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Glorious Indifference

cosmic_dnaWhy should Whites practice indifference and non-interference in the business of non-Whites?

by H. Millard

HERE’S the quick answer: They are not our kind. It is not in our self-interest to help them. They are harmful to us.

We should butt out and let all non-Whites work out their own destinies and live or die as fate and luck will have it without Whites helping them in any way. If they face disease, starvation, wars, calamities, or problems of any sort that do not involve Whites, let them take care of themselves without one ounce of help from Whites. We Whites are not here on the planet to prop up those who pose a danger to us, and we must stop doing so. We are here to survive and prosper. We are here to be happy. We are here to expand our kind. We are here to be as nature intends us to be and to find the path to our greatest possible happiness and survival for us, as us.

We are not here to be pathological altruists rushing off to help non-Whites in any way. Screw them. Again, they are not our kind. We should be as indifferent to them as we are to any other organisms — actually, we should even be consciously avoiding them because they pose a danger to us in that they can destroy our genotype if we have gene flow with them.

We Whites are going to have to throw off false beliefs and the insane idea of oneness of all humans, and we have to understand that ALL non-Whites — every one of them — pose a danger to us and to our continued existence as White people. Even those who don’t consciously mean us any harm are a danger to us. Their genes can take us off the White genetic path and can destroy us as White people and cause us to devolve back into the dark masses. In other words, we can be (choose your term) blended away, assimilated, absorbed into the dark masses and disappear as the distinct White people that we are — and this can happen slowly, a little at a time.

And this need for Whites to stay completely separate from non-Whites doesn’t relate to the quality or worth of any person or persons — it has to do with the fact that they can destroy our White genotype just by their presence. The argument that you will hear that this or that this non-White or mixed race person is wonderful and smart and has a good heart is meaningless in this battle for our survival. What matters, and the only thing that matters, is that we stay White. This trumps all religions, philosophies, and all other beliefs that do not put Whiteness above all other considerations. In fact, Whiteness is the religion and the philosophy of some of us.

Non-Whites are not our kind. Our kind are Whites. Period. We should not care one whit about what happens to non-Whites and we should not burn one calorie or spend one second of our time in trying to help them survive. There is nothing good that comes out of helping them survive.

We are in eternal gene wars. Their genes are in constant competition with our genes. Helping them would be like helping someone murder you. “Oh, your gun jammed while you were trying to kill me? Here, let me fix that for you. There you go, now you may kill me.” Obviously such an attitude is madness and goes against the most important law of existence: self-preservation. Anyone who doesn’t follow the law of self-preservation is mad.

But, and before I go on, we need to understand that by self-preservation, I also mean the preservation of our White DNA code that we carry within us and which we share with our fellow Whites. The more Whites who survive, the easier it is for us to survive as individuals. This is true because we are all going to die as our bodies wear out, but what will go on into the future will be our DNA codes that we pass on by having White children. And, our ability to have White children means we need other Whites. In fact, strip all the blather about love and romance from reality and what we have is the fact that each of us must try to convince another White of the opposite sex to have sex with us so that we can preserve our DNA and expand it so that it goes into the future. We are not born as couples, but as individuals, and our reproduction is a personal and individual responsibility of each White man and each White woman. Each of us, for our own self-DNA code preservation, must find Whites of the opposite sex to have intercourse with us to help us preserve ourselves. And, we must not look for help outside the White race. Did I say “race”? Some of us believe that we Whites are actually a different species than non-Whites, but until science catches up to us we’ll accept the term sub-species and even race when we want to be understood by those who are unaware of how these taxonomic terms work.

A deeper answer is in order. As I’ve written many times, we Whites are in eternal gene wars with all non-Whites. There’s nothing really unique about this, as all organisms are in gene wars. Gene wars are part of nature’s “plan” to bring forth the best of every kind to fill every niche where some energy can be obtained to fuel the life process. The basic way this all works was made widely known by Charles Darwin — that great observer of nature — and if you haven’t read his books, you might do so now, because they are foundational.

In brief, and just to start as far back as we can safely go, we must start with cosmic evolution, which simply means that everything changes, and the reason that everything changes is because of movement. Movement is essential to existence. Everything moves; even if — as, say with rocks — the movement is inside of them, with spinning atoms. This non-static dynamic existence, which is the only existence we have, is made possible by movement and spinning. And, the spinning, turning, spiraling not only of planets and other celestial bodies, and not only of entire galaxies of trillions of stars and planets, but the whole universe itself is the engine of constant construction and destruction — and of evolution. Just as we generate electricity by spinning machines, so too is our existence generated by the spinning of existence itself, and all that is in it.

Now, with the above in mind, jump ahead to us, we White humans.

We White ones evolved from the darker forms of humans. This is really not in dispute and is as settled science as is possible. We evolved, because of the fundamental principles of evolution and natural selection. Our ancestors had moved from southern climes to northern ones and there we found many differences. The weather was colder and wetter and there was less sunlight. In these conditions, those with the darkest skin could not produce enough Vitamin D to prevent the bone-wasting disease rickets, and children born with rickets tended to die fairly young without reproducing. Those who were born with lighter skin produced more Vitamin D and thus did not get rickets. They then lived longer and reproduced more of their kind, with ever-lighter skin. Along the way, various other changes occurred in their genes both to give them better adaptations to the conditions in the north as well as other so-called random mutations that changed other things that may not have been survival adaptations but have stuck simply because they are neutral.

Now that process that I just mentioned above — evolution (with mutations, natural selection and the other fundamental processes of evolution) is what I call gene wars. It is genes struggling to be, against other genes that also “want” to be, simply because “being” is better than non-being.

Fast forward to today. The human gene wars have intensified as our modern technology, including especially rapid mass transportation, makes it easy for non-Whites to invade the lands of Whites, and now Vitamin D can be had with a pill. In addition, modern communications allow the so-called “have-nots” in the darker parts of the world see how the “haves” live in the Whiter parts, and this motivates them to move to the Whiter parts to “find better lives for themselves.” Their presence in formerly White lands is a constant danger to Whites because they bring with them genes that can wipe out our genes. They don’t have to mean us any harm on a conscious level any more than germs need to have intent to harm us. The danger is real and constant simply because of their presence.

Add to the danger of their presence a lower White birthrate and pro-miscegenation propaganda and you begin to see that mating choices for Whites are disastrously broadened outside of our White tribe. If White men and White women can’t find suitable White mates, well, nature kicks in and they find non-White mates. The problem with this is that this amounts to what I call bedroom genocide. A White and any non-White can never produce one of us. That is, it takes two Whites to produce a truly White child. Now, a slight digression is in order here lest you become confused. When I use “White,” with an upper case “W” I am referring to us as the White race (actually, as I mentioned above, I think we’re really a separate species or at least as separate sub-species which are more important taxa than race), and when I use “white” with a lower case “w” I am referring to a color. And, in this regard, you may recall how it was once common to use the term Aryans to refer to us Whites. And, Aryan, as it was usually used, simply meant “a non-Jewish White person of European descent.” Well, of course, that term Aryan has fallen into disfavor, so this is why I’m using White to mean the same thing.

Instead of getting all squishy and worrying about the “poor non-Whites and how we must help them,” think instead of them carrying infections that can kill you and yours off, and wipe you and yours out of existence forever. And their “infection” is their genes. Stay away from them. Don’t mingle with them. Avoid even minute traces of their DNA that they shed with skin cells, pieces of hair, etc. Yes, we all shed our DNA everyplace we go. Try to stay in White areas only with Whites. And never have sex with non-Whites.

Those Whites who either don’t notice, or pretend not to notice, or deny differences among different types of humans present a danger to all Whites. This is so, because our White DNA code does not belong to each of us as individuals but is the sacred property of all Whites. If one of us is killed or miscegenates it harms all Whites. We Whites are our White brothers’ and White sisters’ keepers.

To some of us, these things are essential parts of our deeply held religious beliefs. To others of us, they are completely secular, but just as important.

(© 2015 H. Millard)

* * *

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