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The Gateway

by Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured)

THERE IS A LINE in Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night that always struck me as applicable to our people’s plight: “The strongest guard is placed at the gateway to nothing. Maybe because the condition of emptiness is too shameful to be divulged.”

The multiracialists and their Jewish leadership stratum do indeed have a strong guard placed around their citadels of power. The power of money, which puts so many of our people at their disposal, telling lies about race and science in the media and the academy, and legally persecuting White leaders, is part of that guard. So are the rent-a-mobs who scream and spit and throw urine bombs at the brave men and women who marched in favor of Ernst Zundel’s freedom a few weeks ago. But it is truly a guard “placed at the gateway to nothing.”

The facts of science are against them — with every passing day, we find out more and more about the reality of racial differences and the genetic source of almost all of our characteristics — our intelligence, our character, our personality, our susceptibility to disease, our reactions to nutrients and drugs and other environmental factors, as well as our appearance. Let me give you just one example from the National Vanguard Web site:

In November, a tiny company called NitroMed unveiled results showing that a new drug, BiDil, reduced deaths due to heart failure by half.

The results were astounding, but there was a catch. The drug was only tested on African-Americans and had previously failed to show a benefit in a broader population. An editorial in The New England Journal of Medicine by M. Gregg Bloche, a Georgetown University medical ethicist, warned of the need to manage the downside of “race-based therapeutics” — and predicted that it was only a matter of time before race was linked to the effects of other drugs.

Only six months later, Bloche seems prescient. A flood of studies has emerged showing racial differences in how patients suffer from disease — or benefit from drugs — in ailments ranging from osteoporosis to cancer. And several more have looked at the effects of drugs on particular racial groups.

Race-based medicine is real and it cannot be stopped. Nor can the drawing of the obvious conclusion — that racial differences are real and immutable — be stopped either. The intelligent and independent-minded cannot in the long run be prevented from seeing the truth. The enraged shrieking that “race does not exist” of the Jewish supremacists like Tim Wise and Stephen Gould and all the rest of them has availed them naught. Their lies are falling one by one before the advance of science.

In Wisconsin and Minnesota, where my White forebears lived for the last century, the multiracial utopia promised by the multiracialists is failing to materialize, even in places where Whites are slated to be replaced by what are thought to be the most benign and harmless of the invaders, the Asians. Those of you who read or listen to my broadcasts at know the story of the White men and women left to die in the bloody snow by a murdering Hmong tribesmen, the racial solidarity shown by many of the Hmongs in excusing that sickening crime, and the verbal contortions engaged in by the multiracialists to convince the suckers that the killings somehow had “nothing to do with race” or were somehow White people’s fault. But those murders are only the most obvious examples of trouble in the multiracial heaven of the Great White North.

In St. Paul Minnesota, Sia Lo, a Hmong tribesman and an assistant to St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly at an annual cost to the White people of Minnesota of $91,260, has tendered his resignation effective the end of this month. Lo was embroiled in controversies stemming entirely from crimes which took place in the course of racially-motivated schemes to funnel huge sums of money from the overwhelmingly White taxpayers to Hmong criminals in high places.

Lo got in trouble when he allegedly demanded a $75,000 bribe from developer J. Kou Vang, a developer of, among other projects, a city-subsidized [and racially segregated] Hmong funeral home. Lo’s sister, Song Lo Fawcett, followed up with a faxed demand that Vang pay the $75,000 kickback; and when Vang refused to pay that, she said she’d settle for $25,000.

The real outrage here isn’t the kickbacks, in my opinion, though they do reveal the character of some of the sainted angels of diversity. The real outrage is the program itself.

Here we have a great White city raised on the cold and forbidding plains by our ancestors. Here we have one of the greatest and most precious repositories of White genes on the planet. Here we have some of the most honest and hard-working White folks on planet Earth. And they are taxed — enslaved, really — to fund the invaders who are taking their land. This exclusively-Hmong funeral home is only one of hundreds of projects involuntarily funded by White families for the exclusive benefit of non-Whites. Cha Vang helped design the project. The plan was pushed and much of the money received by the Vang Pao Foundation. And this one project — one among hundreds — was funded by the City of St. Paul to the tune of $500,000. And that’s not all. The St. Paul Port Authority used $460,000 in federal funds just to prepare the site for the funeral home. Imagine what we could do with that $960,000 to benefit White people. Imagine all the sacrifices that the used and abused White working families of St. Paul and elsewhere had to make so these corrupt invaders could make their filthy fortune.

No amount of feel-good “diversity” propaganda can perfume that stench. As such scandals and worse become increasingly common in America, more and more of the remaining Whites will become hardened against such lies, and will become ready for the truths we tell. They will increasingly see that the multiracialists are indeed guarding the gateway to nothing.

And as America descends to the level of the Third World, the pushers of “tolerance” will go from holding the whip hand to holding an empty hand. There are millions of White people who simply will not tolerate the outrages that are becoming far more common as we transform ourselves into a non-White nation.

Here’s what’s happening right now, according to the official Web site of US Immigration and Customs enforcement:

“Jose Luis Melchor-Aparicio impregnated his own daughter and then demanded that she have an abortion. Melchor-Aparicio, who failed to register as a sex offender, had two prior deportation orders and attempted to hide his identify from ICE agents by lying and using fake documents….”

“A Jamaican national [whose name is concealed for some reason by the government] raped his eight-month-old daughter. The predator caused so much internal damage to the baby that she was forced to undergo reconstructive surgery. Convicted in April 2002, the Jamaican predator is currently serving a 20-year sentence in state prison. Removal proceedings will continue while he serves his term.”

“Francis Gitau, also known as Frances Wanjuri, a Kenyan, was having sex with [numerous] female minors [race unspecified] in the Boston area. …Police in Lawrence, Massachusetts arrested Gitau on a charge of raping a 14-year-old girl in a local apartment. Gitau was deported in February 2004.”

Of course, our descent into the non-White world of everyday cruelty and savage outrages will not be stemmed by a deportation here and an arrest there, especially when such proceedings — if they ever do occur — can take years, and these predators are invading our country thousands of times faster than the already-bloated legal system can deal with them. But such outrages, as they become so common they cannot be hidden, will have a salutary effect on the consciousness of White people, far more effective — as William Pierce used to say — than even a sturdy oak table leg applied briskly to the side of the head.

The truly perceptive — the truly sensitive — the truly intelligent — will increasingly come to see the hollowness in the smiling multiracial news team and the invariably noble non-White in the TV drama and the “celebrate diversity” happy-face poster at the local zoo… I mean high school. They will increasingly come to see that the multiracialists are indeed guarding the gateway to nothing. They will be ready to listen when we explain to them, with love in our hearts, how it all came to pass.

The Most Important Point: Keep Control

And here’s an important point — a point that I want every member of this audience to take away from this meeting. If you forget everything else I say, remember this. We must not compromise our truth as we present it to our people. Although we should not fulfill Jewish stereotypes, as I’ve said a hundred times before, we must also never fail to correctly identify who is the adversary, who is the opponent: and that opponent is the Jewish power structure. Without that identification preeminent in our minds and thoughts — and in the teachings we pass on to those we are awakening — we will fail. We will fail because the Opponent is relentless and clever and, despite his lies and the emptiness of his ideas, is a master of disguise and misdirection, and, if we let him, he will take our movement from us. We must never let that happen.

I’ll give you just one example, though I am sure you can think of many others.

Just over 100 years ago the Democratic party in the United States was the party of states’ rights. The Democratic party was the party of the White working man. The Democratic party was the party of racial segregation, racial separation, and racial integrity. But neither the members nor the leaders of the Democratic party were sufficiently aware of the forces the Opponent had arrayed against them. Sadly, only a few even knew who the Opponent was. And most of them were not men of principle — they were men of expediency. “Whatever works” was their watchword. And, when Franklin Roosevelt swept into power on a wave of Jewish money, Jewish advisors, and a tsunami of vile lies and deceptions, the party of racial separation and the White working man was quickly transformed into the party of Affirmative Action, unlimited immigration, Jewish supremacism, and diseased sodomites. But they did win a lot of elections. A great success, that.

Bear that example in mind when someone tells you that we should not talk about Jewish power or the Jewish agenda.

One advantage that we have over the Jewish supremacists who oppose our people’s awakening is that their growth curve — either in numbers or power — is severely restricted. Ours is not. Their people are already highly motivated and engaged in their ethnic agenda, so there’s little or no potential for growth there. And, despite their money and power, their numbers are low and probably declining even faster than ours. Our population is more than 50 times larger. And the potential for the growth of our race-based movement is thousands of times greater, perhaps infinitely greater, than any recruiting potential the Jewish power structure might have for its ethnic agenda. As the saying goes, they’re “maxed out.”

If we and our principal opponent were symbolized by containers balanced on a scale, they’d have 15.9 ounces in a 16-ounce bottle on their side, and an eyedropper to fill it with — and on our side we’d have a nearly-empty 50 gallon drum and Niagara to fill it with.

Sure, they’ve got the scale tipped their way for the present, but that can all change in the blink of an eye — as they well know. That is why the Jewish supremacists are so frantic to suppress our ideas. They know that our ideas are powerful, moving, and truthful. And they also know that, if we do our duty well, our ideas have the potential to “catch fire” and remake the world. William DeVere Burns, an activist and National Vanguard writer, expressed this well in his essay “The Power of Compounding White Nationalism,” from which I quote.

“Given all the power of the Jews, ” he asks, “how can we possibly win?”

“I’ll tell you how. The power of compounding White nationalism. You see, the Jew has two major weaknesses: 1) His small numbers (he has 18 million worldwide — we have nearly one billion); and 2) He’s lying.

“So we must simply get the power of our truth and our relatively big numbers working for us and against him.

“Let’s be conservative. (How many people are in this room? Five hundred? So let’s be extremely conservative.) Let’s say that, in the entire world, there are today, only 1,000 truly dedicated, courageous, fully awakened and motivated White nationalists. There are just as many White nationalists in this room as there are in the entire rest of the world. Surely that’s an outrageous underestimate. But let’s go with it.

“If in one year — by simply telling the truth (and by producing persuasive, intelligent, moving, and drop-dead professional outreach materials) — each of those 1,000 awakened White people recruits an average of just one White person with the potential to be as dedicated and active as himself or herself, and then each of these people continues to recruit an average of one more person per year every year — that means that White nationalism will be compounding at a rate of 100% per year. Any investor will tell you that a 100% return on your investment is a hell of a return. Here’s why:

“In one year, there will be 2,000 dedicated, courageous, fully awakened and motivated White nationalists. In two years, 4,000 — in three years, 8,000 — and in ten years, the year 2015, there will be over 1,000,000 dedicated, courageous, fully awakened and motivated White nationalists. In fifteen years, the year 2020: 32,780,000. In 20 years, the year 2025: 1,048,576,000 White nationalists — in other words, more than the total number of White people in the world today. In 20 years….”

Now anybody can extrapolate numbers. And the objection will be raised that the subset of White people who are even capable of fully understanding the concepts involved in our biological world view is far less than 100 per cent. of the White population. True enough. But it’s also far more than one per cent., and that’s still ten million White people worldwide and two million right here in the United States. Long before we reach the level of two million dedicated White nationalists, we’ll be so influential, and our media and economic power will be so great, that millions more White people will give us their allegiance based on a gut feeling that we’re on their side and that — at long last — their side is the winning side. A tipping point will be reached, at which time groupthink and the herd instinct and the desire to conform and be fashionable will work for us instead of against us.

“So victory is possible. It is realistic.”

I come from a long line of long-lived people, so I certainly intend to be around and vigorous in twenty years. So will you do something for me? Will each of you promise to recruit at least one new White man or woman or youth to our Cause this year? Will each of you do what it takes to bring our truth to victory?

Can each of you do that? Can each of you bring one more White man or woman to our Cause by this time next year? That is a conservative goal, I think.

The emperor has no clothes. The mighty Oz is nothing but an absurd little man telling lies from behind a curtain. “The strongest guard is placed at the gateway to nothing.”

The multiracialists have nothing but bullying and lies on their side. Nothing. We have everything. We have the truth, the facts of science, the honest wisdom of our natural racial feelings, the inspiration of our greatest thinkers, the feelings of love written upon our very souls, and the exquisitely beautiful faces of our children for a thousand generations on our side. Who do you think is going to win?

No matter how strong the guard they have placed at the gates of nothing, it will not avail them. We will rip aside their machinery of illusion and reveal the emptiness of their lies. We will show all who have eyes the evil of their genocidal plans. And we will defeat them. We will defeat them utterly. When our grandchildren are telling tales to their grandchildren in 2050, the true story of the rise and fall of the Jewish supremacists — of the parasites who almost ground us to Earth as our ascent to the stars was just beginning — will sound like a science fiction story. But it will not be fiction. It will be the story of our awakening, of our liberation, of our new beginning. It will be the story of a revolutionary moment in history, when our people made the choice to avoid the path that leads to the gateway to racial death, the gateway to nothing, and instead took another path — the gateway to life, the gateway to infinity.

Thank you.

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12 December, 2020 1:28 pm

Great stuff. Reconquista is where we all should be at.

Ed "Truck" Ross
Ed "Truck" Ross
13 December, 2020 10:29 am

What an article. Can’t believe there are not more comments on this one. Kevin is awesome.