America’s First Third World Election

by Matt Parrott

OUR COUNTRY HAD a good long run at being a first world democracy, one in which White folks were pitted against one another in a battle of ideas. Now, for the first time in history, we’re pitted against the anti-White “Cosmic Coalition” in a battle of identities. After decades of being pushed and poked around in a stupor of ignorance and denial, we’re coming together as a people at the voting booth and pushing back. The thing about White people is that we do our voting with our feet and we do our rioting in the voting booth.

It didn’t have to happen this soon. After all, it’s nowhere near 2042, when we’ll actually be just another minority. And even then, we’ll still be a majority of the actual voters for a few decades after that. The diversity propaganda so effectively hypnotized us that the Cosmic Coalition was able to sneak all the way up to the top of every branch of the federal government without our awakening. But now, as if Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of the thieves tripped and knocked over the china cabinet, we’re awake.

The Democratic Party destroyed itself with one fatal error. That error was the decision in early 2009 to attack the nascent Tea Party revolt in the language of identity. This movement began as a relatively benign conservative reaction to Democratic dominance and fiscal irresponsibility. But they kept getting accused of being White. The thing is, if you’re accused of being a White man enough times, eventually you’re going to internalize that hurtful remark. You’re going to realize that you’re simply not welcome in the Diversicratic Party.

They, the Left, created this monster. The Tea Parties, like reluctant werewolves, fought desperately to avoid the transformation that the Left was forcing on them. They raised up token minorities. They held a craven “Uni-Tea” rally. They handed control of the party over to an incompetent Black guy. They even briefly allowed that incompetent Black guy to replace the GOP website with a bizarro Black Reconstruction Republican history site.

The Democratic Party did this to themselves, and only one leader within the party, Senator Jim Webb, made a single effort to stop forcing the Tea Party movement to become a White identity movement. The shake-up that’s about to tear apart the Democratic Party will make the recent shake-up in the Republican Party look like… a tea party. The party simply can’t survive without a healthy subset of the White voting public, and the non-Whites within the party simply can’t tolerate what must be done to win back the White voting public. Game on.

Read the source article, and much more, at Hoosier Nation

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12 November, 2010 4:10 am

The media and the big Democrat machine has managed to teach minorities that freedom is dangerous! For some reason, the media paints any activism by white folks as some kind of threat to minorities. But socialism has been pushed pretty hard, and so there is an economic divide between those who want to keep the money they earn (it’s not as much these days), and those who want to keep receiving government checks. People have accepted the current levels of taxation for quite a while, but when their paycheck stops paying their bills, somethings gotta give. Especially with formerly good jobs going overseas, unchecked immigration pushing down wages, and anchor babies receiving citizenship and automatic benefits.