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American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 1, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

LATER ON TODAY’s program I’ll be bringing you important news about the future of the National Alliance. But first let’s talk about race and “racism” — about doing the right thing in life — about why we’re here on planet Earth, and why the National Alliance exists in the first place.

* * *

THE WORD “racism” has been turned into a synonym for evil. But if racism only means having racial feelings — a feeling of kinship with your racial brothers and sisters, a feeling of understanding and belonging, a feeling of being part of a culture, a part of something bigger than ourselves — then perhaps we need another word. That feeling of kinship, which some prefer to call racialism or racial loyalty, has no connection to the “hate” or persecution or enslavement that have come to be associated with the term. (In fact, there’s evidence that the word “racism” was coined specifically to demonize Whites who want to continue to exist.)

Racial feelings are inborn in us. They are good and natural. And it is one of this century’s most horrible deceptions to paint them as somehow “wrong.” If you want to call our normal racial feelings “racism,” then so be it. For the sake of argument, we’ll call those feelings “racism” for the moment. (ILLUSTRATION: Will Williams, right, and Kevin Alfred Strom)

As long as there are races there will be racism. It is inborn, has an evolutionary purpose and survival value, and is even present in non-human species. Racial feelings are about as likely to disappear as are sexual feelings.

Actually, racism is good and necessary for the continued branching off of new types of human beings from the existing stocks. Evolution is made possible by such branching, and racial feelings are an important part of what keeps the branches apart. At some point, Homo sapiens sapiens refused to breed with the sub-men around him.

Mallards and wood ducks can interbreed, and may even do so under certain freak conditions. But the mentality of these birds, even when they live in the same territory, makes them shun the other type. The branches, once one, are now separate for all time.

Most Whites — even most liberal Whites — instinctively choose Whites as neighbors, school mates, and life mates. This is good and natural and really has nothing at all to do with the emotion of hate. Evolution, branching, and separation have brought about all the wonderful diversity of creation that we see around us. It is Nature’s way. It is God’s way. And virtually all of natural history is testament to the natural preference of species, subspecies, and races to cleave to their own kind.

It is only by acknowledging the wisdom of our racial feelings that the wonderful qualities of our race can be preserved. Our society once protected (admittedly in an imperfect way) the gene pool that produced Da Vinci, Aristotle, Mozart, Beethoven, and the builders of the Saturn V rocket. It does not do so any longer. The multiculturalists and multiracialists are in the ascendant in the West and promulgate a moral paradigm in which defense of our gene pool is evil (“racist”). This, in my view, is destructive, even genocidal. We in the National Alliance take the precisely opposite view: The protection of our racial uniqueness and furtherance of our racial progress should be the fundamental purposes of our society; the racial integrity that our nations once stood for implicitly should be made explicit and enshrined as our highest law.

White Americans — and Whites around the world — are, in increasing numbers, beginning to see themselves (again) as a people with a common history and common interests and values. Whites instinctively feel a kinship that they do not feel with Semites, Africans, Asians, or Australoids. They inwardly respond to Beethoven as they cannot respond to the call from the Minaret or the beat of African drums. They are inspired by the Gothic spires of Germany and Spain, the Parthenon, the Pantheon, and the Arch of Titus; but the Wailing Wall, the altars of the Incas, and the cryptic tribal art on the walls of the New York subway system, fascinating though they may be, remain alien.

The fact that other races see us as one people, and at times attack us as one people, aids this process of rising racial consciousness. European Americans are awakening, and we are starting to take charge of our own destiny again.

Such is the way that peoples and nations are formed. Such is the way of Nature. And the screams from the ivory towers of the academic elite will not stop this process.

One of the latest hysterical screams from the academic left is the claim that the White race simply does not exist, that there is no such thing and never has been. A large number of degreed whores of Academe say so — but then they also think that Jackson Pollack can be taken seriously.

There is a political agenda behind the “there is no such thing as the White race” malarkey, and it exposes itself every time the obvious corollary is stated: If there is no such thing as the White race, then there is no collective responsibility for the real and imagined sins it committed against the equally imaginary African, Amerind, and other races which stand impatiently in the handout lines for what’s left of the tax money after the bureaucrats have taken their cut.

No more affirmative action — races do not exist! No more “Holocaust” reparations — races do not exist! No more “diversity” training — races do not exist! Oh, that would never do. It is only the White race which does not — cannot — exist. It cannot exist, because if its existence were admitted, then the genocide which is now being practiced against it would become immediately obvious. And even a few honest liberals might pale at that and spoil the whole show.

The multiracialists have painted themselves into a corner. What to do? Probably just mumble that the “oppressed” groups are “peoples,” “nations,” or something of the sort. And they will hope that Whites never wake from their stupor and coalesce into a “people” just as conscious of its interests and destiny as, say, the Jews.

What a different world that would be. If it is illegitimate morally and untenable scientifically for Whites to organize on the basis of a perceived common race or ethnicity (or even to claim that their race exists), then surely the same would hold true for Jews and Blacks.

Perhaps one day “liberal” true believers will wake up and discover that nothing exists. That is the end of the road for their mode of thinking. The verb “to be” is anathema to them. The thought that there might be an absolute reality outside themselves, a reality which is what it is regardless of their wishes, theories, hopes, daydreams, or decrees is as intolerable to them as it is to a two-year-old. Believe it or not, they have even developed a language (called “e-prime”) — a version of English which eschews completely the verb “to be.”

“Liberals” are very suggestible, and are really the victims of, not the originators of, the “race does not exist, but some races must be favored” swindle. It is convenient to demonize and dehumanize people that you are going to commit genocide upon. And it is easier to commit genocide when you convince your henchmen that the victims really don’t exist. That is what the “White race does not exist” con is really all about. It is a warrant for genocide.

Another lie which the academic elite rams down the throats of our children on a daily basis is that their technique of genocide — racial mixing — is really good for us because it brings “hybrid vigor.”

Hybrid vigor refers to exceptional growth which sometimes manifests itself when scientists cross or hybridize strains of plants or animals experimentally. Hybrid vigor signifies nothing in terms of the human genius needed to create and sustain a civilization. Where it exists, such as in corn or apple trees, it usually peters out after a few generations.

A far more important concept in the crossing of human races is “regression to the mean.” This means that even if you mate a Negro genius with a White person the offspring are, on average, likely to exhibit Negroid characteristics more typical of the average Negro, and not necessarily of that particular Black genius, and this is even more true of succeeding generations.

Regression to the mean in the case of interbreeding with Africans means regression to the African mean, with Asians to the Asian mean. Neither holds out promise of raising the level of the extreme upper part of our bell curve — rather the opposite. The other races have mixed with Europeans, and everywhere the results are, to say the least, unimpressive. They have nothing to offer us.

Some advocates of racial mixing point to areas where the other races are superior to Whites: Blacks in athletic ability, Asians in social unity, etc. But we cannot (yet) select such characteristics, especially when you are talking about random interbreeding as advocated by liberals and Communists. In the long run you will get random combinations of the different characteristics, most of which will not be superior. You will get regression to the mean. For such a questionable experiment, you would destroy one of Nature’s creatures? Would you force bald eagles and fish eagles to mate? Lions and tigers?

The European race has all the diversity it needs for health and further evolutionary development. It is a moral and environmental crime of the highest order to destroy it by breaking down all its defenses against interbreeding.

The academic whores and shills who call for genocide are always prating about how we can’t say for sure how much of our intelligence and our civilization is genetically determined and how much is caused by environment. (They used to say that it was all environmental, but the evidence is too contrary, so they’ve given up on that score.)

But I say to them — even you admit that you don’t know that our unmatched civilization is not the result of our genetic makeup. If it is, and you obliterate that unique genetic code, do you realize the enormity of what you have done?

Whites should be allowed to re-erect their traditional barriers against mating and social contact with non-Whites in order to preserve our kind. Anything else is genocide.

I can hear the academic genocide-justifiers coming out of their holes and whispering to our young people — “There is only one race — the human race. We are all one species.”

There is a great deal of debate on species boundaries. The question has been raised: Should the races be treated as separate species, or just subspecies of the same species? They certainly vary enough for subspecies classification. After all, some species of mammals differ so little that a human observer cannot tell them apart. (Two species of Siberian hamsters come to mind. Among these two species a scent, discernible only to the hamsters and laboratory instruments, is the main difference and the means by which the female chooses a mate of the correct species.) The position that there are no subspecies among men — that they do not even exist — is indeed a novel one. It would imply that the Australoid, the Capoid, and the European, each developing separately for at least one hundred thousand years and possessing startling physical differences, are not only the same species but must be defined as the same subspecies. No one can scientifically defend such a thesis.

I cannot speak for anyone else, but in my eyes the European race, imperfect as it may be, is a race of light and beauty. It is the race of Shelley and Keats and Poe and Shakespeare, the race of the Parthenon and Chartres Cathedral and Stonehenge, the race of Mozart and Beethoven and Liszt and Brahms, the race of Vermeer and Raphael and Rossetti, the race of Caesar and Alexander and Washington and Jefferson, the race of Ford and Marconi and Goddard and Von Braun and Shockley.

And our race is threatened. Nowhere is our birthrate above replacement level. Everywhere our borders have been opened and the new elite teaches our children that intermarriage is good and desirable. Everywhere the new elite teaches our children that to defend our genetic heritage is the very definition of evil.

The end result, if trends continue, will be genocide. The end result will be death for the uniquely beautiful, intelligent, and creative people called by the name of the goddess Europa.

The moral imperative of all life is to strive for the survival of one’s kind. Don’t let the real haters — the real killers — the real monsters — trick you into believing that our race’s survival is “wrong” or unimportant. Nothing is more important. Nothing is more right. Our survival is essential. And now that you know that, I expect each and every one of you to do the right thing.

(an updated radio version of Mr. Strom’s classic essay, Facing Racial Realities)

* * *

There is great progress this week as we build White community. Will Williams, the Director of the National Alliance, has just been named chairman of the still-existing (though moribund) National Alliance corporation, with its headquarters in West Virginia, as well as of National Vanguard Books and the Cosmotheist Community Church. As we gain strength over the coming months, these entities will be moribund no longer. Putting personal and tactical differences aside, and seeking concord instead of lawyer-enriching conflict, Director Williams has advanced our White community immeasurably.

This development is of great practical and spiritual significance, and I’ll be talking more about it on these airwaves soon. Suffice it to say today that the land that Dr. Pierce purchased in the beautiful hills of West Virginia is now ours, once again under the control of those who were and are loyal to the mission that he laid out for us. The precious historical archives and records, both digital and paper, of the works and correspondence of Dr. Pierce and many others are now ours in the physical and every other sense of the word, once again under the control of men and women loyal to that mission. The record of a quarter century of my own life’s work is now once again in our possession — as are the art works and personal possessions that Dr. Pierce loved. The invaluable research and historical library, consisting of thousands of books and periodicals, many of them rare and many of them containing notes and commentaries added by Dr. Pierce, are now once again in the service of our racial community. The clouded hills that Dr. Pierce loved are now ours to ascend once again.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance, founded by William Luther Pierce in 1970. This program is published every week at and Please write to us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. We welcome your support, your inquiries, and your help in spreading our message of hope to our people. Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to keep on thinking free.

Listen to the broadcast
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Michael Olanich
Michael Olanich
2 November, 2014 6:49 am

Absolutely wonderful news. It’s great to hear that Mr. Strom will regain most, if not all, of his work from the NA archives that was wrongfully stolen from him. Audio cassettes, essays, books, and artwork that Kevin devoted at least quarter of a century gathering and contributing to the National Alliance under Dr. Pierce.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith
3 November, 2014 3:19 am

I am astounded to see that the old N.A. compound has somehow been “re-acquired.” How was this possible? After this news, I went to the old N.A. web site at to see whether it still existed and what had become of it. It seems to be “preserved” like an ant in amber…with the former chairman’s last broadcast from two years ago still posted.

Accordingly, my second question is this: when will the old web site be updated?

Will Williams
Will Williams
3 November, 2014 5:13 pm

Mr. Smith, we are in the process of having and domains, passwords, etc. transferred from Erich Gliebe to me. They both will be revised, updated and reactivated in short order. We will need some time to bring content up to our standards. As for how we managed to get the Alliance back from Erich Gliebe, let’s say we were well-positioned once the disgruntled NARRG faction sued Mr. Gliebe & Co. so aggressively, spending over $20,000 so far to lawyers who care nothing for our Alliance. Once they started threatening to come after me when they finished with Gliebe, Mr. Gliebe reached out to me for advice, which I gave to him. That was back in January of this year. One thing led to another and Gliebe made clear… Read more »

3 November, 2014 7:21 pm

Same way you can not ignore the Laws of Gravity, you can not ignore our Creator’s (or Nature’s–take your pick) laws regarding the reality of race. Pretend all you like that racial differences don’t exist, deep down even in the most hardened racial reality “deniers'” minds, they are reminded that it does and is manifested by where they choose to buy a home and what schools they send their children to. “Closet racists” I call them! Ignoring the laws of gravity will injure you and can even cost you your life, so will ignoring the iron clad laws regarding the Reality of Race. Standing up for White people’s rights, interests, etc. and not failing to emphasize race and racial differences when it matters when, for example, discussing matters such as… Read more »

3 November, 2014 7:36 pm

“Hybrid vigor”

One need look no further than Central and South America to see all the “hybrid vigor” that exists there to see it is a recipe for disaster and something not to be promoted or desired!


C.E. Whiteoak
C.E. Whiteoak
3 November, 2014 9:23 pm

Just now got around to listening to the broadcast of Nov. 1st, and of course the best part was the great news at the end. Actually, I already knew thanks to a link Will posted on Stormfront on Friday, but good news always bears hearing more than once!

It is highly gratifying to know that the most impressive White Nationalist organization of modern times has been returned to competent and able hands.

Congratulations Kevin and Will and everyone else involved in bringing about this most remarkable legal victory.

May the National Alliance prosper and its influence expand throughout the White world to a waking audience.

Will Williams
Will Williams
4 November, 2014 3:09 pm

Thank you, C.E. Whiteoak! I don’t know what to think of Stormfront right now. That thread you mention that I posted to the Sustaining Members semi-private subforum has been locked twice already due to the usual flames by the usual anti-NA disruptors. We’ve come to expect that. But now I learn that the entire Cosmotheist Philosophy thread has disappeared. That’s where we’ve been posting each week’s ADV broadcast each Saturday morning for Stormfronters’ convenience and enlightenment. I just posted something about that here:

S. Nygaard
S. Nygaard
6 November, 2014 12:41 am

Good work, Kevin. This was an excellent broadcast to say the least! I was (unfortunately) a Sustaining Member at Stormfront until this past week. I have abandoned my account there due to the upheaval witnessed in the above mentioned thread. In the words of Jack Boot himself before locking the thread, “We fail to see how the interests of White Nationalism can be served by endorsing Kevin as leadership. There is no podium for him here.” If there is no podium for Strom at Stormfront then certainly there is no podium for me. Additionally disturbing was Glacier/Scott’s admitted deep trust that he invests in the American judicial system and it’s apparently divine judgements. This man is little more than a useless, obese, pill-popper… addicted to narcotic-based painkillers churning out useless… Read more »

S. Nygaard
S. Nygaard
6 November, 2014 4:25 am

* Update – The thread in Ideology and Philosophy where a new user (“stikky”, I believe) poses the question ‘Is The National Alliance Back?’ and Mr. Williams responds has now been completely removed.

Will Williams
Will Williams
6 November, 2014 6:09 pm

@ S. Nygaard: I’ll be seeing Jack Boot and Don Black this weekend at their E. TN Stormfront seminar and the issues you raise will be discussed with them.

Jack Boot, a former Alliance member, to his credit, reopened the Sustaining Members thread you mention a *third time*, apparently, today: He makes a post that’s complimentary to me, then other Stormfronters weigh in with their usual negative comments. The thread I link to in my earlier comment, above, however — Is the National Alliance Back? — has also been removed altogether now like that important Cosmotheist Philosophy thread that went missing. If enough people vote with their feet as you have done, Stormfront may rethink it’s silly policy against our Alliance.

6 November, 2014 8:52 pm

What’s happening with Stormfront. I replied on the thread asking how we can stay updated on NA…..and my post and thread are gone.

8 November, 2014 9:13 am

This is great news and I wish the revived NA all the best of luck. I credit the Pierce led NA of the 90’s for my racial education and it clearly stood above the rest at that time and hopefully will again under the leadership of Will Williams, Strom and others.

I do recommend that when the dust settles that Chairman Williams consider writing a weekly article addressing current events and historical topics much like Pierce did with ADV broadcasts.

15 September, 2021 7:59 am

The description of any definable thing as ‘non-existent’ is always a euphemism for the prescription of a genocide and it is only the mongrel Juden cultists who think every other race, ours in particular, should not exist.