Lighten Up

keep-calm-and-lighten-up-12by Dean Darcy

Mankind cannot stand too much reality. — T.S. Eliot

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The last thing we want the multiculturalists to think is that their death march into the cosmic gloaming of diversity is going to bring us down. If you want to do something for your White brothers and sisters; give them something to laugh about. The controlled mediasphere arrayed against us loves giving us a face slapping of bad news every chance it gets.

Therefore, we need to make a conscious effort to interject as much levity as we can into that relentless flow of depressing, scary, tasteless, and dishonest bile that makes up most of the media noise around us. Much of what we read and hear every day sounds the way a bee sting feels, or is so tart it will make your teeth chime.

And we don’t need to always be contemplating eternal themes, which all too often is just munching on old bones.

So much of the media spew is irrational, and thus hard to argue with. But humor can be a rational response to an irrational situation. Their own words leave them open for public ridicule.

The next time some spitty-voiced media sound-biter is holding forth, puffed up, fearless, and full of illogic; talk back to him, get up and do the hokey-pokey, moon him, something, anything — just don’t let him get you down.

When you are home alone, or with racial friends, pretend it is Talk Like A Racist Day, and go around saying all the things you normally hold back. It’s cathartic and good for you.

Somewhere just off the coast of serious, a belly laugh is surfing toward shore with a giggling wind tickling its back, and a beaming sun smiling down. So when you find yourself in the full grip of the global street fight think about… midget rodeo, sea monkeys, crazy world, funhouse mirrors, or whatever makes you smile. If it makes you laugh out loud send it in and share it with us, we need it. It doesn’t have to be perfect; imperfection has a reality that perfection never reaches, like children’s smiles with missing teeth.

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