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Mugabe’s Lesson

by Kevin Alfred Strom

IN THE LAND that was once called Rhodesia when it was ruled by White men — now Black Zimbabwe — president Robert Mugabe’s “militias” routinely take young girls from families accused of being opponents of the regime, gang rape them, and then use them as travelling sex slaves as they rampage and murder over the countryside. London’s Daily Telegraph reported that rape is being used as a weapon of “systematic political cleansing” of the population. “War veterans” and “youth militias,” with the support and approval of anti-racist hero Mugabe (pictured), rape the young girls, beat them and others suspected of opposition tendencies almost to death, burn their genitals with iron rods, and then, in a land haunted by famine, urinate on their meager food supplies.

Murder and mutilation are also used as political weapons against opponents of the Mugabe regime, as are selective handouts of Western food aid, which go to Mugabe’s cronies and supporters first, while opponents get sent to the back of the line or are left to starve. Food is a powerful weapon in Zimbabwe, too, since it is estimated that as many as half of the population of 12 million faces starvation. The reason for the famine is Mugabe’s officially announced policy of “fast track land reform,” a code phrase for the seizure of White-owned farms, which are handed out to Mugabe’s “youth militias” and “war veterans,” which terms are themselves euphemisms for bands of armed Black killers and rapists, some of whom claim to be veterans of Mugabe’s Communist insurgencies of the 1970s. The insurgents, with decisive help from Western governments and religious bodies, toppled the White Rhodesian government in 1980.

Initially, one third of the 4,500 White-owned farms were to be seized. But when the squatters and thugs proved to be no more adept at farming than they are at mathematics or table manners, and the seized farms lay in ruin, devastating the economy and creating a famine, Mugabe knew that he had to do something before his own gunmen decided they needed a new Maximum Leader. He raised the percentage of White farms to be seized to 100 per cent.

Currently, a bloodbath is taking place in Zimbabwe. (Similar atrocities, with the same motivation, are also taking place in South Africa.) The White farmers who refuse to give up their ancestral lands are being slaughtered and their women and girls raped and mutilated. Calls to the now Black-run police are useless: When farmer Terry Ford called the police in Norton several times during the early morning hours of March 18th, 2002, while his farm was being invaded by a Black mob (later linked to Mugabe’s sister), the police informed him that their duty driver was “asleep,” so there was nothing they could do. Ford’s tortured and battered body was found the next morning, tied to a tree. He had been shot through the head after being repeatedly rammed against a fence by a truck.

Of course, the taxpaying serfs of America are Mugabe’s slaves in the sense that we have to work for him. According to the U.S. Agency for International Development, Mugabe got $9.3 million from the United States in 1999, $12.6 million in 2000, and $13.7 million in 2001. Zimbabwe requested $350 million in U.N. aid, and the total keeps on increasing. According to investigative reporter Anthony C. LoBaido, Israel supplied the equipment for Zimbabwe’s police forces, and is now providing training for Mugabe’s thugs and killers, who are studying the techniques used by Israel on the Palestinians.

Joseph Msika: “Whites are not human beings.”

Mugabe himself makes no bones of his racial animus, and openly calls for the killing of Whites. At a party congress in 2001, just two days after an elderly White farmer was shot dead at the gate of his farm, he called for action against “White devils,” and stated bluntly that he was at war with Whites and intended to take all they had away from them. “The courts can do whatever they want but no judicial decision will stand in our way. . . . My own position is that we should not even be defending our position in the courts. …Our party must continue to strike fear in the hearts of the White man, our real enemy.” The leader of the “war veterans” organization, Hunzvi, stated “We are fighting for our land and whosoever is killed, it’s tough luck.” (South African Sunday Times, February 24, 2002)

Zimbabwe’s vice president until his recent death, Joseph Msika, stated candidly that “Whites are not human beings.”

In the face of all this “democracy” and “racial justice,” Mugabe’s former cheering section in the Jewish media, and in the pulpits and legislative assemblies of the West, is strangely silent now.

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1 November, 2010 9:56 pm

Another white commercial farmer was shot dead (his wife assaulted) in Zim last Monday: “Not surprisingly, it is a high ranking member of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and a family member of a senior government official who presented papers, allegedly from the Ministry of Lands, claiming ownership of the elderly couple’s farm.” And as the article states, it’s not just in Zimbabwe. It’s also in South Africa and even in urban areas: “2010-06-06 Life-partners Mrs Loraine Steyn and Sven Bergman, left, told Beeld newspaper that two black men had moved into their Lynnwood home on June 5 2010 – slept in their daughters beds, drank their beer, showered and moved the furniture about: “But they didn’t break in to steal, they had moved into our home”, said Ms… Read more »

1 November, 2010 10:37 pm

One more thing you may not know about is the fact that at the moment, 12 prominent ANC leaders in the SA government are being investigated for genocide and crimes against humanity by the ICC in The Hague. They are: Jacob Zuma – SA President Julius Malema – ANC Youth League (ANCYL) President Nathi Mthethwa – Police Minister Bheki Cele – Police Chief Jackie Selebi – former National Police Commissioner (and Interpol Chief, which handed Top Secret info to convicted mafia bosses and has been in hot water in several fraud and murder trials himself) Tina Joemat Peterson – Minsiter of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Lindiwe Sisulu – Minister of Defense and MILITARY VETERANS Siyabonga Cwele – Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils – Former Minister of Intelligence Gwede Mantashe – ANC… Read more »

2 November, 2010 1:29 pm

I found some YouTube videos with South Africans making the best of a horrible situation: Old MacDonald had a farm – Zim style Note: “eish” (pronounced “aysh”) is an expression used in SA by blacks to express anything from shock, dismay, confusion or disappointment to surprise or disbelief. The word “lobola” in reference to the cow is about the blacks’ tradition where a prospective son-in-law must pay the bride’s father with cattle, goats, liquor and/or money (and anything else he may want). Both families are usually involved, although the bride (all the women to be honest) is not really involved in this process. Zimbabwe Embassy Voicemail Prank (Radio prank: Just Plain Breakfast – Radio Jacaranda 94.2, South Africa) Zimbabwean ‘Emigrating’ To South Africa (Hilarious radio prank call to… Read more »

3 November, 2010 8:25 am

South Africa: Potchefstroom farmer killed (bludgeoned and dragged behind his pickup) What’s really heart-breaking is that photo in the following video of the little dog guarding its murdered owner, something that sadly happens too often… Zimbabwe: farmer seriously assaulted by land settlers (owner beaten or hacked to death – foxterrier) South Africa: this great-grandmother (77) had her hands and feet tied to a chair and was strangled with her scarf. No doubt they must have tortured or threatened her before killing her, because money was withdrawn from her bank account several times afterwards. Nothing else was stolen. When she was found, her Dachshund, was lying at her feet, guarding her. South Africa: Dog guards dead master Pretoria – A toy pom dog belonging to Robert Botha,… Read more »

3 November, 2010 9:44 am

Aid to Africa really should stop. Why must US taxpayers’ money be used to finance Gucci Grace’s shopping trips to Hong Kong where she assaults British journalists photographing her? Especially considering this economic crisis Hussein OBAMA sin Laden has dunked America in? A lesser known fact is that another well-known African dictator, Idi Amin, was a muslim. He died in exile in Saudi Arabia several years ago. In SA, the blacks are very close with the muslims – just think of Zuma and his ‘financial advisor’ Schabir Shaik who was found by a judge to have “a generally corrupt relationship”. Shaik got out of jail on medical parole because it was “too stressful” and he started suffering from a mysterious and vague “stress-related illness”. Now, he’s asking for a presidential… Read more »

3 November, 2010 10:18 am

I also read somewhere that the blacks smoke their free AIDS drugs for a cheap (free) high. Not everyone does this obviously, but it happens. Aside from wasting your money, this ensures that the AIDS virus becomes immune to medication (which by the way was developed by whites). Really clever. A link to “July 12 all whites will be killed” – regarding threats made against whites and how Winnie Mandela’s bodyguards have been stocking up on weapons, ammo and bullet proof vests: Apparently one of her bodyguards told a white gun-shop owner to enjoy his shop while he had it, because after the world cup, they would take it over and “get some nice stuff from you whites”. He also told the guy they would come and shoot at… Read more »

3 November, 2010 10:50 am

Even the women on SA (and Zim) farms have to walk around armed even if they’re working in their gardens: (video of farm murder victims) From that first link: One SA woman says “The police say don’t fight back. You must fight. It’s the bullet or be slaughtered..” “‘It’s very tiring but even in the garden you have to be alert to what’s happening around you all the time. You can never, ever relax your guard,’ she says. When she hears of a man who got into a gunfight with three robbers she shakes her head: ‘I’d hate to get into that situation. You need to finish it quickly.’ She gestures to her vicious-looking Ninja knives and I realise the chilling intent behind her words – you… Read more »