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Putin and Snowden

Putin on Snowden: a free man

by Kevin Alfred Strom

VLADIMIR PUTIN HAS offered Edward Snowden asylum in Russia only on condition that he stop harming the interests of “our partners,” the US, by continuing to talk. Leaving aside the fact that Snowden may have already done all the significant talking he can do anyway, here are my thoughts:

I do think Putin’s playing a word game here, trying to make it sound like he’s not opposing every move of the Washington regime — which he is. He won’t extradite Snowden, despite massive US pressure. He arranged for Snowden to meet with Russian diplomats to facilitate his finding a country of asylum. He refers to Snowden as a “free man” and implies that he is doing noble work, and openly hopes he can find a new home. Putin says he will make sure that Snowden can travel freely from Russia to any country he chooses. (Contrast this with Britain’s treatment of Julian Assange.) And Snowden is actually in Russia, safe and unharmed. This in a world in which the evil US government was able to pressure Austria yesterday to force the President of Bolivia’s plane to make an involuntary landing so the bastards could “search” it for “fugitive” Snowden. France and Portugal were also bullied into denying that plane the right to be in their airspace.

It’s disappointing that Russia won’t give him unconditional asylum, but, let’s open our eyes — no other country has so far done, or offered to do, anything even close to what Russia is doing now. (Hell, we all know that another truth-teller, Julian Assange, is and was hated by the tyrants in Washington who are just waiting to get their hands on him. What is Russia’s reaction to Assange? They gave him his own television talk show!)

Putin is, rationally, very worried about the US reaction. The US is a deranged, warlike, aggressive, threatening empire with enough nuclear weapons to boil the oceans dry, and, like a wounded, rabid bear, one doesn’t want to antagonize it too much while planning its ultimate downfall.

Snowden threw himself in the middle of power politics for apparently moral reasons (unless you believe Snordelhans’ theory that it’s an internal CIA/NSA feud, and I don’t), and, in power politics, all the players — even the guys we like the best — are maneuvering for maximum advantage at all times, and people get badly hurt every second and lied to every millisecond. Such is life among the higher social primates.

May the gods be with Edward Snowden.

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5 July, 2013 5:48 pm

If Putin gave assylum to Snowden, he did the only right thing. Of course by now, Snowden has spilled the beans and there are none to cause any new fears if such is applicable. On the state level, every country attempts to spy on other countries as spying is the best means to assess the power of the country or to subvert the country. Countries have spies and that is mandatory for their survival. Snowden obviously saw USA as a predator, and that is true, and this predator is harming the human race. As such arresting the extreme predator is healthy for the development of the human race. Snowden’s actions will not make the USA weaker, it will help humanity understand USA and its motives and adjust their interests to… Read more »

ryan h. smith
ryan h. smith
11 December, 2013 3:08 am

Many people are mourning the death of the commy king Nelson Mandela, they’ve spoken to many black South Africans but not any whites. Why, because if they had you would get a much different reaction, no one will say that the death of Apartited was a good thing to keep the blacks from committing a genocide on the white Dutch and British population. Or that South Africa under black rule has become a third-world country just like the rest of the continent. I’m happy that Mandela is dead. that means real hope and a white revolution within South Africa and bring back polices that benefit white people. So like me the National Vanguard should celebrate the death of dictator along the lines of Lenin.

16 December, 2013 4:39 am

I am a white South African and sadly NO, most white South Africans (like their black counterparts) WORSHIP Nelson Mandela as some kind of saint and “father of the nation”.
They are mostly thoroughly brainwashed by the liberal Jewish media. There are very few who are awake like myself. Who remember the stories from their parents about the supermarket bombings and church machine gun massacres conducted by Mandela’s military wing of the ANC. Even the black on black violence and power struggles between black political parties (eg. ANC and IFP) leading up to the first “free” elections.

Those that do remember dare not speak openly about it as we do not have the same freedom of speech as Americans do.

ryan h smith
ryan h smith
17 December, 2013 4:11 am

Fox News anchorette Megyn Kelly had sudden attack of truth on Thursday when she said Santa is white so deal with it. She later apologized and since then it’s been the multi-culturalists duty to portray a multi-race Santa. Listen, I’m a White Aryan Christian Cosmotheist so I celebrate the birth of a White Jesus as well as Aryan Gods that came before him from Atlantis(modern day Japan) and I like the story of Santa Claus for the kids sake and I want him to remain white for generations of Euro-Americans to come. We are in 3 wars, a war on god, a war on Christmas, and a war on the white man by the Zionists on the right, and atheist Bolsheviks on the left. If we are to survive we… Read more »

ryan h smith
ryan h smith
19 December, 2013 4:03 am

So as promised I would like say to you and to all white power groups is that we need to band together. I’m talking KKK, Aryan Circle, WAR, National Vanguard, NSM and others to form a union or board of directors to be not just one for Fuhrer but many Fuhrers to vote on things elect a chairman or CEO to be their figurehead to head the organization those even of the Aryan groups that don’t want to join are with us and our cause or against us. We must vote on things like policy, induction requirements for new members, our own flag, and the name of our organization. It could be the Order after David Lane or Whites Without Boarders (WWB) I recommend the later since it’s really original.… Read more »

andrei todorov
andrei todorov
15 August, 2014 9:33 pm

great thanks for your paper which I discovered today, aug.16 2014 and think it is the best of american media controlled by the murdochs of this world who appoint governments in the uk. Do not allow this to happen in the us.