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Jim Russell Sues Attackers: $1 Million Each

by Kevin Alfred Strom

CANDIDATE JIM RUSSELL, the rising star of New York politics who was recently dropped by the Republican party — and viciously attacked as a “Nazi” and “hater” by the controlled media — for daring to write an article on race and culture for an intellectual journal that mildly suggested that White Americans had rights and interests of their own to defend, is doing what almost no one in a similar situation has dared to do: He’s struck back with a lawsuit calling for damages of $1 million each from the nine most egregious media hacks who smeared him, including an operative of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. (VIDEO: Russell’s press conference on the courthouse steps.)

Russell, 56, is seeking $9 million in damages — $1 million from each person who defamed him, including writers for the Journal News, News 12, the Regional News Network, and state and local Republican officials. He states these individuals not only defamed his character, but attempted with some success to destroy his repuation and caused extreme distress to his family.

“We will not tolerate this,” he said. “We will not tolerate political correctness being imposed upon us.”

The Republican leadership, opposing their own candidate and most of their rank-and-file members, has tried to get Russell off the ballot, but have been unsuccessful. He will not only appear as a Republican on the November 2 ballot in New York’s 18th Congressional District, but also as the Conservative Party’s choice.

Russell’s lawsuit was just filed in New York’s state Supreme Court. Russell says that the media’s treatment of him is symptomatic of a larger pattern of attacks on patriotic candidates.

Of the media’s coverage of his campaign since the partisan site Politico began its attack on him, Russell said “It’s been reckless and it’s been false, and that’s why we’re filing this lawsuit.”

Two of those involved in smearing Russell were served with court papers at his news conference.

Those named as respondents in the suit are:

1. Phil Reisman (Journal News)

2. Leah Rae (Journal News)

3. Matt Davies (Journal News)

4. Richard French (RNN)

5. John Goff (News 12)

6. Justin Elliott (

7. Douglas Colety (Westchester Republican Party)

8. Alexander Carey (New York Republican Party)

9. Mark Weitzman (Simon Wiesenthal Center)

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Benjamin Witz
Benjamin Witz
21 October, 2010 9:28 pm

I’ll be cheering for you from here in Wisconsin. You can’t ‘tolerate’ or ‘co-exist’ with infectious parasites like the liberal left. Their goal is one and only one: our extermination.