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William Pierce: America the Sleepwalker and The Trouble With People


Two newly-digitized speeches by William L. Pierce released to commemorate his birth

by Michael Olanich

TODAY IS a day of remembrance. For most of us, it is a remembrance of the 3,000 people who perished needlessly in the terror attacks of 9/11/2001. We in the National Alliance remember this day for another reason as well: It is the birthday of perhaps the greatest American racial-nationalist of the 20th Century, William Pierce (pictured). To celebrate this day, we are officially publishing for the first time in digital form two important speeches by Dr. Pierce, America the Sleepwalker and The Trouble With People.

William Luther Pierce was a man of both great words and great acts. He lived a life worthy of the lines in the ancient Norse Havamal concerning “the fame of a dead man’s deeds.”

National Alliance Media Director Kevin Alfred Strom says of these speeches, which he originally archived for Dr. Pierce in cassette form in the 1980s: “America the Sleepwalker was originally recorded at a National Alliance meeting in Arlington, Virginia on May 22, 1977. It serves as a wake-up call to Americans mired in materialism and in reality-denial, showing us that the plight in which we find ourselves is very real and may well be fatal, and that only our own awakening and strong action can save us. The Trouble With People, recorded on November 7, 1977, analyzes the true motivations of human action, reason and instinct, and shows a path to success in motivating and recruiting others to our cause.

“In these speeches, Dr. Pierce speaks again and again from a Cosmotheist perspective, giving the lie to those who claim that he was insincere in his religious beliefs. He emphasized, for example, ‘an understanding and an acceptance of our great Truth, which is that there is but one Reality, and that Reality is the Whole,’ and ‘the force pushing us onward in our task is the eternal and irresistible Life Force… It’s the upward driving force of the Creator seeking self-completion and it cannot be stopped.”

Below are the links to the audio version of the speeches; the transcribed text versions will be published tomorrow.

As I digitize and publish these speeches today, I remember and honor Dr. William Pierce.

America the Sleepwalker by William Pierce
The Trouble With People by William Pierce

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