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What We Killed

What is now the hellhole of murder and squalor and AIDS called Zimbabwe was once something quite different.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE 8-MILLIMETER HOME movie film may be 30 years old, it may be scratched and dusty, but the spirit that one can see in the beautiful countryside and villages, the sparkling cities, and, above all, the fair people of the fair land that once was Rhodesia can never be erased. The handsome men and beautiful women and frolicking children we see in these images may be dead now — many of them murdered by the savage killers we subsidized through our tax dollars and Sunday collection plates. Where are the books, the films, the holidays, that commemorate their lives and ensure remembrance of their deaths?

There once was a fair land, advanced in culture, science, and all the arts; a First World country filled with the bright white faces of young, hopeful families, and brave victorious fighters for independence from the oligarchs. And we betrayed them. We killed them. Let us dedicate ourselves to learning that ominous lesson, and never let it be repeated in the homelands that are still left to us.

Via White News Now

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3 May, 2013 5:50 pm

It would be interesting if you showed a film of modern Zimbabwe to compare and contrast.