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Judge Excludes Experts; Jury Convicts Steele

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IN A TRAGIC MISCARRIAGE of justice, a federal jury — which was denied the right to hear two experts’ testimony that the alleged FBI recordings of Edgar J. Steele were faked, with over 300 suspicious edits inserted — has convicted the courageous free speech attorney and writer on all four counts related to an alleged murder-for-hire of his wife, Cyndi Steele, and mother-in-law.

None of the alleged victims believe the FBI allegations, instead pointing to the admitted Idaho Pipe Bomber, Larry Fairfax — and his government handlers — as the real source of the plot. Fairfax, who allowed a lethal bomb to remain on Cyndi Steele’s car for weeks without telling her, was given a sweetheart deal by prosecutors and no serious charges were brought against him.

It is hoped that the outrageous behavior of the judge in this case — who refused to allow even a few days’ delay to let an expert witness travel from the South Pacific to testify for the defense, and also refused to permit the expert to testify via video conference, even though a prosecution witness was freely allowed to do so — will be the basis of a strong appeal.

The judge in question — Lynn Winmill — exhibited an almost unbelievable coldness toward the lives of the real victims, Edgar Steele and his family, when he stated that even a two-day delay to allow the audio expert to travel to the United States was unacceptable — saying of the brief delay only that “procrastination on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.”

Cyndi Steele — who was allowed to hear the doctored recordings early on in the framing of her husband in hopes that she would be deceived by them — has long stated that the audio quality on the recordings changes abruptly and dramatically whenever her husband begins to discuss the alleged plot. When she heard the alleged recordings played back in court, however, she was in for a further shock.

As she puts it: “What is even more outrageous now is that the tapes that they played for the jury in the courtroom this week have been altered, because they are not the same recordings the FBI played for me on June 12, 2010, nor the tapes sent to the attorneys that I again listened to on March 7th. It is as if they used the info from the reports of our experts to make the changes to cover up the falsified tapes our experts analyzed.”

May the powers that created the universe — and our people — quickly bring these perjurers and criminals operating under color of law, who have falsely convicted this noble man, to justice; to true justice. And may it happen in our lifetimes.

In the words of Edgar J. Steele: “New America. An idea whose time has come.”

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Daniel Notasignorantasyou
Daniel Notasignorantasyou
22 September, 2011 8:31 pm

Oh I love this. You guys are crying about a white guy who was wrongly convicted when this has been happening to minorities for centuries now.

8 October, 2011 2:19 am

Daniel Not_as_smart_as_he_thinks burped: “Oh I love this. You guys are crying about a white guy who was wrongly convicted” Yes, indeed, a real travesty of justice and outrage in this obvious politically-motivated frame-up. “…when this has been happening to minorities for centuries.” It’s the same lame, boring tune sung by Jewish subversives and Leftwing, anti-white idiots, not based on fact or reality. Your claim that so-called minorities (a majority in urban areas) have been wrongly accused (by da racist and evil white man, of course) for “centuries” unfortunately (for you) does not jibe with reality. Having grown up with and around blacks, foolishly socialized with them more times than I care to admit in my teen years and twenties, thus knowing them and their modus operandi extremely well, I can… Read more »

4 July, 2021 8:32 pm