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My House Fell Down Today

DSCN16451-1024x768_crop…am I an isopterophobe?

by H. Millard


My house fell down today. Now I’m out on the street with my family. We’re not alone; all of my neighbors’ houses have also fallen down and we’re all out here wondering what we can do next. Our government has turned its back on us. Your house may be next, because all across America they’re falling down now and the government that is supposed to be of, by, and for the citizens of this nation is cheapening citizenship by putting the non-citizen house destroyers on the same level as citizens.

It all started when a couple of termites moved into my house. Oh, they had no right to come in, but they said they were just looking for better lives for themselves in my house. They also said they would have stayed where they were before but things weren’t so great there. Seems all the houses were falling down. Well, I’m a compassionate guy — so I let them in. Then, more came and more and more and more. Finally, when I decided I had to do something about them, they told me that if I tried to get rid of them Jesus wouldn’t like it and besides they had a right to be there because, well, they were living creatures just like me. And, one even told me “Su casa es mi casa.”

Just before my house collapsed, the termites were marching up and down the street screaming that I was a “speciesist” and that they had a right to be in my house “because we all bleed blood” or bodily fluids of some color or other, and because we’re all living things and God loves us all and God hates fences and borders. How they knew what God likes and doesn’t like is beyond me, but, hey, what the hell. I think they may have gotten the God talk from Hillary Clinton or the other liberals who all seem to have discovered God this week. And, by golly, it turns out that God is a liberal. Yup. He loves illegal aliens and gay marriages and abortions and politicians who bonk interns. The other guy, the Devil, well, he’s a conservative.

When I tried to point out to my neighbors that the termites were the cause of our houses starting to lean over, some of them chastised me and told me that I shouldn’t make such broad statements and that not all termites were a problem. Besides, the termites were just doing work that we wouldn’t do. Also, there might be other reasons for the houses leaning over. Instead of pointing fingers at our fellow living creatures, said my neighbors, we should simply prop up our houses. After all, we don’t want to be called isopterophobes. “You’re not an isopterophobe are you Joe?” asked one squinty-eyed neighbor who was standing there with his cardigan draped across his shoulders.

I argued that it wasn’t my responsibility to have to try to sort out the good termites from the bad termites and that, since they were all in my house illegally, they should all just leave and that it was absurd to have to prop up my house while not getting to the root of the problem. After all, it was my house. I paid for it by doing jobs that Americans wouldn’t do. Few listened to me.

So there you have it. That’s how my house fell down.

Meanwhile, the newspapers are saying that 500,000 illegal aliens and their supporters marched in Los Angeles recently to protest our laws. The only thing that this demonstrated is that when you look the other way as criminals are filling up a city, that eventually they’ll demand that your laws not be obeyed and that their unwritten laws be the new way things are to be done.

Go conduct a poll in any prison and ask the prisoners and the guards if all the prisoners should be let loose. Guess who will win the poll? You’ll probably also have some prisoners telling you that you should give them dignity because they’re human beings and that Jesus wants them to be let loose. If the President and Congress are influenced by the illegal alien advocates on our streets, there may be hope for the criminals in our prisons to also get their way. Hey, it’s all about who can shout the loudest and turn out to march and protest, right? We’re not a nation of laws. That’s an old-fashioned Father Knows Best concept.

California Senator Barbara Boxer is now saying, out of one side or her mouth, that our borders should be protected. But, out of the other side of her mouth she’s saying that once people are able to get into this country, we should educate and medicate them and treat them as though they’re not criminals. You know, because they’re just here for better lives and to work. So, if a burglar breaks into Boxer’s home and then does some lawful things while inside, we should forget about the initial crime? And, if a murderer helps old ladies cross the street, that should excuse his murders?

I guess I’m not very bright and maybe I’ve got this all wrong, but I just can’t see why citizens who have worked hard to make our homes, our neighborhoods and our nation nice should have to have it ruined by those who won’t play by our rules and who think they have a right to ruin what we’ve built. I mean, don’t we as citizens have certain rights to go along with the responsibilities the government asks us to shoulder? Aren’t we, as members of the club, the ones who our government should be listening to?

Isn’t a great country built from the ground up by citizens holding up their end of the bargain, playing by the rules, and by maintaining the fabric of society? What happens when millions don’t uphold the law — when millions flaunt the law — when millions don’t uphold their end of the bargain — when millions don’t play by the rules — when millions don’t maintain the fabric of society? Isn’t a nation, just as is the case with a single house, built on a strong foundation — one citizen or one brick at a time — and isn’t the whole endangered if that foundation doesn’t hold up the house?

The U.S. is becoming a lawless nation run by, or influenced by, criminals — to the detriment of law-abiding citizens. What we’re starting to see more and more clearly is that the U.S. today is becoming a far larger and newer version of Chicago in the ’20s, or Tombstone before Wyatt Earp. Corruption in government high and low, an underground economy, bribes, cheating, lying, a pervasive anti-social attitude and a belief that you should get whatever you can by whatever means you want and screw everyone else, are now a common part of post-American America.

The U.S. is truly at a crossroads. I know we’ve all heard that expression so many times before that it is easy to discount it now, but this really is one of those moments. The U.S. has been invaded by millions of non-citizens and they are destroying the American way of life. Citizens are being attacked and killed on the streets and in their homes by illegal aliens who then flee back to their own nations. Our government is doing virtually nothing to protect citizens.

There are so many illegal aliens here now that they aren’t even bothering to hide in the shadows as they demand that they be given rights like those of citizens. Rights? They’re illegal aliens. They’re non-citizens. They should be deported.

(© 2006 H. Millard)

* * *

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