EU: “Homogenous Nation-States are Dead”

Way prepared for mass Third World invasion of Europe

THE PRESIDENT of the European Union has declared that “homogenous nation-states are dead” just a week after the European Parliament legally cleared the way for the mass invasion of Europe by the Third World.

EU President Herman van Rompuy (pictured) openly declared war on those who opposed the EU superstate in comments made to mark the 21st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“The time of the homogenous nation-state is over,” Mr van Rompuy said, adding that in “every [EU] member state, there are people who believe their country can survive alone in the globalised world. It is more than an illusion — it is a lie.” [That’s a non sequitur. What does keeping one’s racial integrity have to do with “surviving alone”? China and Japan obviously do not “survive alone,” whatever that means — but they do guard their racial integrity. — KAS]

The EU president’s honesty about his organisation’s intentions come just one week after the EU Parliament agreed on asylum legislation which legally gave almost the entire world the right to move to Europe.

Only the British National Party’s Andrew Brons, MEP, dared point out the obvious to the EU Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee.

Speaking after that committee had approved wording for asylum regulations which stated that no one could be deported in case they were “in danger” in their home country, Mr Brons said:

“It has been reaffirmed this morning that asylum will not be restricted to those who have been singled out for ill treatment but will extend to people who would be in danger if they were returned, simply because they come from dangerous countries.

“If it is unacceptable to send back to dangerous countries people who have not been singled out for ill treatment, it must follow logically that we cannot tolerate the remaining populations of those countries [staying] in them,” Mr Brons said.

“When are we going to bring the whole of the populations of China, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Europe?

“There are many other countries that I could add to the list but the entire populations of three countries being brought to Europe is enough for one morning.”

In other words, the EU has not only declared “homogenous nation-states” to be dead, but, by declaring that it is “unsafe” to deport any asylum seeker from China, Afghanistan or Pakistan, they have effectively invited mass illegal immigration from those nations.

There is little doubt that the EU now represents one of the most deadly, evil and calculating threats to the continued existence not only of Britain, but all European nations and the European people as a whole.

Unlike the fake “UKIP” party, which argues in terms of its cultural civic nationalism policy that anyone who settles in Britain can be “British,” the British National Party unashamedly demands the right of the native, indigenous people of Europe to be recognised as such and accorded their full rights.

Mr van Rompuy would never dare tell India, China or Pakistan that the days of their “homogeneity” are over and that their reluctance to merge with their neighbours is a “lie.”

There is no reason who Europeans should put up any longer with this pompous, hate-filled, anti-white fanatic van Rompuy and his overtly evil organisation.

The BNP declares its intention to the world: not only do we seek to withdraw from the European Union, but, along with other proud European nationalists, we seek its destruction.

The BNP loves Europe and seeks a “Europe of Nations,” not a united Europe.

Read the source article at the British National Party site

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15 November, 2010 4:40 pm

While Russia has a significant Muslim population, they also have the kind of white leadership who might one afternoon decide to expel all non-whites. And since they have nukes, crazies like EU President Herman van Rompuy will have no say over the matter.