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Boasting About Degradation of Non-Jewish Women

by Kevin Alfred Strom

A READER INFORMS us of a Web site called, the anonymous owner of which expresses his simultaneous contempt for and lust for non-Jewish women (which, in practice, almost always means White women). Combining contempt and lust is the essence of sexual degradation. The attitude of the owner is made quite clear by the site’s motto: Shiksas Are For Practice. These Girls Are Forever!

“Shiksa” is a usually insulting Yiddish term for a non-Jewish woman. It comes from a Hebrew root meaning “abomination,” “impure,” or “object of loathing.” But, presumably, okay “for practice.”

The site lists many of its alleged “hot” Jewish girls by name, some 40 in all, and invites its female readers to “Become a hot Jewish girl!” One small link allows the visitors to see non-Jewish women, though: It’s labeled “Random Shiksas.”

One such “shiksa”‘s profile states that “Though she is not Jewish, she does profess her love for Jewish Men in this video.” The woman, Amber, calls herself “Obamagirl” and also claims to “have a crush on Barack Obama.”

One might think that channeling the sexual interests of Jewish men exclusively toward Jewish women would be a good thing for all races, Jews included. But it seems the operator of this site cannot even do that without hate, insult, and gross lewdness.

The degradation of what ought to be sacred is one means by which our people’s souls are destroyed.

[UPDATE: A sharp-eyed reader wrote to tell us that the owner of the site is one David Feingold, whose name can be found on the site’s “model release form,” where young women readers are told “You may send any pictures of yourself to …” — K.A.S. ]

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Stratton Menvies
Stratton Menvies
8 November, 2010 11:39 am

Thanks, James Sanchez. No thanks, David Feingold. What a low creature. He and Noel Biderman (of “Ashley Madison” infamy) should get together, preferably at whatever point on Earth is the greatest distance from me and my family.

And we allow beings like this to control our media and numerous government agencies? This benefits us how, exactly?

22 March, 2012 10:37 pm

It’s like they hate us, but at the same time they are obsessed with us.

Reply to  Michelle
30 June, 2021 4:50 am

Indifference is the one thing the inferior cannot forgive-they are ‘Chosen’, you know.