White Americans Waking Up to a Minority Future

41IBnnCaI4LNew, aware White minority is evolving inside America

by Frank Roman

WHAT KIND of treatment can you and yours expect from the new Afro-Chicano Spanish-speaking majority? Have not the so-called “extremists,” “right-wing radicals” and race realists been warning us all of this insanity since at least the close of the Second World War? Have not the Cultural Marxists, the leftists, the non-White race advocates, the politicians, the universities, the churches, and above all the media of news and entertainment been telling you in no uncertain terms that this has been their goal all along? (ILLUSTRATION: The prospect of Whites raising a healthy family will become threatened in an America dominated by a non-White majority.)

RT recently reported:

Soon to become a minority, US whites show less support for diversity: study

Psychologists at UCLA say they’ve conducted a study that suggests white Americans have differing views on diversity depending on whether or not their race remains the majority in the United States.

Doctoral student Felix Danbold and his University of California, Los Angeles professor Yuen Huo asked questions of roughly 100 white participants from across the US about multiculturalism and diversity, and received differing answers depending upon what they were told about the nation’s future racial makeup.

According to a press release issued by UCLA this week, the team took a pool of 98 white Americans — half male, half female, with an average age of 37 — and split them into two groups where they were told different information.

“One group was told that whites will no longer be the majority in the US by 2050,” Stuart Wolpert wrote for “The second group was told that whites would retain their majority status in the US through at least 2050. All participants were then asked a series of questions about their views on diversity.”

The US Census Bureau has predicted previously that whites will lose their minority status by as soon as 2043, and RT reported previously that the agency’s data from 2011 indicated that minorities — Hispanics, blacks, Asians and those of mixed race — made up 50.4 percent of US births that year, up from 37 percent 21 years earlier.

If the results of the UCLA researchers prove to be accurate, than Americans may be less accepting of the ‘melting pot’ mentality which drove immigrants to the US starting in the nineteenth century.

“Whites feel lukewarm about diversity when they are told that they are about to lose their majority status in the United States for the first time,” Huo said of the study. “We see a significant reduction in the endorsement of diversity when white Americans are exposed to current projections of future demographics,” added Danbold….

“Thinking about a future in which whites are no longer a numerical majority threatens this claim to the American identity and, we have found, results in a reluctance to embrace diversity….”

There is a White minority evolving inside America within the next 34 years, an iron minority. Stop your sniveling, stop the blame game, and accept your responsibility to do the right thing. We are in the midst of a full-on infowar, where thought precedes action; a cleansing action borne of justifiable outrage against needless suffering under alien exploitation and hate.

* * *

Source: Western Voices World News

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