Jewish Leader: U.S. Must Censor Internet “Swarm of Hate”

Roger-CukiermanMany European nations maintain much stricter controls on hate speech than the United States, says Roger Cukierman (pictured)

THE HEAD OF France’s largest Jewish organization called on Americans to combat online hate speech, in an advertisement in The New York Times.

In the advertisement in Monday’s paper, titled “An appeal to our American Friends,” Roger Cukierman, who heads the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions, an umbrella group, wrote that following the deaths of four of his co-religionists in a terrorist attack in Paris in January, “French Jews fear for their safety, their integrity, their dignity, and their future.”

This is widely known in the United States and many have asked how they can help, he continued, asserting that the best way to do so would be to “help us defuse the hate where it moves most freely — on the Internet.”

“On the Internet, anti-Semitic ravings, rooted in centuries old myths such as the rich Jew and the powerful Jew go unchecked,” he wrote, averring that both resentment of Jews and jihadism thrive online.

Only several clicks on Google can bring one to pages full of conspiracy theories, including ones linking Jews to the 9/11 attacks and old canards like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which can be “liked” with impunity, he said.

Given that the hosts of much of this content are American firms that are subject to American law, France’s friends here must “convince them to set a limit to this swarm of hate.”

Cukierman added that, while freedom of speech is a core American value, it must be possible to crack down on online hate “without inhibiting” free expression.

The French communal leader called on Internet corporations to remove anti-Semitic content as soon as it is flagged and for the technology sector to “conform, in each country they are present, to the laws of democracies faced with anti-Semitism.”

Many European nations maintain much stricter controls on hate speech than the United States. In France “we have many ways to fight hatred directed at Jews” in the local press, but very little recourse against a “web woven across the Atlantic,” he added.

“Freedom of speech is not freedom to hate” or to “incite murder,” he concluded, likening the battle against anti-Semitism to efforts made to ban child pornography.

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Source: Jerusalem Post

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6 March, 2015 8:50 pm

The same old BS – Jews are blameless – say that to the thousands of Semites they have murdered in Gaza in the name of Israel. Perhaps refer the matter to those who survived the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty and saw their friends murdered at the hands of the Jews. Or perhaps refer the matter to those still living who can remember the millions killed in Russia during the stewardship of the Communist Jewish Bolsheviks. And ask all those still surviving who witnessed the other mass murder of their gentile brethren by the Jews.

I have one simple request of any Jew – you now have a place of your own – Israel – so just go – the sooner – the better.

Pffffhhh!!! Jews!!!!!!!!

Reply to  SAMUEL U
24 October, 2019 3:20 am

This week in Jerusalem!

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
Reply to  SAMUEL U
21 March, 2020 3:05 pm

For real.

Go Jew! Get out! Leave us all alone.

(((Part of the problem is if these Rats just lived amongst themselves, with no gullible Goyim
to subvert, pervert and exploit, they would
start eating each other’s flesh)))….

I dont believe they even belong on this planet.

Reply to  SAMUEL U
22 March, 2020 12:46 am

White people can’t be racist, here’s why: european people have been the most oppressed people of all time, just look at these examples of white people/europeans being enslaved and oppressed: 1.The arab slave trade 2.The barbary slave trade 3.The crimean slave trade 4.The irish slave trade 5.The viking slave trade 6.The greek and roman slave trades 7.Communist and socialist regimes enslaving whites 8.The christian persecutions 9.Wars fought to free non whites 10.Centuries of indentured servitude 11.Terrorist attacks 12.Attacks by huns, middle easterners and north africans 13. Serfdom and feudalism 14. New zealand white slave trade 15. White slaves of the golden horde billions of europeans enslaved and oppressed going back over 3,000 years and half of these were white women! White people are so tough that they never complain about… Read more »

6 March, 2015 9:18 pm

Exactly, what is he saying? anything that I think , say or feel is anti-Semitic. I feel and love and see. These are all anti-Semitic qualities. Once there were laws or codes or an agreement. It was consecrated , the Bill of Rights. These were an insurance policy to protect anti-semites , like myself from the central government, that the better people in Virginia at the time did not want. But we bought the insurance policy and believed it was self perpetuating. How foolish! It happened that the lawless type arrived in “relevant” numbers (relevant is one of their favourite words.) Now it appears that with the new races and the miscegenation of new, educated generations , who no longer honour mothers and fathers that the Bill of RIghts is… Read more »

MG Huffman
MG Huffman
7 March, 2015 1:01 am

The biggest literal threat to “Jewish security” right now is radical Islam, especially in France. Most of the street violence, vandalism, and other personal offenses against Jews in Europe are committed by young Muslim immigrants. But for a leader of the Jewish community living in France, the best thing he can think of to be worried about is white people on another continent reading things on the internet that shatter mainstream illusions that have been built up by the Jew-dominated mass media apparatus. This is very revealing. Whenever these Jewish social justice warriors like Abe Foxman and this guy use rhetoric like “French Jews fear for their safety, their integrity, their dignity, and their future.” I can’t help but laugh. These disgusting greedy arrogant creatures are actually trying to dress… Read more »

7 March, 2015 3:27 pm

Yes MG, but you will never hear him admit that the only reason Muslims are there is because of Jews, now that the chickens are coming home to roost he has to blame the gentile and try to further curtail free speech. I’m actually glad he made such an outlandish statement, it’s like the Jewess that said Jews are the main reason for multiculturalism in Europe, they just can’t quit when they are ahead.

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
21 March, 2020 3:00 pm

You have got to love the fact that, as of yet, these Insects simply cannot control the Internet…they of course will never stop trying….though it’s
obviously driving these Vultures mad.,

Most of us can remember a recent time when these Spirit-poisoning, pestilential Goyim
farmers controlled the flow of ALL information.

Right now they don’t.

A most excellent time to be alive.

Hahaha Jew! Get over it. And please, get
over yourselves.