A New Aryan Prehistory

Are the sources and scholars revered among White nationalists now woefully out of date when it comes to our own people’s earliest times? Sure to be controversial, this essay asks us: Was there a Golden Age when women were predominant and inter-Aryan war virtually unknown?

by Day Brown (pictured)

AS KNOWLEDGEABLE as Professor Oliver, Nietzsche, and so many scholars are from an age when education was at a much higher level, in the intervening years shovels, forensics, magnetometers, dendrochronology, DNA, and even computer analysis of sources reveals that Aryans predate the late Bronze Age mythic war band era by several millennia. We can’t really come to understand our ancestry without examination of a large body of work that’s accumulated in the last 30 years, especially since the fall of the Iron Curtain opened up access to Western research of a huge corpus of knowledge unearthed by Russian and other Eastern Bloc scientists.

To begin with, we, more than any other race, are Neanderthal hybrids [Or, perhaps, merely more closely related to the early common ancestor of both us and the Neanderthals. — Ed.]. Gooch, Neanderthal Legacy, has some daft ideas, but his outline of the facts written in the bones is right on, and is now verified by the Neanderthal (HNS) DNA.

To find out why the HNS disappeared, just show a midwife the much more robust skeleton — and pelvis. A pelvis which cracks open a Cro Magnon pelvis to facilitate birth. Then too, whenever you hybridize, you expect lots of fertile males, but few females because their reproductive system is so complex. So, if Aryans were hybrids, you’d expect fewer mtDNA lines.

Sykes, in The Seven Daughters of Eve, reports Europe has only seven mtDNA lines. (There are scores of such lines among Semites and over 140 so far found in Africa.) Then, too, he says they lived in Europe between 50,000 BP and 10,000 years ago. I note that 50kya, only Neanderthals were living in Europe.

Scholars looking over the Aryan languages found many words related to fresh-water bodies and life forms, but none for the marine environment. This was confusing, because the dendochronology shows Aryan timber frame construction has been going on in SE Europe for 8,000 years, with a vast mercantile empire from the salt mines at Hallstaat and Salzburg down the Danube to the world’s first plank-hulled fishing fleet.

Everything points to the west end of the Black Sea except the Aryan language, which, according to computer analysis of the vocabulary, only refers to fresh water. “Did the Proto-Indo-European Priesthood Commit Treason in the Era of PIE Unity?” by Oswald and Ballantine is another masterpiece of scholarship. (This despite the oxymoronic “Indo-“: Aryan was never spoken in India, but one form, a proto-Sanskrit, was introduced by late Bronze Age warriors and the commercial Brahman elite.)

Looking through the record and noting the rate at which language evolves, they see some great catastrophe in the middle sixth millennium BC. I’ve not been able to locate the software, but they calculated there was a remarkable series of total solar eclipses between 5500-5600 BC. Since then (1988), Ryan and Pitman explained some of the basis for the myths of the period in their Noah’s Flood. If you pull up bottom cores from the Black Sea, you find that under the marine mud, there’s a layer of land grasses preserved by the anaerobic conditions — a layer having C-14 dates of around 5600 BC. They say the post-Ice-Age sea levels were rising, and then spilled over to open up the Bosporus, with a force 100 times greater than Niagara — filling the then-freshwater Euxine lake with salt water, and also causing a well known Aryan diaspora taking their freshwater nomenclature with them.

Naturally, many sought higher ground in or near the Transylvanians, where they found Chalcocite, a very pretty mineral — fool’s gold is one form, but other iridescent types of green, slate, and yellow exist. One other thing we find they took with them is female leadership.

J.P. Mallory, for one, in his In Search of the Indo-Europeans, p. 123, reports but one word for “authority”: raj as in raja, regime, regina, oregon, (Skt., Eng., Lat., Grk.), which, it turns out, is “a female tribal leader of great wisdom and mana.” Who — no doubt — loved the new jewelry. But then, some fell in the fire. The lovely color is because this copper ore is contaminated with arsenic, which lowers its melting point to 900 degrees F, the lowest forging temp of all the bronzes to produce the toughest bronze.

So, what does practically every culture do when it can first forge metal? — Create arrowheads, spearheads, swords, daggers, armor, and the like. But not here. Bronze woodworking tools, garden and farming tools, grain sickles, belt buckles, broaches, clasps, hair pieces, jewelry. But no weapons.

They didn’t need weapons; they had social skills and organization we don’t see later. They didn’t have marriage, either. Men who don’t own women, don’t fight over them — much less go to war to increase the size of a king’s harem. And they also didn’t have kings. Women were free to select sperm donors on the basis of intelligence and character. Men in power have never been that fussy.

In fact, the only eugenics program in all history that worked — and everyone knows how well — was that of Sparta. Which was run by the women.

This, more than anything else, produced a golden age of peace and unprecedented technological achievement. In addition to bronze we see dolls, doll furniture, and doll houses — with chimneys. The Gradesnica Platter shows 7,000-year-old writing; then there’s polychrome pottery, figures wearing tailored clothes, and, to judge from the etymology, woven of linen, wool, and hemp. The reason sails are made of canvas is they made them from cannabis.

Many would not believe the Aryans could have lived in peace 7,000 years ago. Goodison and Morris, in Ancient Goddesses, note the controversy on the flyleaf and set their goal to open a virgin tel. They went down through 4,000 years of occupation — and didn’t find any signs of warfare.

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3 January, 2012 2:19 pm

The website would be a lot more useful if it didn’t exist. My grandfather died fighting Nazis, people like you.

Idiot yanks

Mike Hansen
Mike Hansen
5 January, 2012 9:36 pm

Here’s a math question for everyone to think about. If the
current world population is 7 Billion as the media reports, and if it doubles every 50 years, how many people existed
4000 years ago? Do the math and then think about what the
evolutionistas want us to believe. Does it make sense, mathmatically? Think about it.

15 March, 2012 8:53 am

Great article almost. As usually you do think just about Westerners and where are milions of people in Central and Eastern Europe? Also there are Whites in Asian part of Russia or in Iran. See youtube e.g. here: Some evidence about facts how our history is being censored and mis-shapened is here, unfortunetely this video is in Russian and subtitles in Slovakian lanuage only: Here’s the Mr. Levashov’s website informing about the newest researches about Aryan history: I’m really affraid that lot of Westerners will have big problem to accept these informations if ever, as it seems to be that Slavonic people are the most fine and downright descendants of peaceful and developed Aryans. After all the history itself shows and makes the proof of nonviolent way… Read more »

25 May, 2013 5:17 pm


“My grandfather died fighting Nazis”

Your grandfather was a useful idiot and so are you.

Really nothing to be proud of.

8 June, 2013 1:53 am

He and other tens of thousands of GIs liberated Europe so the Communist rapists could massacre and destroy Germaany the center of scientific and cultural Europe for centuries and the US forces could fornicate and loot their way across Europe — ask the old French people if you doubt my word.

Reply to  WAYNE
30 January, 2014 2:14 am

i’m french, you’re right.
f***ing Gi’s = jews’ army…

5 September, 2015 7:03 am

This article is interesting: A famous Dutch prehistorian, Herman WIRTH, considered that the very first Whites of the Paleolithic Era(40 000 to 10 000 BC)may have had a Matriarchal society!… Herman WIRTH, who spent most of his life in Germany, was the co-founder of the AHNENERBE section of the Allgemeine-SS, under direct supervision of H. HIMMLER, who himself was fascinated with all aspects of Nordic Prehistory. However, his views about the place of women in Society(he was in many respect a “Racial Feminist”!)was judged too radical by the NS regime, and he was sacked, very disgracefully, from the very organisation he contributed so much to create!… After the War, he selflessly continued his enormous work on Nordic Prehistory, until 1981, when he passed away at the age of 96. It… Read more »

6 March, 2016 6:52 pm

Hello DayBrown, As usual, you offer interesting reads. Had no idea in Africa there are so many different MtDNA lines of decent while Europe seems to harbor only seven. Not sure if you can recollect some your facinating replies you left on some AOL message boards way back in 2008. Topic of discussions were varied but all were focused on ancient histories and Christianity. Often you brought up the ways of the Kucha. Here’s small sniplet of one of your replies below. ” Kucha was a holdout of matriarchy. That’s why, when the Buddha came to town, he spoke with a queen, not a king. And part of the dialogue relates to the “denouncers of women” that she sees are increasingly common, referring to the Sakyas – who are the… Read more »