Our Struggle is a Gift

by Dick Whitman

MANY PEOPLE in the pro-White struggle bemoan our current predicament with high levels of despair. I wish to encourage all of you to stop thinking this way. I personally see this current struggle against White genocide as a gift from the Creator (or Nature, depending on how one looks at things).

A wise person once said “problems are just opportunities in disguise.”

I think this applies to our situation perfectly. If tomorrow we all woke up and found out that the people perpetrating the program of genocide against the White race were gone from the earth, how much better off would we be? For a little while we would be relieved, but Whites would still be self-hating, degeneracy would still be rampant, and life would still have little meaning.

Our current struggle against the anti-Whites is a gift, in that it’s forcing the White people of earth to improve and evolve who they are spiritually, mentally, and physically. The act of defeating the anti-Whites is more important than their actual defeat. This period of struggle is a great gift of learning.

Remember, before the anti-Whites could take control of the White Nations, there had to be a weakness present that allowed them to do so. Many of you dwell on the Jewish role in the program of genocide against the White race. There are millions of pages of Internet space discussing the Jewish role in subverting Western Civilization. But who or what allowed them to obtain this power in the first place?

It is this “who” or “what” that this struggle is forcing us to address. If all the anti-Whites left the earth tomorrow, we’d never address it. So be glad and shout from the rooftops that we face such a struggle. Thank God, Odin, Jesus, Mother Nature, infinite consciousness, or whoever for such an opportunity.

Whites are being forced to evolve. This is Nature’s iron law. Whites either evolve, or they go extinct. So be glad and sing “Joy to the World!” We live in the most interesting of times, and history is now.

I believe it was Nietzsche who said “that that doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

This struggle is the prerequisite for a new age of enlightenment and consciousness.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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30 September, 2021 2:48 am

Thank You much Mr. Strom for putting words on a thought I only recently became capable of identifying consciously for myself regarding our struggle, my own and the very idea of embracing struggle in a general way. Just because someone might project their problems on the outside world, seeing the corollary equivalent points of their inner self manifested in others areas of reality, it certainly doesn’t mean those points aren’t real, quite the contrary. Indeed, in a way a burden is made to be embraced. I’m glad the disorder I was a victim was simply reality’s way of letting me know it needs me.