Wyoming: White Zion?

The case for Wyoming as a destination for intentional White-community-builders.

by John Pelham

WYOMING IS THE IDEAL destination for any serious effort at a Northwest Migration. This post is a rough sketch at pitching the Wyoming heresy to White Zionist circles.

(1) Aesthetic Beauty – If I were to ever move anywhere out West, I would pack my bags and head toward the Tetons, where Old Faithful blows and the buffalo roam. Few other places in North America can compete with Wyoming in terms of sheer natural beauty. The discovery of Yellowstone caused mankind for the first time in history to stop, pause, and preserve a piece of nature for the enjoyment of future generations.

(2) Population – Wyoming has the smallest population (544,270) of any state in America. It thus has the smallest hurdle to political power to clear for aspiring White Zionists on the make.

In the Wyoming House of Representatives, each district represents about 9,000 people. In the Wyoming Senate, each seat represents around 17,000 people. The number of registered voters who participate in Wyoming state elections is much smaller in each district. A simple majority is sufficient to acquire representation at the state level.

In Wyoming, White Zionists have their most favorable political map for a BNP-style breakout into mainstream politics. It is easier here than anywhere else. If White Zionists can’t win in Wyoming, they are far less likely to win on more challenging terrain in the Pacific Northwest.

Governor-Elect Matt Mead of Wyoming won the Republican nomination for Governor with only 30,272 votes. Wyoming has 2 U.S. Senators (the same as California and New York) and 3 votes in the Electoral College.

In Wyoming, each vote in the Electoral College represents 164,594 people. In California, each vote represents 627,532. Whether it be on the federal or the state level, White Zionists can have their greatest impact on the American political landscape in Wyoming.

(3) Favorable Demographics – Wyoming is the most conservative state in America. In Wyoming, 53 percent of residents identify as conservatives. By comparison, 53 percent of residents in Mississippi and 49 percent of residents in Alabama are conservatives.

Wyoming is effectively Alabama or Mississippi without blacks. It is Utah without Hispanics. In Wyoming, 86 percent of residents (2009 Census) are Non-Hispanic White. The concentration and political hegemony of “Reds” in Wyoming provides White Zionists with a far more receptive local population to work with than the SWPL-dominated Pacific Northwest.

52 percent of Wyoming’s population lives in 5 major cities. The population in Wyoming is more dispersed across the countryside than in other Western states like Nevada. This is one of the major reasons Wyoming has proven so much more resistant to leftwing ideas.

As of 2009, Washington is 74.6 percent White. There are roughly 25,903 blacks, 686,412 Hispanics, and 466,493 Asians living in that state…

As of 2009, Wyoming is 86 percent White. There are roughly 7,619 blacks, 14,151 American Indians, and 44,140 Hispanics living there. Most of the Hispanics are illegal aliens that can be driven out with an Arizona-style immigration law.

Demographically speaking, Wyoming is clearly a more favorable state than Washington: there are far less total non-Whites, Whites are a higher percentage of the population, the Whites who live there are rock ribbed conservatives, not SWPLs.

(4) Nordic Reservoir – If you are a Nordicist, Wyoming is an attractive state to relocate to. By ethnicity, the White population of Wyoming is 25.9% German, 15.9% English, 13.3% Irish, 6.5% American, 4.3% Norwegian, and 3.5% Swedish. Wyoming is a healthy mix of Americans of Northwestern European ancestry.

(5) Taxes – Wyoming has far more attractive land prices and tax rates than Washington.

Wyoming has lower property taxes, lower excise taxes, a lower state sales tax, and no income tax. Land is cheaper.

In Wyoming, there is no corporate sales tax. There is no sales tax on food or inheritance tax on estates. There is no tax on out-of-state retirement income. Personal property for personal use is tax exempt. There are no taxes on intangible assets such as bank accounts, stocks, or bonds.

Wyoming has the most “business friendly” climate of all 50 states. If you are a White Nationalist small business owner, it is relatively easier (and might actually be more profitable) to relocate to Wyoming.

Wyoming’s cost of living is 7.60% lower than the national average.

(8) Education – Under the Wyoming state constitution, the state government is prohibited from establishing curricula and textbook selections. This is the prerogative of local school boards. The public schools in Wyoming could theoretically be hijacked by migrating White Zionist families.

Wyoming public schools spend $7,447 per student. The average school expenditure in the U.S. is $5,678. Wyoming ranks last among the states in terms of students enrolled in private schools. The low numbers of non-Whites in Wyoming (combined with local control of school boards) translates into a stronger public sector.

(9) Low Crime – The Whiteness of Wyoming is reflected in its crime statistics and national ranking: 47 in total crime, 32 in crimes per 100,000 persons, 43 in violent crimes per 100,000 persons, 45 in murders per 100,000 persons, 36 in rapes per 100,000 persons, 49 in robberies per 100,000 persons, 30 in aggravated assaults per 100,000 persons, 43 in burglaries per 100,000 persons, 22 in larcenies and theft per 100,000 persons.

(10) Grievances – Wyoming has ready made grievances against [the] Washington [regime] that can easily be exploited. 48 percent of land in Wyoming is owned by the federal goverment. 6 percent of land is owned by the state government. Over 50 percent of land in Wyoming is effectively closed to private development.

What’s more, Wyoming is an energy intensive state like West Virginia. It is America’s largest coal producer. It is the second largest producer of natural gas and the fifth largest producer of oil in the United States.

“Cap and Trade” is a mortal threat to Wyoming’s economy. In West Virginia, Joe Manchin literally had to shoot a target of Cap and Trade to get elected to the Senate. A future Democratic Congress even more in thrall to environmentalist groups would provide a useful foil in stirring up anti-government sentiment in Wyoming.

(11) Climate – The climate in Wyoming is not as bad as some have made it out to be. Wyoming is a dry state with warm summers. The wind could be harnessed as yet another energy source. It has a better water supply than California, Nevada, Arizona or other parched Southwestern states which are more populous. There is plenty of land for cattle ranching and growing wheat.

If White Zionists relocated to Wyoming, they would adapt to the climate like they have everywhere else: Iceland, Norway, Russia, Rhodesia, etc. It is far easier to live in Wyoming today than in the Deep South (with its hurricanes) during the nineteenth century before refrigerators and air conditioning.

(12) Anti-Blue – Wyoming is not a “fun state” with a lot of flashy cities like Seattle or Portland…. Like Nebraska or Kansas, it has not yet become an attractive destination for SWPLs migrating out of California and the Heartland, who are adverse to the rural conservative mores of Wyoming.

(13) Successful Model – There is already a successful model of a White Zionist migration to the Interior West: the colonization of Utah by the Mormons.

If the Mormons can create a civilization in the Great Salt Lake Valley, why can’t White Zionist homesteaders enjoy similar success in Wyoming? Is the climate of Utah more or less hospitable to colonization?

(14) Ready Made Cities – Instead of carving cities out of the wilderness, there is nothing stopping White Zionists from relocating to Wyoming’s five largest cities or its smaller towns:

Cheyenne – 57,618 (population), 79.2% (non-Hispanic White)

Casper – 54,874 (population), 94.03% (non-Hispanic White)

Laramie – 28,850 (population), 90.81% (non-Hispanic White)

Gillette – 28,726 (population), 95.50% (non-Hispanic White)

Rock Springs – 20,905 (population), 91.75% (non-Hispanic White)

By way of comparison, there are 602,000 people in Seattle, 68.4% of whom are non-Hispanic White, 3,407,848 in the Seattle metropolitan area.

There are 529,121 people in Portland, 74 percent of whom are non-Hispanic White, 2,217,325 in the Portland metropolitan area.

It goes without saying that the vast majority of Whites in Seattle and Portland are SWPLs, not “Reds” like in Cheyenne or Casper, and that White Zionists would have a far greater impact in Wyoming than in Washington or Oregon because of the smaller, more conservative population.

In the second tier of Wyoming cities, you have Sheridan (population, 17,461), Green River (population, 12,149), Evanston (population, 11,781), Riverton, (population, 10,032), and Jackson (population, 9,806). Now how hard do you suppose it would be for White Zionists to get elected mayor, sheriff, or city councilman in those cities?

Undoubtedly, it would be a A LOT easier to raise your head above the water on that kind of political map.

(15) Attractive Neighbors – Wyoming’s neighbors share many of its favorable characteristics: Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota. A successful White Zionist free state project in Wyoming could inspire a real Northwest Migration to Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas.

(16) Jobs – As of September 2010, the unemployment rate in Wyoming was 6.2 percent, well below the national average. By comparison, the unemployment rate in Washington state (dominated by SWPLs who favor higher taxes and bureaucratic red tape) is 8.6 percent.

(17) Fiscal Responsibility – Wyoming has a small budget deficit of of $31.8 million in FY 2010. It is in great shape compared to Blue States like California, Illinois, New York, and Connecticut which are tottering on the brink of a Greek style fiscal meltdown.

The same is true of North Dakota which has a budget surplus and the lowest unemployment rate in America. It is easy to imagine a future scenario where fiscally responsible states like North Dakota and Wyoming go their own way, repudiate the national debt, and refuse to bail out the Californias of America.

(18) The Jewish Question – Jews are 0 percent of Wyoming’s population. By comparison, Jews are 1 percent of Washington state, which translates into about 66,641 Jews on the ground. Ron Wyden, U.S. Senator from Oregon, is Jewish.

(19) Non-Religious – In terms of religion, 79 percent of Wyoming residents are Christians. 18 percent are non-religious. For White Nationalists who can’t get over their aversion to Christianity, Wyoming is a more attractive destination than the Deep South.

(20) Realistic Strategy – Wyoming is a more realistic destination for White Zionists. The definition of a tactic is what you can do with what you got. Decades of experience has shown the following:

– White Nationalists are adverse to social ostracism and employment discrimination. They will not go public with their beliefs in a setting in which they are outnumbered.

– Aside from unhinged vanguardist lone wolves like James von Brunn, White Nationalists are adverse to physical violence, and favor lawful methods of resolving their disputes. This fact alone rules out the fantasy of an IRA-style terrorist rebellion that Harold Covington advocates.

Taking these critical facts into account, a White Zionist migration to Wyoming could succeed where Harold Covington’s Northwest Migration is doomed to failure.

In the second tier Wyoming cities like Sheridan, Green River, Evanston, Riverton, and Jackson, the population is small enough to allow a critical mass of White Zionists to take over the public schools, city governments, and local law enforcement positions with a simple majority. In such a context where White Nationalists are an outright majority, the stick of social ostracism and employment discrimination wouldn’t work.

White Nationalists could seize power without firing a shot. Such an experiment (wholly theoretical and still highly unlikely) would be interesting to watch. It could potentially demonstrate the efficacy of the White Zionist model. If White Zionists are going to uproot themselves in pursuit of their racial ideal, it stands to reason they should at least go to the place where they are most likely to succeed.

Read the full article, with far more detail (and a few personal gibes), at From the Provinces

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  1. Gerald Russell
    13 December, 2010 at 4:37 pm — Reply

    What a great article! Yes, Wyoming is a great state for a white homeland. There’s only one problem. One of the world’s largest super volcanoes is located under Yellowstone Park in the northwest corner of the state. This will lead to a cataclysm at some point in the future. Not IF but WHEN! I believe I would hedge my bets and try to stay in the southeast corner of the state!

  2. Andrew
    13 December, 2010 at 7:27 pm — Reply

    Most worthy of serious consideration.

    Right-leaning libertarians have already jump started a loosely organized, but socially cohesive, energetic, and articulate network of freedom-loving, self-responsible folk in Wyoming – The Free State Wyoming Project. These folks have put their money and feet where their mouths are by moving their families to Wyoming.

    For those contemplating relocation, their website is full of information ranging from job and real estate listings to gardening and hunting tips. Their various blog forums on political, economic, and cultural topics are also timely and pertinent.

    Though they seem to be coming from all parts of the country, it is my impression that their movement does not attract other races – not that they seem to care one way or the other.

    Some of the reasons, I believe, why the Free State Wyoming Project will not attract races other than White European Americans may include following: libertarians’ ideal of robust individualism as opposed to collectivist codependence; their hatred of coercive and centralized authority; their belief that what one deserves is what one earns; their extreme distaste for government intrusion into their lives; their rabid opposition to government welfare and social engineering programs; their opposition to government meddling in education and child care; their willingness to adapt to the harsh clime and rugged terrain of the northwestern steppes and mountains; their professed economic ideals of self-sufficiency, cooperation through voluntary association and mutually beneficial free trade; and wealth accumulation based on hard work, inviolability of private property rights, and capital savings rather than on consumption, debt, and fiat money creation. Maybe a few Asians – productive, adaptive, and intelligent as many are – would be capable of doing well there, but their cultural predilections seem much more collectivist and hierarchical than ours.

    Though libertarians are most definitely anti-socialist, I believe White Nationalists would find them to be staunch political allies on most issues: strict Constitutional limits at a minimum on government; free markets for all participants as distinguished from government-privileged corporatocracy; opposition to initiatory aggression against foreign countries and interference in their internal affairs; sanctity of private property and by extension opposition to property and income taxes; the notion that people should be left alone to pursue their interests as they fit so long as they do not transgress the property or the rights of others; the notion that no coercive entity has the right to confiscate wealth from one class of people, transfer it another class, and pay itself handsomely in the process; opposition to usurpation of parental authority over their own children; dismantling all regulatory agencies having to do with education, welfare, commerce, and child “protection”; opposition to legal tender laws, state-enforced, debt-based fiat money and state-backed central banking; freedom to use commodity-backed money such as gold or silver; right of free association and disassociation, and by corollary the right to secede and to live among one’s own kind on own’s own territory; and, maybe most important of all, the inalienable right of individuals to keep and bear arms and so defend their kith and kin.

    Thanks for the article.

  3. Alex
    13 December, 2010 at 9:19 pm — Reply

    What’s an SWPL?

    • 13 December, 2010 at 9:34 pm — Reply

      I believe ‘SWPL’ is a slang acronym that started out as meaning ‘stuff White people like’ — but with a cachet more of ‘stuff educated urban White people like,’ like environmentalism, fine food and wine, PBS, et cetera. Now it has come to refer to the people themselves rather than just the ‘stuff.’

      • FED UP
        8 February, 2011 at 7:46 am — Reply

        Thanks admin, I was also wondering.

        So they’re basically what you’d call “champagne socialists”… They want to be socialist because they think it’s fashionable, but only so long as they’re not negatively affected. Hypocrites.

        Often react with NIMBY (not in my back-yard) and NWMK (not with my kids) when they are personally confronted with the realities of the system they seem to glorify.

  4. Alex
    13 December, 2010 at 10:39 pm — Reply

    Some things to bear in mind when thinking about Wyoming:

    Parts of Wyoming, particularly the southwestern fourth of it, are heavily Mormon. Mormons, for those of you who have little experience with them, can be VERY cliquish. The LDS church discourages adolescent and adult members from forming friendships with non-Mormons. If you have teenaged children, they won’t be invited to do things with their peers if you live in one of Wyoming’s heavily Mormon towns. Many adult Mormons also have a habit of assuming the worst about people who don’t share their faith.

    Another thing to think about in connection with this matter is that the LDS church officially opposes all forms of “racism,” and it isn’t just because they’re afraid of losing their tax-exempt status. You don’t have to look any further than the number of mixed-race marriages among Mormons these days to see they’re serious about it.

    On another subject, Wyoming, in addition to being “the Equality State,” is also “the Cowboy State.” Sounds harmless enough, until you realize what that can mean. I wasted fourteen years of my life in Wyoming’s neighbor to the north, Montana, which is every bit as much a “cowboy state” as Wyoming. If you live in either state, you will encounter the “cowboy mystique” almost everywhere you go–and the subtle sense of superiority that accompanies it. The cowboy–whether he’s a rodeo rider, a rancher, or a ranch hand–is glorified in these states as an ideal kind of person. If you’re a male who’s single and looking, you’ll have to be prepared for a female population that’s enthralled by the cowboy mystique. The women have their hearts set on marrying a cowboy, and if you’re not one, then you’re probably out of the running.

    If you like to hunt, you’ll find lots of other people in Wyoming who share your hobby. However, if you have a soft spot for animals and don’t like bloodsports, don’t expect to find sympathy in most parts of the state. If you value education and intelligence, then you may not like Wyoming either. Be prepared for rednecks and religious zealots in most places. There’s a notable exception in Jackson, or Jackson Hole, as the locals call it, but it’s no paradise. The closest city to Yellowstone Park, Jackson is a ski resort town full of left-wing types, mainly migrants from other states. It’s electorate voted heavily for Obama in 2008. Think: Aspen.

    One final thing to consider…about a dozen years ago, Laramie, Wyoming was the scene of a heavily-publicized murder of a homosexual college student. This incident received tremendous publicity in nationwide (Jewish) news media, all of it calibrated to attach as much stigma as possible to disapproval of homosexuality. The Governor of Wyoming himself chimed in, aligning himself with the media’s line. Wyomingites, having been at the “center of the storm,” are likely to be more hesitant to express reservations about this particular perversion than residents of other conservative states. If you live in Mississippi or Alabama you can say that you think homosexuality is immoral or sick and your listeners probably won’t wonder if you’re a murderer in the making. That isn’t necessarily the case in Wyoming.

  5. 14 December, 2010 at 2:19 am — Reply

    Kevin, you are a much bigger guy than I am to publish an article by “John Pelham,” better known as “Hunter Wallace,” who for several months now has been running down “Vanguardist” White Nationalists — ncluding most recently William Pierce — in the crudest and most sophistical terms. Your disinterestedness and ability to rise above the movement muck and slime is an example to us all.

  6. JohninTexas
    15 December, 2010 at 10:45 pm — Reply

    Wyoming sounds good. Now if we can just get rid of the ignorant among us who think “Hispanic” is a racial group. We can’t afford such ignorance – not at this point in the struggle. And . . . at what point did the white struggle become “Nordic?” Did I miss the memo? Why don’t you “Nordicists” just pack up and move to Scandinavia – plenty of room in your motherland. Leave the hard work to the rest of us.

    White is white. From Scandinavia to the tip of Scicily. From the Atlantic to the Urals. If you hail from there or if your family hailed from there – you’re white. Period. End of story. Anything else if just gross ignorance that plays right into the hands of our enemies. There’s plenty of time LATER to scrub the race clean and make pretty blonde, blue-eyed babies. Science will help.

    Those who can’t see beyond language actually penalize whites for their success. Whites conquered, settled and migrated to North AND Central/South America. Comprende? The white man is the most prolific conqueror and settler in history and now a bunch of people with light hair who self-identify as “Nordicists” want to deny that success and splinter the movement? Ladies and gentlemen . . . whites are supposed to have an IQ superior to the negro . . . maybe we need to run those tests again . . .

  7. William
    16 December, 2010 at 9:13 pm — Reply

    Greg Johnson took the words out of my mouth. JohnPelham/Hunter Wallace or whoever has gone from vanguardist supporter to vanguardist basher in a span of one year. He resorts to gutter level tactics in an effort to discredit white nationalism.

    On a more positive note, Wyoming would be a very nice place to live for whites given the favorable demographics and right leaning politics of the state. Though I don’t think a few thousand white nationalists could waltz in and takeover Congressional and Senate seats as posited by John Pelham.

  8. MOB
    17 December, 2010 at 5:48 am — Reply

    I would guess that Greg Johnson’s and Prozium/HunterWallace’s present behavior both have their roots in whatever took place last year between them and the self-anointed elitists of super-super-secret CMS, members of which believe themselves to be too precious to interact with ordinary folk. One prostrates himself and the other about-faces.

  9. 13 February, 2011 at 10:29 pm — Reply

    […] have corresponded through email. This is connected to National Vanguard publishing the article on their website. He is writing an article about the […]

  10. southerner
    22 November, 2011 at 8:16 pm — Reply

    the somalis = invasion in the center-west of usa (minessota, south dakota, etc..)!

  11. Rob H.
    20 August, 2015 at 5:15 am — Reply

    I’m sure people are still finding this page with their searches on relocation. I’ve lived in Wyoming, so here’s some more info.

    The caution about the Wyoming climate needs to be strong – especially about the cold and wind. Most of the southern and eastern parts of Wyoming are VERY windy – so much that many people who have moved here leave just because they can’t take the wind. It can be very annoying. It will slam your card doors closed lots of time – or your trunk on your head. Take a look at the wind data for towns before moving. Many areas have an almost a constant 10 mph wind, with very strong gusts during bad weather than can overturn trucks and trailers – which often happens on I-25 and I-80. (The interstates also get closed a lot in winter). The whole state also gets quite cold in the winter and some areas (the mountains and foothills) can get huge amounts of snow. And it can be blowing snow of course. Montana, western Nebraska & Kansas, & the western Dakotas can be just as bad in the winters.

    It is also very dry, which is great for the low humidity, but farming is only possible with irrigation. Even with a small rural property outside a city/district water system, you’ll need a deep well and the water rights to use it. You also typically won’t get the mineral rights – meaning you could have oil and gas rigs pop up on your land at any time. This has to be researched.

    The larger towns are mostly decent with low or moderate crime. However, Jackson is just for rich tourists (and liberals). Laramie is also rather liberal (for Wyoming) due to the University. (It is also cold there at 7000 feet). The economies of Casper and Gillette are mining and oil/gas driven. Yes, there is still a lot of ranching, but it is a very hard business in Wyoming, with many of the younger people not wanting to do it any more.

    In most of the towns, medical services are sparse, except for the most basic care. So for anything else you’ll have to drive to Billings (north), Casper (central), Cheyenne or Denver (south), or Salt Lake City (west). Depending on your location, these can be long drives (and people drive FAST on the Wyoming highways to cover the distances). There are few buses or trains for public transport outside the towns.

    And yes, there is a cowboy/miner culture, that is a little like redneck culture. Some people from the Midwest states may not like this culture – it’s values are hard work, but also hard living, and drinking (and often driving after). The level of church-going varies a lot depending on the town, but except for the Mormons in southwest Wyoming it generally is not like the South in regular church attendance.

    For someone of middle age, you need to consider these things as you get older. An elderly couple in small-town Wyoming (much less rural areas) is going to have a difficult time without a large family support system. The ranching and mining families usually have this, but a small family moving here alone could have very hard time establishing a social support system, if times get bad (injury, sickness, divorce, etc.)

    In short, there are reasons why Wyoming is the least-populated state. Life in Wyoming, as well as Montana, and the western parts of the Dakotas and Nebraska can be quite harsh. That’s why the early settlers were glad to stay in the fertile areas of the Midwest (if they could find land) or take the trails to California or Oregon.

    Idaho is of course another possibility, but most of the northern part of the state is heavy forest. It is even drier than Wyoming – which can be uncomfortable on your sinuses (really). Mormons dominate the politics in the southern towns if that concerns you, and Boise is getting quite liberal with a huge influx of people from California. Of course, Colorado is already gone, with the California leftists and dope heads wrecking the state and passing annoying leftist laws (including gun laws).

    The Midwest U.S. is actually much better than the Mountain states for a rural place – good land, decent rain. Without being part of the irrigation system, gardening (much less farming) in the mountain states and high plains is impossible. Medical care is usually fairly close. The politics and culture in Indiana, Missouri, eastern Nebraska,eastern Kansas and the eastern Dakotas is church-going and conservative in the small towns and rural areas of these states. (Forget Illinois and the other liberal states of course.) If I had family and a social support system in one of those states, I’d just move to a smaller town there and stay away from the cities.

    So, not wanting to turn you off to Wyoming, but know what you are getting into in the mountains and high plains. It can be rough.

  12. Sahsha
    8 May, 2017 at 1:11 pm — Reply

    What about Harrison, Arkansas?

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