Interracial Grooming of Girls for Sex

This is what is happening to vulnerable, trusting White girls, not only in the UK, but all over the Western world. This is the real unspoken and unspeakable result of multiracialism.

by Victoria Price

THE GROOMING OF BRITISH girls for interracial sex was in the news again this week, having been highlighted on the Radio 4 programme ‘Woman’s Hour.’ A mother described on the programme how her daughter was introduced to the world of drugs and sex by older Asian men. [In the UK, “Asian” usually does not mean East Asian, and this kind of behavior exists among non-White males of many different immigrant groups. — Ed.] The men have since been sent to prison. The reason that this topic has hit the news again is because the men were Asian and the girls were white and under the age of 16.

There has been a lot of publicity recently on this issue because of cases in the press and also, on an individual basis parents are contacting charities because of their concerns for their under age daughters. On the Woman’s Hour programme the charity C.R.O.P said that they had been contacted by over 200 concerned families in the last 4½ years. Whether there has been an increase in the reporting of such incidents or whether the incidents themselves have increased in numbers is hard to differentiate and is open to academic debate.

The damage that is caused to the vulnerable girls and boys who are involved in the grooming process is immeasurable. The physical injuries they can sustain, the psychological damage and the stress which these relationships caused to the youngsters is devastating to them and to their families. Alcohol and drug abuse are usually secondary concerns. Schooling and education suffers so to do extra curricular activities and normal social and emotional teenage development can be irrecoverably damaged.

We have been instructed by a number of families whose children have been subjected to this traumatic process. We are bringing claims for criminal injuries compensation on the children’s behalf. We are pleased to have been able to organise treatment for them and to assist charities such as C.R.O.P to help them cope and move on from the horror of this sort of crime.

The only way for the youngsters to put an end to the torment they experience in these situations is by telling an adult – be it a parent, a teacher or anybody else they can trust to get help for them. It is crucial that any forensic evidence is preserved and handed to the police. It is crucial that the youngsters tell the police absolutely everything they know about their assailant so that they can be successfully prosecuted. This is not only for the protection of the individual child but also for the wider protection of others and to enforce the deterrent effect. The youngsters also need to have medication attention to deal with the physical aspects of their injuries or conditions for example drug and alcohol abuse or genital injuries or sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, it is crucial that psychological intervention begins as early as possible to help them recover from the traumatic and extremely stressful experiences they have had.

[As the young woman in the video testifies, in many cases, the highly “racially sensitized” and politicized police refuse to help the victims because of fear of being called “racist” and effectively ending their careers. — Ed.]

(Video courtesy of British National Party)

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