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Jews and Modern Art

by Josiah Nott

MODERN ART IS not really art at all, but Jewish self-promotion and degeneracy.

So, though Jews are not heavily represented in true art, they are in fact very much over-represented in so-called modern art — in fact, they were and are the dominant force in it.

(ILLUSTRATION: Top, Water Baby by Herbert Draper; bottom, Greyed Rainbow by Jackson Pollock)

Because painting, sculpture, and music are more difficult to counterfeit than philosophy, it was necessary to transform and support Jewish modern “art” with philosophy in order to make the naive goyim accept it as genuine.

True art is difficult to counterfeit and even more difficult to genuinely create. But twentieth century Jews never had any interest in such an endeavor in the first place. Instead, by using their strongest attribute — their talent for the creation of false and insidious philosophical theories — Jewish “art critics” and “art theorists” managed to persuade the educated public in the Western world that utter foolishness and frivolousness, simple childish nonsense, and outright ugliness are in fact “art.” All of this was achieved through pseudo-philosophical “art critique.”

Jacques Derrida

(In my view, Jewish philosophy really ought not to be called philosophy at all. Philo=love and sophia=wisdom. Could anyone reasonably claim that the creator of “deconstruction,” the Algerian-French Jew Jacques Derrida, for instance, loves wisdom? Derrida would be the first to insist that he does not even believe in truth. And how can there be wisdom without truth? No, Jewish philosophy ought more properly to be called sophistry, which is how Plato and Aristotle characterized the specious and intentionally dishonest and misleading methods of their philosophic opponents, who, in order to persuade the unsuspecting and win in debate, would twist words to make the weaker argument appear the stronger one. Sound familiar?)

The following paragraph from Sol LeWitt’s Paragraphs on Conceptual Art perfectly illustrates the way that Jewish “art theory” has taken over, trivialized, and destroyed the arts.

I will refer to the kind of art in which I am involved as conceptual art. In conceptual art the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work. When an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes a machine that makes the art. This kind of art is not theoretical or illustrative of theories; it is intuitive, it is involved with all types of mental processes and it is purposeless. It is usually free from the dependence on the skill of the artist as a craftsman. It is the objective of the artist who is concerned with conceptual art to make his work mentally interesting to the spectator, and therefore usually he would want it to become emotionally dry. There is no reason to suppose, however, that the conceptual artist is out to bore the viewer. It is only the expectation of an emotional kick, to which one conditioned to expressionist art is accustomed, that would deter the viewer from perceiving this art.

Tom Wolfe

I highly recommend Tom Wolfe’s book on modern art, The Painted Word, and his follow-up book on modern architecture, From Bauhaus to Our House, as excellent exposés of the characters who made and promoted modern art and architecture. Though Wolfe does not use the word “Jew” [Tom Wolfe, a White man, is married to a Jew – Ed.] even a quick perusal of the book (especially The Painted Word) will reveal who was behind the cultural con-job that was and is “modern art.”

The expression “painted word” is a reference to the fact that “modern art” is entirely based on “art theory,” hence it is effectively “painted theory.” (Aesthetician Arthur Danto has even claimed that “art is dead” precisely because “art” has transformed into “philosophy” or “art theory.”) The Jewish “theory” behind “modern art” is intended to “explain” the art, so as to make naive Gentiles think that such “art” has great value. Without such “theory” normal people would immediately recognize that such degenerate and primitivistic trash is not art at all.


The Painted Word features a number of photographs of the main players in the 20th century art world and, not surprisingly, they are almost all Jewish. (“Art critic,” i.e., charlatan, Harold Rosenberg looks like the devil himself!) This includes the “artists” and their promoters, such as con man Clement Greenberg, the Jew who promoted the art of the alcoholic degenerate Jackson Pollock. [Pollock, who we must reluctantly admit was a White man, was married to Jewish abstract expressionist painter Lee Krasner – Ed.] Greenberg would buy Pollock’s paintings at cut-rate prices, write glowing articles about Pollock’s brilliance as an artist, wait for the demand for Pollock’s paintings to skyrocket, and then sell the paintings at exorbitant prices. A fine swindle, that.

Flipping through the rest of the book reveals pictures of the “artists” and art promoters Barnett Newman, Leo Steinberg, Robert Rauschenberg [Rauschenberg was also a homosexual – Ed.], among others. Overall, the book provides an excellent look at the way a series of destructive, culturally subverting Jewish “theories” transformed what was the noble and beautiful tradition of Western art into yet another grotesque Jewish deformation and mockery. Jewish opposition to truth in philosophy and the social sciences is paralleled by Jewish opposition to beauty in the arts.

Clement Greenberg

Why do these self-promoting charlatans always call the gang of degenerate “artists” they advocate a “movement”? I suppose it’s because they know that they will have to close ranks to defend the “art” they would like to foist upon us in order to deflect the natural and understandable reaction against it, i.e., in order to humiliate us into acceptance and acquiescence by claiming, from atop the ivory tower, that all those who don’t “understand” the new “art” are philistines and cretins. And most people, and especially upper-middle class Whites, care a great deal about being seen to have the “correct” views on culture. Thus they are cowed by our Jewish cultural elites into accepting, or at least paying lip-service to, what they know deep-down cannot possibly be true art.

A similar process is surely at work with respect to the mainstream Gentile acceptance of all the absurd and pernicious theories and “philosophies” advocated by intellectual Jews throughout the twentieth century. Most people are utterly incapable of resisting, let alone challenging, what they have been repeatedly told by those in authority — however absurd and patently false what they are told might be. If the proverbial average Joe were to have come up with something as totally bizarre and counter-intuitive as “Deconstructionism,” for instance, he would have been laughed at and ignored. But if a Jewish intellectual at a major university advocates such a theory, all pay him respect.

I’ve come to believe that there is no view or “theory” so absurd or perverse that it would not be believed by at least some Gentiles if a major Jewish academic created and promoted it. Jews, of course, know all this, which is why the colonization of the centers of Western intellectual life and power was necessary for their subversive and destructive theories to be accepted by large numbers of Gentiles.

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  1. […] . . this absurdity, this bland sense of there being nothing more to life than life itself, as the foundation on which all modern art rests.” Exactly. And Sylvia Plath’s “death in life” poetry can be understood in this context. In […]

    • gagoonies
      20 June, 2011 at 6:04 am — Reply

      I fancy myself an artisan. ;-)

      I think therefore I am.

      I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      One’s art is subject to the vision of the artist as it is their work, not for others to determine but for themselves. If they don’t like a particular piece. Then let them move along at free will to the next in the museum gallery.

      Should eyes offend then pluck them out!

  2. Jean-Bernard Brisset
    22 July, 2011 at 12:10 pm — Reply

    Such an article would be unthinkable in Europe and yet it touches at the very chore of the degeneracy of modern art. Yet, although we can’t discount the deleterious influence of jews in modern art, the debasement of the sens of beauty predates the rising tide of jewish influence with the arrival, at the beginning of the XXth century, of russians “artists” such as Soutine or Chagal . Just after the last war, the french novelist Marcel Aymé already denounced intellectual snobbery in a little essay “Le confort intellectuel”. Intellectual snobbery, a typically french phenomenon, and the fear of looking old-fashionned in the Paris circles have been extremely instrumental in the thriving of degenerate art. When friends of Renoir paid him a pair of glasses, he exclaimed: “Now I see with the eyes of Bouguereau!” In the fact that modern art came afterwards to no longer require talent with the brush, a large gate was open to mediocrities and the owners of galleries, many of them jews, discovered a new gold mine, thereby exploiting the gullibility of Bourgeoisie. I shall go even further in saying that the nazi bonfires did a lot in sacralizing the so-called modern art.

  3. Art and also philosophy, economics, politics
    23 November, 2017 at 7:40 am — Reply

    To understand the Jewish ‘takeover’ of western culture (art, philosophy, economics, politics ) you have to grasp where it comes from. Here a short summary of the main points. This text digresses a little from the theme of art (fine art) in particular, but I believe will help in understanding also this problem.

    There is a political culture in the world that tolerates nothing short of absolutist domination over all others, and has achieved it by underhand means already for centuries.

    The Jewish problem is simple. To put it simply: Judaism like the communism it created, is a political doctrine, but unlike communism, masquerades as a religious culture. To put it in other words, Judaism is an ideology of creating false ideologies for the purposes of exploiting people who are not Jewish.

    The foundation stone of Judaism is the ancient invention of the idea of the “Jew” as a racial term, and its counterpart “Gentiles” (non-Jews). These terms were invented for the purpose of identifying Jews as political and spiritual leaders of superior value to all other peoples, and for the purpose of proving it by all manner of subversion and exploitation of the ‘Gentiles’. This masterstroke of political indoctrination enabled them to abuse ordinary Jews into believing thereafter that relations with gentiles must never be an issue of ethics, but one of necessity and fate, to be fought against by every practicable, cultural, economic means imaginable, and to which they have devoted all their combined tribal energies over the centuries, with great industry and effort, even breeding their best brains for the task.
    It is such a shame that, being all in the service of a prejudice, it is all for nothing.
    Whether modern Jews really believe such racist nonsense has however become historically irrelevant. The invention of the gentile was their first and arguably their most powerful example of name-calling in their entire history and they have learned how to use it to their advantage. Indeed learning how to profit from an indoctrinated lie is the political doctrine of Judaism, no more, no less, whether it applies to Jews or non-Jews alike. It is hard to see behind all the lies, but with an effort and research, it is possible. I have been doing it now for a year.

    Although the prejudice existed long before, It was the Talmudic Jews (descendents of the Pharisees) who advanced it to new heights by identifying gentiles with ‘animals’ (cattle) and themselves with ‘God’s chosen’, and not the ‘gentiles’ themselves who invented it, who were basically minding their own business. After welcoming the Jews into their societies during the so-called ‘diaspora’ (another name to euphemise and spiritualise the routing out of Judaism as a doctrine in the 1st century) the gentiles were mistakenly happy at first to treat Jews as fellow human beings on an equal basis as people with no particular hidden agenda. It may be noted that other peoples of the world found such a bipolar distinction of humanity unnecessary. It is, and remains to this day, an exclusive invention of the Jews, and serves a very specific ideological purpose.

    Historically it became necessary for the Jews to refine their racist methods for testing the in the field. The typical model runs as follows: Where people live in peace, the Jews – ambitious to prove their theory use subversive means to influence the immigration laws of gentile states to be allowed to enter freely (Britain 16th century) – then arrive, change their names, and with their ‘special rabbinical education’ and its tried and tested tools, divide and exploit, bring disaster, war, revolution, greed, poverty, corruption, and a total degredation of moral values, all the while – and with the express purpose of – extracting the gentiles’ wealth, and with this then erect institutions to project their status as ‘poor victims’ of the inevitable gentile criticism which they successfully label: ‘anti-Jewish racial prejudice’, or since 1945, ‘anti-Semitic racial prejudice’. Being expert at name-calling as a king-pin of their ideology, the Jews achieve this by buying up, and controlling gentile information sources, to safeguard their right to continue unabated in their cultural and economic ‘war’ from within, against the docile, exploitable, often Christian gentiles, all the while quietly amused, that the host nations have fallen for the ruse, yet again. With every success the genetic propaganda is reinforced on both sides. It is an unending war of attrition and accumulation of power by a foreign culture disguised as a ‘persecuted minority’ that demands a voice on the leftist stage of the democratic concept that they were instrumental in creating and promoting. To demand this influence, albeit covertly, they use your media, which they own. In Autocratic states (Arab states) it is more difficult to control the media, and for this reason amongst others, they get the Americans and the Europeans to attack and destroy them ‘in the name of democracy’. Understand this and you have grasped the heart of the problem. The Jews power and influence is immeasurably increased by appearing to hand the ‘power’ to ordinary voters influenced by their media. It should be made illegal tomorrow for ANY media organisation in the west, to be owned or populated by Jews…or any bank for that matter but it is probably all too late. The Dollar is doomed, Israel has WMD en masse.

    None of this nightmare would be necessary had the Jews with their Judaism not been there in the first place. For the gentile societies the Jewish definition of humanity was ‘imported’ and imposed from without and on any society that had not already identified them as an enemy. The practitioners of Judaism are nothing but ideological warmongers with hidden – instead of obvious – methods and contribute virtually nothing of lasting value to these societies. What there is they use for pro-Jewish propaganda purposes. Indeed the ‘valuable’ contributions to gentile societies have come from people who have rejected Jewish supremacist culture in favour of ‘assimilation’ with the gentiles, having become friends to the ‘truth’ and lost all interest in fuelling the prejudice further. Einstein, for example. There have been many defectors, and that gives us hope.

    The question is, Should we put up with those who don’t? should we become the ‘gentiles’ they want us to be, adopt their definition of us? 98 % of the world consists of people who do not call themselves Jews.
    Or should we defend our common humanity in the face of this quite blatant aggression?
    Isn’t it time to show these people that their beliefs about themselves and us are totally unfounded?
    To ‘welcome’ these misguided people back into the human race, would without a doubt be the solution to their problem, but for that they must give up their historical arrogance. Asking them politely, will not work, they are following a program. We could also never tell if they are lying, and continuing to use us.

    I would state that because of Judaism’s historical prejudice, it is impossible for these people to be British, French, American and Jewish. You cannot be both a gentile and a Jew. To believe that it is possible and not a ‘Jewish cultural perversion’ is to be a victim, again, of Jewish propaganda. In modern Israel marriage outside the (absurd) Jewish definition of a Jew is now forbidden. I think they know full well this definition is absurd, but it serves a political purpose, and for the Jew, that is its true purpose. Holy ground for the Jew, is the political success of his lie. A quick Kol Nidre, and all is forgiven.

    You must try to judge for yourselves if these people – who have ransacked history, created movements (communism) that have led to the untimely deaths of around 200 million people (mostly Christians, certainly non-Jews), have crippled the world economically, and have murdered in plain sight (9/11) , stolen a whole country, commit genocide on a daily basis (Israel), have agents in every western government, are fully behind the war on Terror to achieve ‘Erez Israel’ – are really capable of discarding their cultural/historical indoctrination, and starting afresh with a better philosophy towards humankind.
    I, personally have my doubts, but would be happy to be proved wrong by any Jews who may be able to come up for air see the light.
    It has of course occasionally happened that Jews themselves have noticed that life can be shared with the ‘gentiles’ – as they love to call them – and that this distinction, bridged by love, might, after all, be meaningless. It is however those Jews that wish to prevent this under ANY circumstances (of which the Zionists today seem the most militant), desperate as they clearly are to defend their ‘god given’ right to prove their racial hegemony at all costs, that remain the ‘problem’ for the rest of us. This is why we should never ever ever support the State of Israel. It is a gorgon that has grown directly out of this indoctrinated historical abuse of humanity. The Jewish theory of humanity is a fallacy, a trap for the human mind – a colossal historical glorification of a lie. For as long as Israel exists, it will exist. Such an absurd ideological division of Humanity should not exist! It is an outdated historical prejudice that has no place in the future of humanity. I would rather have human-flesh-eating Incas knocking at my door, than the far more dangerous Jews. The practitioners of Judaism should be presented with the opportunity to dismantle their embarrassing cultural identity and, being a clever people (or at least in spite of their politic, enjoying that reputation), be allowed, or forced, to see that it is a distortion of the truth of existence, and thereby, doomed to failure. It has been rejected no less than 140 times in history, it should be rejected again now. A people cannot be after all that ‘clever’ if they can’t even realise this. The truth is that they do, but refuse, because of the profits, to admit it. Gilad Atzmon has the right idea. The culture is disgusting. The Jewish label for him is the novel: ‘self-hating-Jew’.

    To all those who love to adopt the ridiculous position of political correctness by enjoying the meaningless term ‘antisemitism’ (Semitic = ancient Semitic languages including Arabic!), you are victims of Jewish propaganda. Let the Holocaust be independently investigated, it is a historical fact? Isn’t it? My opinion is, of course, that it is nothing of the kind, but I have researched it for a year, you haven’t. My opinion is that as Europeans we should be grateful that Hitler took on (Jewish) Bolshevism (it was an idea invented in New York, and funded by Jewish banks), stopped it in the nick of time from rolling across Europe, and at least gave us an example of what the world looks like when someone tries to counter political Judaism of the kind that was ruling Britain, France and America and the Soviet Union in the 1930s. Yes he was also a racist, but he was fighting racists far worse than himself who had already destroyed his country twice from within and without before he could – quite justifiably – rouse his people to take them on. The Germans believed they were fighting a just war!!! There is even evidence to suggest that Hitler was, like all American presidents since Wilson, for the purpose of supporting the repopulation of Palestine, created by the Zionists for exactly that purpose. It was his massively distorted so-called ‘Holocaust’ that has ‘won’ them someone else’s country, and billions in repayments to set it up ever since, perhaps the most magnificent example there will ever be of ‘Judaism’ at work. A few dead Jews in Germany (who until 1938 were very well treated by the Germans) were an easy price to pay, as T. Herzl may be exactly quoted as believing. The real number may be significantly less than a million, which with 70 Million dead after WW2, 40-60 Million from Communism, 70 Million in China under communism, doesn’t even seem worth mentioning.
    It goes without saying then that people who adopt such an blatantly exploitative ‘modus Vivendi’ should be despised unreservedly until they cast it aside and start doing unto others as they would have done unto them. We have this golden rule of humanity from Jew who was not a racist. Of that at least they may for once be proud, even if their forefathers killed him.

    If the word ‘Jew’ can be separated as a distinct ideology from the actual people themselves that adopt it as a cultural mode of being, then being anti-Jew is the solemn intellectual and spiritual duty of every thinking citizen of the world. Why, if we are anti- genocide, sex-trade, slave-trade, drug-trade, weapons-trade, terrorism, legalised-usury on a global scale, prejudice, racism, totalitarianism and war, should we not also be anti-Jew? Since to be Jewish is to freely and without remorse endorse all these things for profit. In short, to be pro-Jewish is to be anti-human. Remember that next time someone calls you an anti-Semite.

    It has been the inability to identify Judaism as a practical, secular, racist, political doctrine , indeed the very thing the Jews brilliantly accused their brief competitors the ‘Nazis’ of being, that has allowed it to gain so much momentum and do such catastrophic damage in world history. The body count caused by Judaism exceeds that of the Nazis by a factor of about 20 to one, and probably much much more if you accept that WW 2 was created, in fact, by a Zionist complot to destroy Germany and repopulate Palestine, stolen during their other complot, WW1. Look up the facts, or listen to Benjamin Friedman’s famous 1961 address and then decide for yourself.
    The evolved weapon of the political Jew is ‘information’, or more correctly: ‘misinformation’, and as we know, the word is mightier than the sword. It has taken Rabbis centuries to work out exactly how it should be employed for maximum exploitation. The most spectacular victims of Judaism are modern Americans. We will never know what America could have been in the 20th century having been designated Jewish HQ for world domination from about 1910 onwards by Jews escaping ‘persecution’ for their sins from Spain, and Russia. The Jews now have Americans building the weapons of the future for them, and fighting their wars to clear the ground in the Middle-East for this future, all with their own blood, while allowing Jews to murder Americans by the thousand in broad daylight – while Jewish terrorist leaders receive standing ovations in Congress – and who consider Noam Chomsky the greatest ever American intellectual of all time. Touche!

    The battle against the warmongers who follow the political doctrine of Judaism will be lost, if we keep listening to their agents (the media and politicians) and doing what they say and accepting their bribes. It is time to take a stand.
    If we cannot inspire them to change, then it is time, I’m afraid for another, this time worldwide, pogrom. If there are any of us left after this, at least it will be a world without Judaism at last, which in my opinion is a goal definitely worth fighting for. Judaism is the most depraved ideological disease that ever afflicted humanity. One brief glance in the Talmud should help you decide.
    And now, incredibly, they are even messing with our weather systems.


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