Bill Nye Lies

by Ann Hendon

“BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY” repeats the crudest — and most unscientific — lies about race in a recent interview on the Jewish-controlled cable television network HBO. Nye states flatly that the only difference between the human races is skin color — which, according to Nye, becomes darker if you live closer to the equator or “closer to space,” as in Tibet.

He states to his young, apparently White, interviewer that race is nonexistent immediately before recognizing that the interviewer’s background is European based on his appearance. He then proceeds to say that if the married interviewer “had sex with a Chinese woman,”  any resulting child would “just be human” — a non sequitur which proves exactly nothing.

If you can bear to watch this controlled-media clip to the end, you’ll also discover that Nye has “changed his mind” about GMO foods — after a long meeting with scientists from Jewish-owned Monsanto. Nye formerly opposed the GMO food industry.

* * *

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