.

LIES = destructive information not in the long-term best interest of the cell or its brethren or their higher purposes, which they have been building like the slow construction of a cathedral within.

TRUTH = the life-blood of the European mind (inventors of science) and vision; where we have been trying to steer our cultures for ages. All good things like real Justice, and even long-term survival, are based on unbiased truth.

GOOD MEMES = are truthful (as much as they can be — given the capacity of the mind) and increase our ability to overcome obstacles to further growth, harmony, and inquiry. In a cell, this is the amassed knowledge represented by the billion-year perfection of the cellular DNA. Through this divine molecule, we have come to know the universe and brought it out of darkness in our eyes.

BAD MEMES = are formed around the deceptive facade of truth –- so they fit the “lock” of the cell to get it to operate according to the new “information.” In a cell, this is the foreign viral DNA containing the chemical style but not the actual substance of the cell’s normal “wisdom of ages” from evolution. The purposes of the viral DNA are not the same as those deep within the heart of every healthy uninfected cell…

AIDS = a type of virus directly attacking the immune system to allow every type of invader access to the resources of the cells of the body.

VIRUS = a selfish wielder of information. An unthinking entity taking advantage of the concentration of resources in a body of cells working in symphony for higher things – weakening and destroying that harmony. A virus does not work according to higher principles, it does not see, or care about, what the bodily cells see or care about via their DNA and position within the organism.

BODY = the society of cells working, largely unaware, in the divine higher pattern of information and meaning (brains) of a body which keeps and protects the cells from invaders and almost miraculously amasses resources and creatively solves problems.

A virus tricks or lies in a manner of speaking — the virus attaches to a cell and forcibly injects what can be conceived of as plausible lies which commandeer the cell’s resources and machinery to reproduce and spread the viral DNA instead of its own. The information from the false DNA looks fine to the machinery of the cell, but is definitely not in its best interests. Additionally, it is immoral for the unthinking cell to operate according to these “principles” from the virus, which only appear to be the billion-year-old ‘manna’ of the cell’s creator, but which are actually instructions for stealing from — and eventually, killing — the cell. It is immoral, therefore, for the cell not to discriminate, because it thereby reproduces and furthers the aims of the deadly lies of the foreign DNA.

Jews do exactly that, to us.

To make another analogy, the Jew’s prototypical superhero in this scenario (rather than being concerned about truth and justice) would be a sort of “AIDS virus man” – able to bamboozle, introduce all sorts of diseases, and single-handedly destroy the defenses of a body.

This is heaven for a virus: lying, killing, stealing… Here in the USA, we see this in the control of our “instruction” media – the press. By their control, in documented fashion (see Kevin MacDonald’s and David Duke’s books), they give us all sorts of information (forcibly) that is very bad for our long-term interests. They leave most people alone, but come out in force to get anyone who opposes them, any that seek to defend themselves – like the actual immune-system heroes of 20th century Germany, which they caused us to destroy. They put a stop to the viral destruction for a time, and fought for the divine pattern in our civilizations. Sure, they used harsh measures — bodies get fevers in the same vein — which themselves can threaten us. But it must be done. Very few can withstand the Jews’ onslaught. Very few can see clearly enough. Relatively few cells are immune cells. Eugenics, to increase those who can see, is one of our only hopes.

What makes the Jews truly evil in an objective sense is that they are no blind virus uncaringly entering the beautiful symphony of cells known as a body. When they attack the people who want to read the universe in science, who are capable of knowing the creator, who seek to understand what the creator is saying truthfully in nature, they do so in an intellectual sense. They see clearly what we love and what motivates us, and they have strong emotions about it. They are not the same emotions we would have. You could say they hate what we love, fiercely and deeply, because it keeps them from living the way they are built to live.

If they did not see, they could not build the intricate and devastating meme-weapons based on our emotional makeup that they do in fact build — such as Communism. The idea of not putting greed first is something that resonates deeply with us at some level. They parlayed these sorts of emotions (against greed), meant for higher things when organized and harnessed by true, fearless, unselfish leaders (see my book), into a great scythe reaping the heads of our best and brightest like a selfish whore calling for the head of John the Baptist.

Everywhere, they are the engine of our doom — the hand of the destroyer wreaking havoc with the delicate timing and instruments of our divine symphony. Jewish Boasian anthropology should never have come on the scene — it sowed discordant and destructive notes among us and that section of our symphony which would have helped us to survive and reach new heights is not there now. We are not making the beautiful music anymore. Instead, we have the cacophony of a disaster unto death.

They keep us from reaching our divine escape velocity in the vehicle of our civilization. We are going to miss our meeting with the creator; we will not be ready to make the leap; they are destroying the souls of the whole world. We must stop them, despite their claims that they are cells like us, sowing DNA just like us, or even that they are somehow “chosen” or divine in some way…

A single space flight needs millions working in a concerted effort. It is very difficult to do these things, but relatively easy to destroy them. The words of Jews damage the booster rockets, and can cause our spaceship to explode. Not all wrong moves end in disaster, but one wrong move is all it takes for disaster to occur. We are very very ill with the Jewish virus, many of our best people are hopelessly infected – just like they were during the Communist revolution in Russia. No matter how intelligent you are, you cannot fight ignorance with good arguments because they fall on infertile ground. They do not see. They are blind, lost in the wilderness of alien memes.

When Communism sought to equalize our nations, it also beheaded them automatically. Not all body cells are equal. The Jews know this. They want an international Bastille day. Communists may have had some valid issues, but Jews parlayed this into destructive paths. Cells must operate, they are compelled to – built to – just give them the wrong instructions and let them run with it.

In World War II we fought ourselves, we fought for Communism, and every nation of our civilization lost – the frothing viral (Jew) hordes on one side and our immune system (Germans and other Europeans) on the other. This is just like a body infected with a virus — where Rosie the riveter was not unlike an infected cell in a body, spawning more destruction unknowingly, thinking she was doing the right thing.

Anyway, the idea of disease/memes is a useful tool but let’s not forget that there are good memes and bad memes – each of which should be defined by its effects on future generations and those generations’ ability to discern truth.

Can you imagine a world where we have enough of the truth-seekers and their supporters that viruses/lies do not have a chance? This would be the “kingdom of Heaven” on Earth, quite literally… Instead, the Jews are destroying us permanently this time — the disease is everywhere. We need a medical miracle.

What we have with the points brought up by William Pierce is actual wisdom. Truths. These are bits of the old code we should be following because they can open our eyes to greater issues. Decisions based on these ideas will offer us a greater future. What I am saying here is that we have the right, the duty, and the moral responsibility to reverse our destruction. We are unequivocally in the right. Read my book and I truly believe you will get a shot of divine power to continue with our cause and its aims… I originally began to write it about evolution and the brain, and my eyes began opening while writing it over a span of ten years.

What we need is to see our mortality, and to see what immortal things are at stake across the generations.

I used to be liberal, but I saw these ideas falling away like the dead husks of forgotten viruses as I learned and grew. Now I am not conservative, either. I am something else, I am for the life force above all. Nothing else, no other issue, even matters. No contrived stories, no verbal levers can unseat a soul aligned with the pole of this universal magnet. The whole is greater. I do not hate, I love. Get people to see that and we will rise from our deathbed, we will have our miracle. We will turn every cell into an immune cell, we will all see the glory of the truths written into nature. We will be rooted in the Earth, strongly reaching for the sun of our destiny.

Get people to see that, and we have won.

* * *

Mr. Romer is a behavioral neuroscientist and is the author of The Textbook of the Universe: The Genetic Ascent to God.

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