What’s an American Education Worth?

WHERE DOES OUR education spending go? A large chunk of it will go to Affirmative-Action-pushing university presidents like Teresa A. Sullivan (pictured). About $680,000 a year, to be specific. That’s how much she’ll earn for becoming the first female president of the University of Virginia.1

Sullivan was raised in Little Rock, Arkansas during the period of segregation. At the age of 13, her family moved to Jackson, Mississippi. “My high school was the first in Mississippi to integrate,” Sullivan said. “We were all touched by those times.”2

She received her undergraduate degree at Michigan State University and her Ph.D. at the University of Chicago. She then became an instructor of sociology at the University of Texas.

As a lifelong academic, Teresa Sullivan strives to maintain academic standards… if by academic standards you mean racial preferences. While the rest of America was rejecting anti-White policies with Proposition 187 and the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, Sullivan was working hard to beat those laws by focusing on promoting students from “low income” areas and “underrepresented schools.” I.e., non-Whites. Her husband Doug Laycock, a legal scholar, helped the University of Texas preserve its Affirmative Action programs in the 1990s.3

Regarding her efforts to maintain anti-White policies, her colleague, Dr. Lester Monts, said “She fully funded those efforts in spite of budget cuts due to the economy.” Monts continued: “Her legacy here at Michigan is that she protected and preserved the many diversity programs that we had in place, including The Center for The Study of Institutional Diversity.”4

But like all good liberals, Sullivan saw it necessary to send her children to private schools, away from the touching diversity of public education. Now that Sullivan is moving to Virginia, she can inherit the proud tradition of other hypocrites like Robert Merhige, who ordered the integration of schools in Richmond, Virginia but kept his own children in private schools. “When I’m on the bench I’m a judge,” he said, “and when at home, I’m a father.”5, 6

The cost of a diversity-enforcing bureaucrat? — $680,000 a year. But hypocrisy? Priceless.

6. How We Got Here: The 70’s by David Frum, p.264

Read the source article at Eternal Forms

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8 November, 2010 11:28 am

I have worked in the same office with Teresa Sullivan. She’s obsessively, I would say maniacally, Politically Correct in public. In private I sensed she didn’t give a damn. It’s game playing, role paying to advance her career. People like this ARE what is wrong with our society.