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Holy Holocaust!


by Edgar J. Steele

RECENTLY, a list subscriber pointed out that my name had been added to the short list of “American Extremist Individuals” carried on the ADL’s Web page, alongside the likes of Ernst Zundel, William Pierce, David Irving, Dr. Ed Fields, Willis Carto and Bo Gritz, among others, all of us identified as being “Holocaust Deniers.” To those individuals, first let me say that I am at once honored and unworthy to be included in your ranks.

To the ADL, I say…THHBBTTT! That’s it! I have freakin’ had it! This “Holocaust” business has gotten way out of hand. Like a dog that bites the neighborhood kids, it needs to be put down…for good.

You want “Holocaust Denial,” you Jewish Supremacist creeps? I’ll give you Holocaust Denial and I won’t dress it up in scholarly robes, either.

Y’know, I’ve never really quite “gotten” this Holocaust business. First of all, it happened a long time ago, so it isn’t relevant to life today. Second, it didn’t happen to me.

What’s more, my family didn’t cause it, so why should I even care? In fact, several members of my family fought in that war, which was openly declared by world Jewry against Germany in 1933, several years before Germany dared respond to Jewish demands that Germany be destroyed.

The Holocaust as Religion

Since then, the Holocaust has taken on aspects of a State Religion in Western nations. It simply cannot be questioned in any regard, under penalty of prison. I kid you not — prison! The “Holy Holocaust,” if you will. Seems kind of odd, somehow — the very countries that rescued the Jews by defeating Germany end up being enslaved by those same Jews. Germany, of course, has become the most slavish of all.

I was confronted with this issue recently by a Jewish talk-show host, Donny Deutsch, on national television. He demanded to know if I thought that 6 million Jews dying in the Holocaust was an exaggeration. “Look,” I said, “one would be too many, but the numbers are grossly exaggerated. After all, they keep changing the sign out in front of Auschwitz. First, it said 4 million Jews died there, then it quietly was replaced with a sign that claimed 2.6 million. Today, the sign claims only 1.5 million Jews died in Auschwitz, with serious discussions taking place about lowering that into the range of 700,000, yet the reductions never seem to make it into the claim of 6 million total.”

Deutsch, who insisted that the 6 million figure was gospel (“holy,” don’t forget), looked like he was going to pop an aneurism as I continued: “You know, 75 million people, military and civilian, died worldwide during WWII, yet we are supposed to honor the memory of only 6 million.” I was cut off before adding that most of that 6 million never existed and, besides, it seemed to me that Jews should be honoring those of us who rescued them, not the other way around. That’s how it is every time free speech hits the holy Holocaust wall — it must yield.

The Holy Roundup

Now they are jailing scholars for the crime of saying things as mild as what I said on national TV. Jews forced Ernst Zundel to be arrested here in America on a phony visa charge and deported to Canada, where he spent two years in solitary confinement for saying 6 million was too many; now he faces a five-year prison term in Jewish-controlled Germany for the same “crime.”

In a replay of the Zundel pantomime deportation, scientist, historian and publisher Dr. Germar Rudolf was arrested in America on a phony visa charge and deported to Germany by Jews. I now call this routine “being Zundeled.”

David Irving, one of the most-respected historian author/scholars in the world, now languishes in a European jail on the orders of Jews. And others — many others. All face lengthy prison terms, merely for saying 6 million is an exaggeration. Look, I couldn’t just make something this ridiculous up, you know. Prison…for speaking the truth! They aren’t even accused of lying, which, of course, they aren’t. They are jailed under the vague charge of “Holocaust Denial.” What’s wrong with this picture?

Things Get Worse

Hold on, though — it gets worse.

Last month, the execrable United Nations adopted a resolution written by Israel which designates January 27 as the “International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.” The UN’s decree goes on to reject “any denial of the Holocaust as an historical event, either in full or part.”

This would be a good time for you to go look up the definition of “chutzpah,” a Yiddish term.

But wait — it gets even worse.

You probably aren’t going to believe this next item. I scarcely believe it myself. Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives adopted a Jewish-sponsored resolution to designate every January as “Jewish History Month” throughout America. All that remains is for the President to issue an appropriate Executive Order. Did I mention that the House voted unanimously? Unanimously. That means both you and I voted for it, since our state representatives cast our votes for us. Unanimously. Can you believe it?

Now go look up the definition of “hubris,” which really ought to be a Yiddish term.

And you thought you were sick of Black History Month? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Coming right up behind it now is Jew History Month. How appropriate. What? You don’t get the joke? Think about it.

Staking the Devil

Now, I’m no historian. I’m no authority on World War II and I sure don’t claim to be a scholar. But, since the Jews have locked up all those who fit those descriptions and who dare to speak out on the so-called “Holocaust,” it falls to the rest of us to pick up where they left off. What should we do? We should drag this Holocaust myth out into the daylight and, in plain view of the entire world, drive a stake through its evil heart, once and for all.

I mentioned the Auschwitz signs. That’s proof enough, right there, that 6 million is a lie. A lie — not a mistake — a Jewish lie! But there is so much more.

By the way, if the Nazis killed so many Jews, how come there are so many “Holocaust survivors,” anyway? Just asking.

The WWI Holocaust

Did you know that the Jews trotted out their 6 million lie before, during WWI? No, I didn’t think so. They want you to forget about that claim, which simply didn’t stick. People were better read and educated then, I suppose, else it might have gained the traction that it has achieved today in couch potato land. “Six million men and women are dying” in the Ukraine, claimed The American Hebrew periodical on October 31, 1919, the very same claim that Jews made twenty years later.

You see, Jews thought they were going to establish Israel right after WWI, due to the Balfour Declaration’s promise of Palestine in exchange for Jews causing America to enter the war against Germany. Since Jewish Talmudic prophecy demands that there be a 6-million-Holocaust offering prior to Jews returning to the Promised Land, it was incumbent upon them to fabricate the Holocaust then and there. The Talmud called for cleansing the “chosen” souls through the sacrifice of 6 million in “burning ovens,” since unclean souls could not be allowed to return to the Promised Land. That is the real source of the “6 million” myth, as well as the myth of the “ovens.”

However, Britain was unable to deliver up Palestine as promised by Lord Balfour, since Palestine still was possessed by Turkey. It took another twenty years and another World War to make good on Balfour’s promise. Quietly, the 6-million lie was put to rest, only to be revived just prior to WWII. The self-same claim about 6 million Jews dying was made, as part of the propaganda to once again force America to enter a war which involved none of its interests.

Jewish Hubris

You really must have a glimmering of the true extent of Jewish hubris in order to appreciate their belief that, if they got the whole world to repeat their 6-million lie, then God would be fooled into allowing them to enter the “Promised Land.” Jews actually teach that their best Rabbis have the ability to beat God in debates, by the way. Hubris. This time, do what I told you before and actually look it up. This is why the figure 6-million is sacred to our new State religion, the Holocaust. If there is a Jewish God, which I sincerely doubt since most Jews are atheists, then he must be really dumb.

75 million people throughout the world died in WWII. 75 million. Yet, we are supposed to honor and remember only 6 million? Out of 75 million!!! Just 6 million…Most of whom never existed in the first place!

Simple Logic

The whole premise of the Jewish Holocaust defies simple logic: Why would Germany, fighting a war on two fronts…with fuel scarce…short of all resources…ship millions of Jews by railroad…hundreds and thousands of miles…to camps specially built just to hold them…feed them…clothe them…tattoo them in order to keep track of them….just to KILL them? 

It doesn’t even begin to make sense. If the Germans had wanted to kill the Jews, they would have done it the way the Russian Jews murdered 20 to 80 million Russian Christians earlier in the century…with a bullet to the base of the skull, wherever they were found.

Or, as my buddy Al likes to say: In all of German-occupied Europe, there were 2.4 million Jews. After the war, 3.8 million Jews applied for Holocaust reparations. Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost. More Jews received pensions than were present in German-occupied Europe because so many of them moved west from Russia after the war and cleaned up on the pension scam.

Even a cursory examination proves that the Jews are lying. For example, the Jewish Encyclopedia confirms Al’s figures. Otherwise, the Jewish pre-war worldwide population figure of 15 million would read 9 million after the war instead of the 16 million that it gives. That’s right — the worldwide Jewish population actually increased during WWII!

In fact, the WWII Jewish Holocaust did not really take shape until fully fabricated by Jews during the late 1950s. That is why, in the memoirs of so many WWII leaders and generals, including Eisenhower, Churchill and De Gaulle, as recently pointed out by Professor Richard Lynn, “one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

The Evidence

“What about the Auschwitz gas chambers?” you ask. Per Willis Carto’s late, great Spotlight newspaper, none other than Dr. Franciszek Piper, senior curator and director of archives of the Auschwitz State Museum, has admitted on film that “Krema 1,” the only alleged “homicidal gas chamber” on display to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year at Auschwitz, was built after the war by the Soviet Union.

In 1948, three years after the war ended, formal Allied Commissions of Inquiry concluded that nobody died of poison gas at any of the German concentration camps, a conclusion also reached by modern engineering forensics expert Fred Leuchter after extensive examination of the grounds and buildings. Leuchter lost his business, his job and his reputation simply for telling the truth about his engineering and chemical tests, many of which were repeated by Dr. Germar Rudolf, who confirmed Leuchter’s results. That was the major crime for which Dr. Rudolf now sits in a German prison. And yet the Holocaust myth endures!

“But the confessions…” you splutter. False. Every one of them. All those German officers were tortured by Jews prior to the Nuremburg show trials, most of them having had their testicles crushed in the process, which is why they signed all those confessions. What’s more, they signed confessions written mainly in English, a language most of them could neither read nor speak. You know the torture that Jews inflict upon Palestinians today when they catch them? That’s nothing compared to what Jewish interrogators did to their German prisoners at Nuremburg. What’s even more telling, all the prosecutors and judges at Nuremburg were Jews.

No wartime aerial photos of the camps show piles of corpses or crematoria in action. Reasonable people ask, “If six million are dead, then where are the bodies?” That and Talmudic prophecy wording is where the gas oven stories came from: “They went up in smoke.” No bodies were found then, nor was any billowing smoke seen emitted by the camps, nor have any remains been found near any of the camps in amounts which add up to anything more than the relatively small number of prisoners acknowledged to have died of typhus and other diseases while imprisoned.

International Red Cross documents clearly show that fewer than 300,000 Jews died during WWII in all German concentration camps combined. As a race, Jews gave far fewer to the war efforts than did any other nation involved, which is why their total population increased during the war, in contrast to that of most combatants.

The ridiculous claims about Jews being made into soap and lampshades were debunked thoroughly long ago and Jews would like you to forget them now that they have made their 6-million hoax into a viable religion. After all, the absolute lack of any proof of Jewish soap or lampshades would weaken their new religion, wouldn’t it?

The Real Holocausts

Meanwhile, there are genuine Holocausts which actually did happen last century, yet which are not memorialized. In fact, Jews file lawsuits to suppress their mention and/or accurate description in public schools and in modern media.

The undisputed genocide of 1.5 million Armenians at the hands of their Turkish oppressors in 1915 is particularly maddening since Turkey at that time was controlled by Donmeh Muslims. Now, you may not know this, but Donmeh Muslims are a sect comprised entirely of Jews who “converted” to Islam yet continued secretly to practice Judaism and refused to intermarry with true Turks. This was last century’s first Holocaust and it was caused by Jews. My children are one fourth Armenian (my wife is half Armenian and half German…for what it is worth, I am half Scotch and half Irish). Does that make them Holocaust survivors?

In the post-revolution, Jewish-controlled Soviet Union, between 20 and 80 million White Christians systematically were murdered from 1917 to 1953. This was the second Holocaust of the Twentieth Century, perpetrated directly by Jews, in a preview of what they have in mind for American Christians during this coming century. What? You didn’t think the de-Christianization of American schools, government and Christmas would stop where it currently stands, did you?

In what amounts to the third Holocaust of the Twentieth Century, the Allies firebombed Dresden, Germany, during WWII, simply to see if they could create a self-perpetuating firestorm. They succeeded and, in the maelstrom that followed, murdered upwards of 500,000 people, most of them civilians, and destroyed one of the most beautiful cities then in existence. Since the war was prosecuted at the behest of and for the benefit of Jews, the blood of Dresden is upon Jewish heads (to borrow the Biblical phrase, “His blood be upon our heads,” uttered by the Jews who engineered the crucifixion of Jesus Christ).

The fourth Holocaust, of course, is America’s laying waste to both Nagasaki and Hiroshima with nuclear bombs. The Jewish connection requires a short explanation. America cut off Japanese oil supplies, forcing their attack upon Pearl Harbor. Franklin Roosevelt had advance knowledge of Pearl Harbor, yet simply let it happen so that the American people finally would be outraged enough to allow him to declare war on Japan, which until then had been engaged in a long-standing, low-grade war solely with China. Without oil, Japan was sure to lose to China, thus was forced to lash out at America. Because of Japan’s mutual defense pact with Germany, American Jews finally had their war against Germany, too, their primary objective in causing the U.S. to interfere with Japan’s war, which until then had been confined solely to Asia. Thus, the nuclear holocaust unleashed upon Japan also is to be laid at the feet of world Jewry.

The truth puts the lie to the laughably deniable so-called Jewish Holocaust. So few Jews died during WWII and those mainly of natural causes, at that, that the term Holocaust should not even be applied to what happened to them. Indeed, the four events of the Twentieth Century that actually deserve the term Holocaust all were caused by Jews themselves, advancing their own interests!


Since the Jewish Holocaust is so easily disproven, why do Jews hold onto it with such fervor? There are many reasons, in addition to the Talmudic prophecy, of course, which must be met. Incidentally, speaking of prophecy, do you believe in it? Did you know that the Jewish population of the United States now is about 6 million? Did you know that the Jewish population of Israel also numbers about 6 million at this time? Lessee now, if prophecy actually gets fulfilled, which do you suppose will get nuked out of existence first?

But, back to the benefits the Holocaust holds for Jews: First and foremost, it protects Jews, both individually and collectively, from criticism. It also has provided prodigious income, both in reparations and in contributions from the deluded, particularly American aid to Israel, which, prior to the beginning of the current Iraq war, amounted to about $64,000 from every American family. What’s more, the “Holocaust” forms a sort of “them-against-us” mentality for Jews to use in keeping their brethren all pulling in the same direction. And the Holocaust enables Israel to formulate and direct American Middle-Eastern policy. The Holocaust also diverts attention from the many Jewish-instigated true holocausts of the Twentieth Century.

In Closing

Now, that’s real Holocaust Denial! None of this penny-ante, “Gee, was it 6 million or 5 million?” business for which fellows like Zundel, Rudolph and Irving now sit in jail, awaiting trial. And, God, how the Jews deserve it, believe me. When they labeled me a Holocaust Denier, they asked for it. In for a penny, in for a pound. I don’t want to hear them complain now, simply because I gave them that of which they accused me. And I’m not done, either. In fact, I’m just getting warmed up.

Interestingly, when Deutsch threw that question at me on national TV about how many Jews died during the Holocaust, the first response that floated across my mind, as though on a Teleprompter, was a joke punchline, as so often is the case with the way my mind works. I resisted the impulse to read it off as it floated by, just as I usually do, and, instead, gave the answer I related above. What was the initial answer my somewhat twisted mind offered up? Not enough! Mind you, I do not mean to suggest that we do unto Jews as they have done unto us, time and again. But, if 6 million really had died during WWII, do you suppose we would be having the troubles on their account that we have today?

As I like to say: I agree with those who say anti-Semitism is a disease. You catch it from Jews!

My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening.

* * *

Source: Edgar J. Steele, 2005

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23 April, 2015 12:11 pm

What do have against the Jews that makes you hate them so much that you have to say that they all lied about on of the worst events in human history? This is ridiculous and very childish. Please rethink what you are saying.

Will Williams
Will Williams
23 April, 2015 8:40 pm

No, Karl. It’s you who needs look at the so-called Jewish Holocaust critically. We open-minded, inquisitive goyim already made up our minds that, yes, the Jews have lied and lied and lied some more, for decades now, about this alleged “worst event in human history.”

Read Dr. Pierce’s essay, here: https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/02/the-holocaust-problem/ or this one by him, looking at the scientific evidence that disproves Jew claims of gas chambers: http://williamlutherpierce.blogspot.com/2011/07/evidence-of-prussian-blue.html That second article opened the minds of many of us to the Big Lie that has now become like a religion, the dogma of which by law cannot be questioned, under penalty of imprisonment. Think about that, Karl: if the Holocaust is true, why are people who question its tenets labeled “deniers” or even sent to prison.

23 August, 2015 3:06 pm

In the eyes of Lucifer’s own, this Nickel Rant alone was sufficient reason to eliminate Edgar Steele.

23 August, 2015 5:42 pm

This article alone could have saved me at least three undergraduate courses, and one graduate.

How might the fraudulent reparations be clawed back? Will the world’s wronged peoples ever descend upon them? They’ve been causing themselves to get shifted around for a very long time; yet with no observable improvement in behavior.

Strangely, they keep a list of these moments of being called out and\or expelled; yet from inimical resentment for being truthfully named in their obscene crimes against the humanity of the world. Are there any adults we could ask about this?

Holocaust Deprogramming Course
Holocaust Deprogramming Course
4 September, 2015 5:51 am

Without the Jewish Holocaust there is no justification for the creation of Israel.

Begin your Holocaust deprogramming today, please take this course: http://www.holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com

4 September, 2015 5:32 pm

Every system is based on ideas and (historical) assumptions, whether true or false. Europe’s system is based on the Holocaust. Each thought is directed by the Holocaust. The rationale is ‘A bad line of thought would have caused the holocaust, or will cause another one. A good thought would have prevented it , or will prevent a new one.’ So, with the Holocaust as whip and bait, Europe has been moulded in what it is now. When the Holocaust is debunked and rejected by the masses, the death spell on Europe is broken, and a revival is possible. A number of people have worked very hard, sacrificed a lot, to debunk the holocaust. However, the result is disappointing. Holocaust is very much entrenched, with stiff penalties and social ostracisation for… Read more »

Holocaust Revisionism
Holocaust Revisionism
6 September, 2015 1:27 pm

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (www.ADL.org) did a world wide survey where they asked people if they had heard about the Jewish Holocaust (WW2) or not, and if the participant said they had heard of the Jewish Holocaust (54 % said they had heard of the Jewish Holocaust), they followed up by asking them whether or not they thought it was real or possibly exaggerated and a hoax. The results were astounding in terms of Holocaust Revisionist leanings. So to say Holocaust Hoax Debunking is like hitting a granite wall is fallacious. What we need is more professional high production value Holocaust revisionist videos produced, we need them to be continuously produced over time, so that we get both volume, time and relevance. When things first come out they… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
6 September, 2015 8:10 pm

TS says: When one wants a career, one needs to be an active believer (or at least pretend to be one)…Holocaust debunking is useless and a waste of time…[O]ne needs to look at another angle. And that angle is Palestine. While it is illegal to debunk the Holocaust, it is not yet illegal to support the Palestinians. It’s not illegal to debunk the Holocaust from where I sit, here in the U.S. Free speech: use it or lose it! When one pretends to believe in the Holocaust and is afraid of telling the truth for fear of damage to his career, he needs to leave the difficult truth-telling to those who embrace the primacy of race and don’t give a damn about a career, who don’t “fear the smear,” as… Read more »

Reply to  Will Williams
9 September, 2015 6:39 pm

My quote: “When one wants a career, one needs to be an active believer (or at least pretend to be one)” I was describing the current and past situation in Europe. It wasn’t an advice! I am glad the US has more freedom of speech than Europe. I should have phrased the comment ‘holocaust debunking is useless…’ differently. Truth should be a leading principal. Revisionism is extremely important to correct history, and absolve Germany from guilt. And yes, when the public sees the lie, and how they have been led by the nose all their lives, things will change majorly. What I meant was that the public will be swayed by emotion. Revisionism hasn’t reached that stage yet. However, seeing through the lie and hypocrisy of Israel is already going… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
8 September, 2015 10:59 pm

Ed Steele’s buddy Al, a former National Alliance member, liked to say: In all of German-occupied Europe, there were 2.4 million Jews. After the war, 3.8 million Jews applied for Holocaust reparations. Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost.

Every self-respecting White lover of truth should like repeating that clever eye-opener to at least one other White person every day.

22 September, 2015 10:31 pm

This is ridiculous and a complete waste of my time. All of your points are invalid and your opinion of the holocaust is appalling

23 September, 2015 12:20 pm

@Peege: “All your points are invalid and your opinions of the holocaust is appalling.” When one is a victim of felonious conspiracy to dispossess and revolutionize ( every one becomes a Jew, or amoral), life becomes suspended, then it is no longer “opinion” but a cause for alarm and of self defense. I presume from your position , one must not be granted such freedom. We comply or die. Whether this “Holocaust” is credible , 6 million or 8 million as I first learnt it before it was exalted to the world religion is not as relevant as the lex non scripta, absolute denial of the freedom to doubt it or investigate. After all this would be blasphemy. If this history is true of Jews being removed from another society,… Read more »

Reply to  Heinemann
14 September, 2019 6:17 pm

Greetings Mr Heinemann.

It wouldn’t be difficult to find the six million birth certificates if they actually exist.

However, I expect that all of the people in charge of them anywhere are Jewish.