Richard Nixon: “There’s a Jewish Cabal”

Richard Nixon knew of the illegitimate power of the Jewish establishment, but nevertheless was forced to do its bidding in most important policy areas.

by Timothy Noah

OUR STORY begins on the afternoon of July 3, 1971. We join President Richard Nixon as he is talking to White House aide Charles Colson. Nixon and Colson [who had been discussing anti-administration activities in the Bureau of Labor Statistics] had the following exchange (according to a July 3, 1971, tape widely publicized on its release by the National Archives in 1999):

Nixon: Well, listen, are they all Jews over there?

Colson: Every one of them. Well, a couple of exceptions.

Nixon: See my point?

Colson: You know goddamn well they’re out to kill us.

Also that day, Nixon and his chief of staff, H.R. “Bob” Haldeman, had the following conversation (this, too, is from the July 3, 1971, tape that was released in 1999):

Nixon: Now, point: [Fred] Malek is not Jewish.

Haldeman: No.

Nixon: All right, I want a look at any sensitive areas around where Jews are involved, Bob. See, the Jews are all through the government, and we have got to get in those areas. We’ve got to get a man in charge who is not Jewish to control the Jewish … do you understand?

Haldeman: I sure do.

Nixon: The government is full of Jews. Second, most Jews are disloyal. You know what I mean? You have a [White House Counsel Leonard] Garment and a [National Security Adviser Henry] Kissinger and, frankly, a [White House speechwriter William] Safire, and, by God, they’re exceptions. But Bob, generally speaking, you can’t trust the bastards. They turn on you. Am I wrong or right?

Haldeman: Their whole orientation is against you. In this administration, anyway. And they are smart. They have the ability to do what they want to do—which—is to hurt us.

Three weeks pass. It is now the morning of July 24, 1971, and Nixon, fulminating about Daniel Ellsberg and the New York Times and administration leaks, finds his thoughts drifting back to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What follows is from a second new Miller Center transcription (click here and scroll to the bottom):

Nixon: One other thing I want to know. Colson made an interesting study of the BLS crew. He found out of the 21—you remember he said last time—16 were Democrats. No, he told me in the car, 16 were registered Democrats, one was a registered Republican [inaudible] well, there may have been 23. And four were Declined to States. Now that doesn’t surprise me in BLS. The point that he did not get into that I want to know, Bob, how many were Jews? Out of the 23 in the BLS, would you get me that?

Haldeman: [White House deputy assistant] Alex [Butterfield] is getting it.

Nixon: There’s a Jewish cabal, you know, running through this, working with people like [Federal Reserve Chairman Arthur F.] Burns and the rest. And they all—they all only talk to Jews. Now, but there it is. But there’s the BLS staff. Now how the hell do you ever expect us to get anything from that staff, the raw data, let alone what the poor guys have to say [inaudible] that isn’t gonna be loaded against us? You understand?

Haldeman: Is Alex working on that?

Ehrlichman: Malek.

Nixon: Oh, Malek is. Oh.

Unidentified Person: [whispering] I’ll get this to you today….

Two days later, on July 26, Haldeman sends a memo to Malek. “What’s the status of your analysis of the BLS; specifically of the 21 key people?” Haldeman writes. “What is their demographic breakdown?”

Malek answers in a memo the following day. Out of 50 names on the organization chart, Malek has run down the party affiliations of 35. Twenty-five are Democrats, one is a Republican, and nine are either independents, not registered, or of unknown party affiliation. “In addition,” Malek writes (someone—presumably either Haldeman or Nixon himself—has underlined this sentence), “13 out of the 35 fit the other demographic criterion that was discussed.” Scribbled beneath this (I’m guessing by Haldeman) are the words, “Most of these are at the top.”

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  1. […] most Jews are disloyal… [G]enerally speaking, you can’t trust the bastards.” ~ President Richard Nixon, July 3, […]

  2. MOB
    2 November, 2010 at 2:43 pm — Reply

    I’ve never forgotten the Nixon-Malek affair, because the article below single-handedly alerted me to Jewish power, something I had been completely unaware of until then. “Reprehensible.” “Foul, foul!” The excessiveness amazed me!

    Jews are by nature a cabal; they probably were trying to undermine Nixon. The obvious question was, “Why is it okay to count the heads of all other groups (quotas), but unforgivably anti-semitic to even notice Jews? The haughty Jewish demand for apology astounded me. It hadn’t yet become as revoltingly familiar as it is today. This was the first item I ever cut out of the paper to save, for what, I didn’t know. It was the first of hundreds.
    Robert L. Turner in the Boston Globe – November 1991

    It was just over 20 years ago that Frederic V. Malek wrote a memo based on a “demographic criterion” and sent it to his boss, President Nixon. Twenty years is a long time, but not long enough. Now Pres. Bush has named Malek his campaign manager, and the story needs to be told, one more time at least.

    Malek’s memo listed the Jews in the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nixon thought a “Jewish cabal” at the BLS was trying to undermine him. Harold Goldstein, then director of current employment analysis at the bureau, told reporters that unemployment figures were “mixed” at the same time the administration was sayingthey were “heartening.” Nixon ordered Malek, his personnel chief, to find out how many of the top officials in the agency were Jews. Malek did it.

    In a memo dated July 27, 1971, Malek wrote that 13 of 35 top officials in the BLS fit the “demographic criterion that was discussed.” Before the year was out, Goldstein and another official on Malek’s list were transferred out of the agency. None of this came to light until 9/88 when The Washington Post discovered the memos in the Nixon archives. Malek, fresh from the job of coordinating the New orleans convention for Bush, had just been awarded the job of deputy chairman of the Republican National Committee. The day after the Post’s account appeared, Malek resigned.

    The story disappeared almost as fast as Malek. Bush insisted at the time that Malek was not anti-Semitic, and Art Buchwald wrote a column saying of course that was true: Nixon wouldn’t give that kind of job to an anti-Semite. But there was little fallout. Michael Dukakis, who disliked negative campaigning, let the issue die quietly. Even now, two of the major books on the 1988 campaign — those by Paul Taylor of the Post and by Jack Germond and Jules Witcover — contain no mention of Malek at all.

    Yet the whole business left a sour taste. Even people willing to forget an event from the past were upset in 1988 that neither Malek nor Bush admitted error or apologized. Malek said he was only following Nixon’s orders in 1971 — as if that was an excuse for so reprehensible an act — and was resigning in 1988 only to avoid diverting attention from Bush’s campaign. Bush called Malek “a most honorable man without a trace of bigotry in his makeup.” Now, with Malek’s elevation to a senior position in his reelection campaign, Bush should face the issue squarely.

    I do not know Fred Malek; if we have ever met, I don’t remember it. Republicans in Washington have varying opinions of him, some praising his managerial ability (he was a successful businessman for the Marriott Corp. and Northwest Airlines), while others question his decisiveness and his ability to work with people. He may, at this point, not have a prejudiced bone in his body, and may in fact have an elevated sensitivity to such issues. But what he did 20 years ago is one of the most disgusting, repugnant things an American can do, and it cannot be sloughed off as ancient history — at least not while he and Bush continue to pretend nothing happened.

    Bush went out of his way last week to slam David Duke as a candidate of bigotry and hate, yet Fred Malek will carry at least the vestiges of bigotry and hate to the command center of his own campaign unless, at a minimum, they exorcise the demon by acknowledging it. After 20 years, Malek may be forgiven. But what he did was a foul, foul thing. It cannot be forgotten.

  3. dfs
    2 December, 2014 at 1:54 am — Reply

    Why the selective shouting of racism? Jews are disporportionately in high power positions. They also classifed themselves as ‘white’ to hide this disproportion.

    When there are two groups, one embraching multiculturalism and the other using multiculturalism as a weapon to take out the more tolerant side, it’s a war.

    Nixon may have been the last independent president. AIPAC is the most powerful lobby and the high rates of immigration to the West is a unilateral move that Jewish multiculturalism promotes. Does Israel practice multiculturalism?

  4. Mark Bunnell
    29 November, 2015 at 10:21 pm — Reply

    I pray for a new Martin Luther King in the 21st century. One that will travel to Israel and will bring about civil rights and equality there. As a jew, I think this is necessary.

  5. 2 December, 2015 at 8:46 pm — Reply

    Not sure what that has to do with your tribe’s role in destroying President Nixon, Mr. Burrell, but good luck with your prayer.

    “Dick Nixon before he dicks you” was the joke back in the early 1970s. That phrase can be seen in a new light with the book that was just released this summer: The Real Watergate Scandal: Collusion, Conspiracy, and the Plot That Brought Nixon Down by Geoff Shepard.

    View Mr. Shepard’s eye-opening C-SPAN BOOKTV talk here: The Watergate Judge John Serica and his anti-Nixon accomplices, mostly Democrats, some being Jews, are skewered as crooked, secret plotters who used illegal, criminal means to remove a sitting POTUS because they didn’t like him.

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