Shut Up and Blend In?

by Matt Parrott

WHEN YOU’RE trying to poison somebody, you want to be sneaky about it. When somebody is trying to poison you, you want to be loud about it. The Jewish strategy of patiently infiltrating and subverting our mainstream institutions is necessarily secretive and relies heavily on crypsis because it’s the work of a small minority of hostile outside agitators. While Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals contains plenty of solid practical advice for the budding community organizer, his strategic situation was so dramatically different from our own that a simplistic attempt to mimic his methods simply won’t work for us.

We White Advocates are not a small minority of hostile outside agitators intent on poisoning the traditional American way of life. We’re still a small minority, but we are – more than any other political faction – interested in the welfare of our target audience. Unlike Saul Alinsky’s radicals, we don’t need to be secretive about our motives because we don’t intend to politically, socially, and even physically replace our targets. Our enemies are deceiving persuadables about our motives, a challenge we must take on directly. Lying about our motives as a tactic to work around somebody lying about our motives is to retreat from the high ground of being honest about our motives.

When Saul Alinsky’s radicals infiltrated White American institutions, it was the work of a clever and close-knit tribe deceiving a naive and disorganized mob. We White Americans, including our own small vanguard of ethnopatriots, are still naive and disorganized relative to the Jewish usurpers and their henchmen. To attempt an Alinskyite infiltration of their controlled institutions at this point is to go outside the experience of [our] people and will assuredly result in confusion, fear, and retreat.

The alternative is simple: advocacy. If persuadables haven’t seen the light, maybe we need to shine it brighter. Our people don’t yet realize they need advocates, but they will. When circumstances force our people to look around for credible and competent advocates, we need to be ready. There’s already been a sea change in popular attitudes about race and immigration. The multicult fad has definitively jumped the shark among working class White Americans. We have the momentum.

Is gagging ourselves a clever strategy?
Is gagging ourselves a clever strategy?

For the first time in several decades, it’s possible to have a serious conversation about race with ordinary people. With every passing year, more neighborhoods are destroyed; More American workers are replaced by immigrants; More American jobs are shipped overseas; More lives and families are destroyed by Black and Hispanic violence; More young men and women who’ve died in the desert for Israel are scooped into a box, draped with the stars and stripes, and returned to sender.

These things add up.

Fifty years ago, George Lincoln Rockwell shouted that our White American country will be replaced with non-Whites and controlled by Jews… and nobody listened. Now the non-Whites, the Jews, and the Census Bureau are delivering this same message… and people are finally starting to listen. This forecasted replacement of us as a people is being celebrated as a fait accompli by our immigrant overlords, overlords who presume that the White American people will continue believing that the clever thing to do is shut up and blend in.

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Matt Parrott
Matt Parrott
7 October, 2010 3:28 pm

I appreciate the re-post and am impressed by the new look and feel of this site. You’re always welcome to post my work in its entirety.

As an aside, the “Read the full article…” link implies that there’s more article to read. That’s it.

7 October, 2010 3:34 pm

Thanks very much! The incongruity in the link has been corrected.