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The End of Commercial Man


A MORE THAN casual look at The Environmental Movement shows it to be mostly a facade of noisy rhetoric. If the speechifying is largely surrealistic, the problems are real. Basic resources for industry, as well as exotic ones, are getting scarcer. Cheap oil is a thing of the past. Even if there are no real shortages at the moment, unlimited growth is a mathematical absurdity. Nothing is growing so fast as the population of the Third World nations. Neither governments nor professional ecologists offer more than symbolic solutions.

As the Sierra Club Bulletin (October 1975) summed it up: “In the ten-year span from 1960 to 1970, Americans alone consumed more raw materials and energy than were used by all of mankind before 1960,”

Rather than review all the frightening statistics, which has been done over and over again, it might be worthwhile to consider first what kind of mentality caused them. If we listen to the shamans of minority racism, we will hear the blame pinned on “the culture of white, Western masculinity” (Theodore Roszak, Where the Wasteland Ends). There is an iota of truth here. Many of the leading polluters are indeed white males of Teutonic or Celtic descent. But the principal culprit is Commercial Man, a cultureless, raceless, unisex creature, who has purged himself of all ethnic feelings and devoted his whole being to the exchange of goods and services.

Commercial Man is not going to solve the environmental problems because he is the cause of them. He did not invent the modern technology which amplifies them, but he is the one who utilizes technology to turn everything in sight into goods and money. Science started out as the hobby of eccentrics. It was only in the nineteenth century that Commercial Man really took notice of the science kooks and decided there was unlimited wealth in store for those who could exploit science. A few geniuses like Edison and Henry Ford straddled both worlds and became legends in their own times.

The great fallacy of the ecology-minded is that modern technology is the key factor in environmental degradation. Technology is a factor, but irrigation and the stone axe could also do the job, as any serious study of the ancient world quickly reveals. Of course today’s advanced technology provides fantastic leverage for human stupidity. The scientists and engineers who created it are unfortunately lacking in the mental scope or emotional maturity needed to utilize such power properly. All they know is to speed up the growth demanded by Commercial Man. Konrad Lorenz has compared the situation to cancer (Civilized Man’s Eight Deadly Sins). This is a perfectly valid simile, since the cancer cell has lost the ability to function cooperatively in the organism. It multiplies and multiplies and the malignancy grows and grows. The tumor fattens until the organism dies. Faith healers report that they have persuaded some cancers to reform in their own best interest. What are the chances of our social cancer coming to its senses? Very little. Antibodies are needed, not gentle persuasion.

Commercial Man cannot do anything meaningful to prevent this planet from being plundered and destroyed because very candidly that is his entire reason for being. In his socialistic, humanitarian garb his goal is to maximize the tonnage of human protoplasm on the earth and to provide these quivering masses of hominid tissue with goods and services. Optimizing the process is outside his scope; in fact it is antagonistic to his values and his way of thinking. His outlook on life is so one-dimensional that he offers only stopgap solutions for problems caused by his mindless quest for more of everything. Replication is his forte, not creativity. A billion mediocre things are better than one good one.

The mania for quantity and production has made efficiency a virtue. High efficiency means rigid stability. Natural processes operate at about ten percent efficiency. As efficiency rises above this level, the ability of a mechanism to adjust to changes declines dramatically. Lessons like this are totally lost on Commercial Man.

Commercial Man, in fact, is a creature of all humanity. He can be an Anglo-Saxon liberal member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, a de-ethnicized American Jew, an overseas Chinese, a Hindu in Africa, a multiracial comprador in Latin America. His camp followers are the bureaucrats and intellectuals who sometimes claim to be his enemies, but are more appropriately his heirs.

The essence of Commercial Man has loomed over very diverse societies — the Third Reich, liberal America, the People’s Republic of China, the Soviet Union, Israel and the United Arab Republic. Having existed for a long time, longer than historical records, he serves a useful purpose, but becomes a serious problem when his is the dominant class.

Reading between the lines of liberal-minority environmentalists reveals their solution consists of eliminating technology, in part by downgrading white nations and eliminating white scientists and engineers. Since the Chinese, Japanese and other Asiatics have plenty of good engineers and plenty of good Commercial Men, the disappearance of whites will by no means signify the end of industrialism. If anything, what will vanish will be any and all restraints on industrial expansion. The world will not return to being a beautiful wilderness inhabited by noble savages. Instead it will be covered by an endless favela teeming with rats, lice, roaches and nonwhites. There is no way of telling how long this global squalor will endure before the last so-called human creature perishes. Probably not too long.

With little doubt Commercial Man’s days are numbered, just as they were in classical times. The only serious question is whether there are any alternatives to the world favela.

A return to the true values of the West would entail a rejection of the false and hypocritical humanitarianism of Commercial Man. The population explosion in the Third World would be halted. Each nation would eventually have the population it could support at whatever level it deemed suitable for itself. National liberation in the Third World would also mean national responsibility instead of anti-white racism. The liberal is indeed a perverse being who wants to destroy his own race and society, but only after he has made the rest of mankind just like him. He will be gone, thankfully, and this alone will make the earth a better, cleaner, healthier place to live.

With other nations and peoples pursuing their own destinies, the Majority could turn its attention to much needed self-improvement. Marginal souls could be discouraged from having children and the childbearing of those with genetic potential would be encouraged. Without racial antagonisms and recriminations, government could be used for solving social problems, instead of treating the symptoms and breeding the causes. Welfare budgets would decline. Freedom would be available to those who wanted it and security would be there for those who valued it more highly than freedom. An increasing ratio of brighter people would supply the drive to keep such a system going.

An unculled herd deteriorates. This is why we have suffered genetic decay. Society in contrast to nature selects not the best for massive reproduction, but the very worst. The poorest and least successful among us have the largest families, so the liberal democrats have the strongest voting blocs.

The gene pool of a race is not stationary. It changes with every generation. Without information inputs from the environment, such as differential reproduction rates and infant mortality, the race will deteriorate. Since we have reproduction rates favoring the worst of our own race, not to mention the worst of the blacks, things are getting bad very fast. This is what Elmer Pendell said in Sex and Civilization, and what has been known for thousands of years to animal breeders. It is formally demonstrable in the quasi-mathematical communications theory. Those who don’t understand the dynamics of genetic decay have been born into the wrong universe and had better find another one for their next reincarnation.

The nobility of the Middle Ages maintained large forest areas, despite a growing need for more agricultural land. Part of the motivation was the sport of hunting and varieties of game for the table; part was the need for a supply of lumber and other forest products. If the barons and earls allowed all the trees to be cut, there would be more, not fewer, hungry peasants and no game or wood for anybody.

The contrasting survival styles of different people is reflected in domestic animals. The dog is like the average Third Worlder. He breeds promiscuously and copiously until there are no more scraps and garbage to feed him. His cousin the wolf acts more like the nobleman. Commercial Man acts like vermin.

If we are not to sink into the mainstream of humanity and then out of sight, a small but influential portion of us must somehow move the rest off their collision course with the second law of thermodynamics (genetic entropy). Technology must be utilized to improve man, not tailor the world for increasing numbers of hard-to-feed bipeds.

The world’s mineral resources are fast disappearing. So are the genetic advantages of the American Majority. If we continue to tolerate the liberal, the bureaucrat, the financial manipulator and our own aimless whimsy, if we who know better continue to be the servants of Commercial Man, we will not only be his gravedigger but our own.

* * *

Source: Instauration magazine, February 1976

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23 August, 2015 9:00 pm

Wish there were a constructive treatment of the Lebensborn project in Germany. Commonly, it is whined about and irrationally shamed. Many of the children of this program were also targeted.

In Switzerland, there is an HLA marker genetic matching technology that optimizes chances for stable emotional attachment and productive marriages.

Our recovery from the unforgivable insult rendered by the last two Jewish wars in the Western & European gene pool, ought to inform a morally reasonable principle, to engage deeper mate selection factors and modalities than our present cultural state is capable of valuing.

Cohering the research at the Lebensborn, genetic compatibility and digitized genealogical records might increase the rate at which the vision of ourselves as an independent people will be realized.