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Imperium Europa Celebrates 11th Anniversary

by Kevin Alfred Strom

NORMAN LOWELL, founder and leader of Imperium Europa, celebrated the group’s 11th anniversary at a meeting of members and supporters in Malta this month. The gathering included speeches by Mr. Lowell, Valter Cassar, and Antoine Galea.

Norman Lowell has long honored the work of William Pierce and the National Alliance, and has sent his friendship and support to William White Williams and myself as we build on Dr. Pierce’s legacy.

The video embedded above is the best short summary of the idea of Imperium Europa and is narrated by Norman Lowell himself.

His vision of Imperium Europa has nothing to do with the ugly reality of multiracial “empire” which we are living through today, as our freedom and self-determination are crushed under the military-financial empire ruled from London, New York, and Tel Aviv — nor is it connected in any way to the stereotype of a personal or oligarchic or ethnic tyranny, lording it over conquered and enslaved peoples. No, not at all. Lowell’s idea of Imperium Europa is one of regions and peoples free to be themselves and rule themselves under the protection of a race-wide alliance of noble men, true aristocrats, with no money-motivation, absolutely dedicated to the holy cause of the planet-wide security and advancement of the European race as a whole.

Imperium Europa fielded three candidates, Arlette Baldacchino, Antoine Galea, and Norman Lowell, in the recent European elections in Malta, and garnered 7,000 votes.

Antoine Galea (organic agriculturalist), Norman Lowell (artist and writer), Arlette Baldacchino (consultant); Imperium Europa candidates for European Parliament in Malta
Antoine Galea (organic agriculturalist), Norman Lowell (artist and writer), Arlette Baldacchino (consultant); Imperium Europa candidates for European Parliament in Malta

On their 11th anniversary, we of the National Alliance salute Norman Lowell and all members and supporters of Imperium Europa, and their unselfish efforts to secure the island of Malta for its people, awaken the spirit of European man, and reclaim our world and our civilization.

Imperium Europa – The IDEA!


Following is a prose poem by Norman Lowell:

Spread the Word!

I have a message;
To all those solitary seagulls above the clouds;
To all Individualists wherever they may be.
To those solitary souls in today’s torture cham­bers.
To the great despisers and despised:

Never compromise your intellectual integrity.
Uphold your rational, independent mind.
Uphold your truth openly, without fear.
This is the most noble, selfish act.
Be yourself!

Discard the altruistic morality;
It is a code of death.
Disown the life of a sacrificial animal.
Disrobe yourself of your sense of guilt.
You were not born with original sin.

Discover a new sense of life.
Refuse to apologise for your ability.
Refuse to apologise for your virtues.
Refuse to apologise for your success.
Refuse to maim yourself.

Bear out these intellectual dark ages that enshroud you.
Suffer in silence the purgatory you are in.
Resist the onslaught of the many-too-many.
Do not succumb.

Learn that happiness is not evil.
Seek your greatest joy, your greatest good.
Realise that heaven is here and now.
It is living time.

An idea unexpressed in action is a fraud.
Action without idea is self-destruction.
Be a thought-deed man.
Overcome yourself.
It can be done!

Act alone or with those you trust.
Be a voice of hope for those yearning for one.
Act as a focal point to those without a bearing.
Be thyself.

Retain your European identity.
Proclaim the sanctity of race.
Believe in the Sacred Gene Pool.
Treasure this noble heritage.
Eternity must be ours!

I am the bearer of a sacred fire.
I must keep the torch aflame.
I am the last in a line.
If I fail – then all else will have failed before me.

“A message for the very few..” – CREDO (1981)

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18 June, 2020 6:25 pm

KAS alert! Kevin, the video incorrectly attributes your quote to Voltaire (at 7:39).

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  Truthweed
19 June, 2020 9:55 am

Details of the claim, which is simply a common sense statement, whoever said it first, is explained here:

A modern variation of the truism, unattributed, but certainly never uttered by Mr. Voltaire, is s found there: “To learn who rules over you, buy Mel Gibson a drink.”