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Diversity by the Numbers

flag_diversity.pngby Yggdrasil

MOST White Americans believe that the vast array of race preferences only effect those Whites in the lower socioeconomic levels of their race — those in the bottom 20% by IQ and income.

Most Whites at the highest socioeconomic levels believe that only the proverbial six or seven Whites denied admission to the University of Michigan Law School because of their race are adversely affected. The typical White believes that the numbers affected in the upper occupational and IQ ranges are small and the impacts minimal because those who are discriminated against will be admitted to a somewhat less prestigious school and do very well at that school and in their careers.

We are going to test those typical thoughts and attitudes against data maintained by the Federal Government.

The United States Department of Labor maintains an elaborate census based on statistical sampling called the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 (NLSY’79). Over 155,000 youths were surveyed by phone and 12,686 were finally selected as representative samples to be given an IQ test and then interviewed annually or bi-annually for the rest of their lives to track their progress.

At the time the NLSY’79 IQ test was administered in 1980, the youths were ages 16 through 24. Comparing outcomes for the entire population is misleading because of significant differences in average age (income increases with age) and significant differences in average IQ or ability. Only by comparing racial groups at the same age and ability level can you determine whether race preferences created by the “Civil Rights” laws produce distributive justice, or whether they produce subordination and exploitation of Whites.

All of the NLSY’79 interviewees grew up after the racial preferences were put in place by the Civil Rights acts of 1964 and 1965, and after implementation of massive school redistricting, school bussing, and massive Federal expenditure on Operation Head Start designed to eliminate racially unequal educational outcomes. Thus, we have the ability to test the relative education and incomes of the races at the same age and IQ level after massive Federal intervention and remediation for the supposed purpose of reducing the inequality of the races.

So let us compare the attitudes and assumptions of most Whites to the Federal data.

Median Income – Males

Here we see the results for the top 2% of the population by IQ for males. The top 2% includes all those who have an IQ of 130 or above. As you can see, White males do significantly worse than their competitors.Jews are the only ethnic group which has benefited from or escaped the consequences of the racial preference schemes enacted by our Federal Government.

All other White ethnic origins are grouped together in a very narrow range with outcomes very similar to the overall White gentile average.

So where are the undeserved privileges we hear so much about ??

Here we see the same pattern but with somewhat less dramatic differences between races. But once again, Whites are at the bottom.
Here we see very dramatic differences in median income for the remainder of the top quarter of the population by IQ.So I ask again. Where are the undeserved privileges we hear so much about ??
Below the top 25%, the pattern for males shifts, with White males doing better than Blacks but not as well as Hispanics or Jews. Contrary to popular opinion, race preferences have the greatest impact on White males in the top quarter of the population IQ range – at the highest socioeconomic levels.
Here we see the same pattern, with Hispanic males (the largest minority group) doing significantly better than White males, but with Black males doing marginally worse. We are beginning to see “small sample” effects here as there are only a few Jews in the sample (and relatively few in the Jewish population at large) below the population median IQ.
Same pattern for the bottom quartile of the population by IQ. But note that Hispanic Males earn substantially more income at every IQ level than do White Males of the same IQ.

Median Income – Females

Here we see a familiar pattern for females in the top 2% by IQ. The income differences between racial groups for females are much larger than for males, with White women at the top of the IQ spectrum earning only 30% of what Hispanic females earn at the same IQ level. In a very large sample of over 3000 Blacks, there were no Black females who scored in the top 2% of the population.Undeserved privileges ??
Here we see the same dramatic occupational and pay discrimination against White females in the top 10% of the IQ spectrum. It is clear that the statutory inclusion of “women” as a protected class under “civil rights” laws is just eyewash and a diversion intended to focus white female anger at White males rather than upon the real threat to their economic well being, a threat which is obviously race based – and not sex based.Political confrontation is necessary in order to achieve fair outcomes in a multi-racial society.Where are the undeserved privileges we hear so much about ??
We get the same pattern for the remainder of the top quarter, but with a “small sample” effect for the Jewish females in that IQ group. Because the White, Hispanic and Black samples are so large, a snapshot of incomes in any given survey year would produce the same patterns you see in these charts. However, because the Jewish sample is relatively small, these charts take the highest reported income for each individual in each interview year to get the most accurate picture for each group through 1996 – a time when the participants are still relatively young and before the sample decays significantly due to drop outs.We also include Whites and Jews from the “non-Black, non-Hispanic poverty oversample” because many Jews come from that sample. The Jewish sample stands in sharp contrast to the slightly larger Asian sample which has far too low an average IQ to be considered representative, and is not used in these charts.

For purposes of these income charts, all persons who failed to take the IQ test, and all persons who did not report earning an income for any survey year up through 1996 were excluded.

Here, the experience for White females begins to deviate dramatically from White males, as White females in the lower IQ groups earn significantly less than their racial competitors at the same IQ levels.
While White men in this IQ category do reasonably well compared with their racial competitors at the same IQ level, White females do dramatically worse. Ironically, opinion polls show that White females generally support the race preference schemes that we euphemistically call “affirmative action,” perhaps because White females are entirely unaware of this data.
Again, the same pattern but with only one Jewish woman in the sample with an IQ in the bottom 24% of the population. If we were to deduce the purpose of the race preference system in the United States based on outcomes – as opposed to wishful thinking and proclaimed intentions – it would be to exploit White females from top to bottom. A secondary purpose of the race preference system in the United States would be to disadvantage and displace White males at the top of the ability and IQ spectrum.
Those of you who are awake and alert may have noticed in the above series of income slides that median income for White women is less than for White men at the same age and IQ level. However, most of the White females in the NLSY’79 sample marry, and as you will note from this chart, when the husband and wife’s incomes are added together (R+S), White females do better than White males at all IQ levels except the top 2%. A comparison of the black with blue bars gives you a comparison of Male and Female only income, while a comparison of the yellow bars with the red bars gives you a comparison of Male and Female family income.This chart shows that a prudent marriage is just as important in year 2000 as it was back in 1815 when Jane Austen wrote her famous novels such as “Pride and Prejudice.”

“R” stands for “respondent” or survey participant, while R+S stands for respondent and spouse. The median income for R+S includes those who never married and those now divorced, thus lowering the difference between single and family incomes in the slide.

Education – A mind is a terrible thing to waste!!

A complex society needs high IQ people to administer its activities and to solve its problems. Thus, everyone in the top 2% IQ group should go college and receive at least a 4 year degree, and the overwhelming majority should receive graduate and professional degrees. As you can see, in contrast to their racial competitors, nearly 15% of White gentiles in this top IQ group fail to get a 4 year degree.Again, Whites in this top IQ group do worse than those in competing racial groups.So much for White over-representation on campuses.
Drilling down into the nearly 15% of Whites in the top 2% IQ group who do not get 4 year degrees, we see that nearly 9% of Whites at that IQ get a High School diploma only with no college. A bright mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste, and it is the bright White gentile minds that are being denied educational opportunities at significant costs to our country. This chart, and the preceding one suggest that there would be no need for the H-1b visas for foreign engineers, programmers and doctors if the abilities of so many talented, high IQ White gentiles were not being overlooked or excluded from appropriate educational opportunities.Indeed, it is only the existence of the H-1b visas that limits the horrific costs of this waste of high IQ talent and permits its continuance. H-1b visas are necessary to the scheme which you so clearly see in these charts to displace and subordinate high IQ White males.
With the exception of the above chart, all charts in this section on 4 year degrees include all those who go on and receive graduate and professional degrees.
A-hah!! Here we begin to see evidence of genuine undeserved privilege in terms of admissions and grading that lead to 4 year degrees for those in the 75th to 89th percentile IQ group. Notice how much better Jews do than those groups entitled to explicit racial preference.
Still more evidence of genuine undeserved privilege.
In this chart we see compelling evidence of actual undeserved privilege as opposed to the propaganda version that is so widely preached in our Universities. We also see compelling evidence of a “back door” to college admission which must be operating for those who, while not entitled to explicit preferences, nevertheless seem to do much better at these lower IQ’s than the racial groups that are entitled to explicit preferences.There is, at best, only marginal utility for society in having people from this IQ group to receive a college education. However, there may be significant individual benefit if a degree is required for a job in government or the non-profit sector of the economy, but only if the individuals know in advance that they will have connections in those bureaucracies willing to prefer them for such jobs.
Graduate and Professional
No surprises in this top IQ group. The chart merely continues a pattern seen in the charts for undergraduate degrees.
Again, no surprises in this IQ group that rounds out the top 10%.
As expected, the greatest preferences are going to show up in the IQ group which can only provide marginal candidates for PhD degrees. The surprise is the percentage of Jews in what, for them, is a lower IQ group – more than doubling the percentage of White gentiles.
We switch now to professional degrees – doctor, lawyer, dentist, etc. – and, as you can see, Jews more than double the percentage of professional degrees achieved by Hispanics and Whites.
In the remainder of the top 10% of our population by IQ a lower percentage of Whites attain professional degrees than do Hispanics, Blacks and Jews – a clear consequence of race preferences – explicit preferences in the case of Blacks and Hispanics and preferences by administrators exercising their administrative discretion for Jews (the back door).
It is in the remainder of the top quartile below the top ten percent mark that we see dramatic evidence of discrimination in favor of the constituent groups within the racial extortion coalition and against White gentiles. And once again, the big surpise is that Jews in this IQ range attain three times the percentage of professional degrees as White gentiles in the same IQ range. It would appear that those who rail most loudly about “undeserved privilege” are sneaking in the back door.
In the previous slides in this section on education no distinction has been made as to the quality of the degrees or credentials received. We shift gears now and examine Harvard University. As you can see, the chart excludes a very large group of Asians, Arabs, North Africans, and North American Indians. The table sets forth data from reliable sources published prior the first internet exposure of this under-representation. Since that time, Harvard’s racial and ethnic reports have fallen victim to a variant of the Heisenberg principle, namely that reports of politically sensitive demographic data seem to change rapidly once the data are observed. Harvard is now reporting much higher percentages of “Whites” but steadfastly refuses to define precisely what it means. Does Harvard’s notion of who is “White” include students from India, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey, for example?For purposes of this slide we took Harvard’s 1996 report of “Whites” and subtracted Hillel’s report of Jews in attendance to determine the number of White gentiles.
It is clear that Jewish birth rates are so low that the numbers of Jews admitted to Harvard must be in decline in the 21st Century. However, until Harvard stops hiding the ball, their new data can only be greeted with continuing suspicion. After all this is a University in which Jewish Professor Noel Ignatiev publicly calls for the “liquidation of the White Race” and he clearly means the liquidation of White gentiles only. That viewpoint must be popular with the overwhelmingly non-White student body or it would not be tolerated.
We see a similar pattern of under representation in the top 15 universities as ranked by U.S. News and World Report using data from Hillel and Princeton Review.
Finally we see that the NLSY’79 made the mistake of asking about financial aid received in 1984. The results were so embarrassing that they never asked that survey question again. The chart shows scholarship grants or tuition reductions only, and does not include loans or work study (which really is no aid at all). The chart includes only those in the top 10% IQ group – where the case for financial aid is most compelling. As you can see, on average American colleges are lying when they say that they provide more aid to students in poverty than to those from middle and upper income families. It is only Hispanics and Blacks in poverty status who get more than middle class students of the same race.The discrepancy for Jews may be attributable to the level of support available from the very well funded Jewish charities.
Regarding the above chart on financial aid, high IQ among the poor is overwhelmingly a White gentile phenomenon, and it is these students who get less financial aid than middle class White gentiles. It is a huge and highly destructive waste of talent. Percents on the Y axis are expressed as decimal fractions of the number one.

Wealth Accumulation

The slide opposite shows the average net worth of survey participants in each racial group in the top 2% by IQ, and here we begin to see the sources of Jewish power. There is a data field in which survey participants report their net worth, and a data field for each type of asset – stocks, bonds, houses, rental real estate, business interests, etc., as well as a field for each type of debt – mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, margin and business debts. An overwhelming number of participants seriously under-report their net worth, and so the slides in this section were prepared by summing the individual asset data fields and then summing and subtracting the debt data fields for each participant for each interview year, and then taking the highest year’s net worth for each individual.Note that the data ends with the 1996 interview year in which the oldest participants were 41 years old, before the effects of inheritance would become significant and before the stock market boom of the late nineties made it easy for those in the right place at the right time to become wealthy.

Thus, the income and wealth charts reflect early career rewards for individual effort and connections.

It is in the remainder of this top 10% that we see the real source of political power in the U.S. as well as a compelling reason why Jews are favored for admission to private universities. They are far more likely to become wealthy alumni and contribute generously to the university endowment. Note that Hispanics have a higher net worth than Whites in this IQ category.
Outside of the top 10% by IQ, the difference between Jews and other racial groups – while still substantial – decreases. Note in particular the relatively low wealth accumulation by Blacks at this IQ level, a level at which the most strenuous effects of preferences in their favor are seen in the charts above. Could this lack of savings be caused by a sense that saving is unneccessary because of the safety net that preferences provide to Blacks in this IQ range?
At this second quartile IQ level, wealth most probably consistes mostly of housing rather than savings. But we may also be witnessing lower wealth levels as a measure of present orientation rather than future orientation. You will notice that the average net worth for Whites is remarkably similar from the top down to the 50th percentile by IQ. High IQ does not seem to confer the same wealth accumulation advantage to Whites as it does Jews. When contrasted with the advantage that high IQ confers upon White median income, this suggests that Whites are motivated by visible status markers and only to a much lesser degree by the power of savings and wealth which is largely invisible to their neighbors and co-workers.If you look carefully, you will notice that high IQ does confer a significant advantage in wealth accumulation on Hispanics.

The Big Picture

Opposite is a chart showing the distribution of the Jewish, Black, Hispanic and White survey populations arrayed by percentage of that population in each 5% IQ decrement beginning with the top 5% at the front left of the slide and the bottom 5% at the right rear. Looking at this chart, is is obvious that only one group within the racial extortion coalition has the capacity to strategize, finance, lead and administer that system. However, such a conclusion would not be obvious absent the preceding slides which show how well that group has prospered under the system they created. In addition you can see that racial harmony will be impossible to achieve in the United States, as the Black and Hispanic populations are overwhelmingly concentrated in the bottom half of the IQ spectrum and will always be unhappy with their status. The constituent characteristics of those two groups are far too different for assimilation to be successful.In addition, it is criminal for Hollywood to be encouraging young Whites to interbreed with those two groups absent full and honest disclosure of the IQ distributions of those groups and the potential consequence to mixed race offspring.
In this slide, the Y axis is the average number of children, and as you can see from the completed Black fertility rates, Blacks in the top half of the IQ spectrum are way below replacement averaging around 1.3 children per woman. It is only in the bottom quartile, those with IQs below 85 that the Black population is slightly above replacement. Thus, the Black population in the U.S. is facing demographic catastrophe as differential birth rates by IQ render that population less and less competent with every generation. This fertility pattern guarantees ever escalating demands for more preferences and more wealth transfers from the White population. This group is destined to continue serving as the permanently aggrieved political ally of a tiny and alien elite exploiting the White gentile majority.Racial harmony is doomed.

And with the Pew Foundation and other “charities” stirring up race hatred among Hispanics, they too will begin to serve the same political function.

Opposite is a very important chart which shows that White gentiles who are unaware of their European ethnic origins have lower median incomes than do all whites in the IQ category. NLSY’79 does not poll participants for their views on race, but this data suggests that caring enough about ones ethnic origins to be aware of them is a marker of high status relative to those deracinated, atomized individuals who do not care enough to know about their roots. The chart strongly suggests that racial awareness is a marker of high status and the racial complacency, a marker of low status.
Here we see that White fertility in all IQ groups is below replacement and that birthrates of White women in the top half of the IQ spectrum are at catastrophic levels. With far fewer high IQ Whites available in future generations, the slide of the U.S., into third world status will be rapid by historical standards, but slow and painful for the individuals involved. An increasing danger will be the prospect of high IQ White youth leaving the U.S. and emigrating to those countries in Europe with the highest birthrates at the upper end of the IQ spectrum, the lowest support costs for low IQ brown skinned minorities, and a governing elite that shares White racial kinship with its native population.
Even if one tried, it would be hard to design a more socially and politically unstable society than the one you see in the slide opposite. Our elites who control the media and the Democratic party are well aware of the potential for volatility and conflict within this unfortunate racial and ethnic construct. That is why the elite enforces the private system of censorship so vigorously in the U.S. and desperately pounds into our heads the moral imperative of tolerance toward this volatile and ultimately doomed mix. Thus far, the White population has been willing to concede substantial economic and educational advantages to untalented racial groups that feel aggrieved in order to buy peace, while remaining oblivious to the costs and the escalating burdens as Whites fall into minority status.If whites are doing this badly now, what hope will they have in the U.S. once they become a minority?
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