Is Israel Manipulating Wikileaks?

To ask the question is to answer it.

by Gordon Duff
Veterans Today

THE NEW Wikileaks claims the US undereported by 15,000 the deaths of Iraqi “civilians.”  With the numbers listed by the military as little as 10% or less of the actual deaths, bumping up the numbers must be a joke.  More leaks about torture and killings, Iraqi torture and the US “looking away?”  More idiocy.  With the US sending “suspects” around the world on rendition flights, sent to secret prisons and, obvious to anyone with a brain, to shallow graves, this Wikileak is simply another sideshow, more “chickenfeed.”

Things have already come apart in Iraq.  Why leak this now?  Regular news stories are actually going much further than these “leaks.”  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the agenda here, an agenda with absolutely nothing to do with enlightening the world.

What does it prove, any of it?  For sure, we see one thing.  Everything leaked is carefully screened to have nothing of real value.  With Mossad running around Mosul, operating out of Erbil, supplying and advising the terrorist PKK, not a word is mentioned.  Instead, poor Iranians are swimming the Euphrates with explosives strapped to their chests.

Get real.

Thousands of tons of explosives were “mislaid” in Iraq.  The US failed to secure Saddam’s weapons depots which were looted.  These stockpiles were vast.  The idea that anyone would need to bring weapons into Iraq is insane, simply another Israeli ploy to pre-stage an attack on Iran.  Any fool can see this in seconds.

In fact, there are more assault rifles in Iraq than people.

While trying to blame Iran, is Wikileaks reporting the hundreds of thousands of weapons bought by the US that simply disappeared in Iraq?  It is easier to buy an assault rifle or RPG in Iraq than to get potato chips.  This need to blame Iran, the idea that “secret agents” are smuggling ordnance into Iraq, a country loaded with explosives, is insane.  Who would believe it?  The idiotic controlled press?

What will we see if we watch the stories coming out?  Where will the press be told to manipulate the public to look?  Americans proved long ago that they were immune to guilt about torture and killing.  In fact, polls show that the more religious an American, the more willing they are to accept brutality, and few countries are as “religious’ as America.  No other country in recent times as killed as many people as America, even overshadowing the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda and Bosnia or the “situation” in Israel.

As with the earlier “leak,” Wikileaks has the ability to go through hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, carefully eliminating any blackmarket dealings, drug running or, as with Iraq, the massive corruption and theft of oil.

There are dozens of subjects that seem to be carefully screened from any Wikileak.  Even the Department of Defense, not so secretly, thanks Wikileaks for holding back really embarrassing information.  “Held back” information is, of course, blackmail.

Who is Wikileaks?

Is Wikileaks Israel?

Only Israel has the penetration of the Department of Defense that would allow this kind of spying.  Not only can they do it, they also have so many spies in the American chain of command, they could easily prevent it.  Who has the facilities to gather and filter this much data?  Who would want to?

With the biggest story in Iraq the falsified intelligence on “weapons of mass destruction,” why didn’t Wikileaks get us documents on this?  We know that the military had orders to try to falsify documents showing that they found fully operating nuclear, biological and chemical warfare facilities.  These would have made good reading along with the thousands of pages of reports about how these stories would be fabricated.  Even the “controlled press” wouldn’t touch them although they are still out there.

The lies.

Exposing this real Iraq scandal would so some good, except for one thing, friends of Israel inside the Pentagon were the creators of this program.  Is this why Wikileaks dodges the real issues?  Is it because the trail for much of what happened in Iraq heads directly to Tel Aviv?…

Look at the watered down reports about American support of Al Qaeda.  The US is blamed for accidentally helping Al Qaeda by organizing the Sons of Iraq.  In truth, the US actually reorganized the Baathists, something far worse than the imaginary construct “Al Qaeda.”  Not a word is said about this.

One of the biggest scams of the Iraq “experience” was the looting of oil resources.  Most easily verified is the theft of oil from the Kirkuk fields through the Kirkuk/Ceyhan pipeline, which goes to the Mediterranean through Turkey.  Ships that load oil are shown on locator sights run by insurance companies and even the US Coast Guard.  Their tonnage is available, how many ships, how long.  When doing the math, how much oil is loaded compared to how much is paid for, billions and billions of dollars of oil is missing.

When Americans were paying $4 a gallon for gas, how many knew the oil that made the gasoline was “free” to the oil companies?  Who spit the take on this?  Who was paid?  How much was stolen through Basra?  Were the British involved?

Then we have Fallujah.  We are told America “carpet bombed” civilians and “ethnically cleansed” the area, as we are now informed, for no reason.  The version the Army told is being debunked along with the phony stories of the “embedded” press.  Nothing on this hit Wikileaks either.

We are also noting high levels of radiation there and a health crisis that can only be described as shocking.  Where is wikileaks on this REAL story?

There is little doubt that Wikileaks is a “sideshow’ run by an intelligence agency with dozens of agents inside the Department of Defense.  Only Israel has this capability, having penetrated Defense to such a degree they run it as their own.  What is the agenda of Wikileaks?  Is it revealing the truth?  If so, why is the truth censored and watered down to such a degree as to be “non-news” as the earlier leak had been.  In fact, most stories about leaks are simply speculation and most “leaks” are little than “chickenfeed.”

The last leak was an attack on Pakistan.  Wikileaks tried to make a case for Pakistan running the Taliban in Afghanistan.  However, the Taliban are Pashtun and don’t care much for Pakistan, they are “blood enemies.”  Because of this, Israel and India have found them useful allies against Pakistan, the only Islamic nuclear power.  Aid of all kinds gets to the Taliban from the Mossad and RAW, something Wikileaks worked hard to keep secret.

Real leaks by former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds proved that documents exist showing that rendition flights were used to ferry terrorists around, move drugs and tons of cash.  With bales of cash leaving Afghanistan every day, why is it that not one page, not one word of any of this, things we know are in American files, hit Wikileaks?

…Anyone surprised or shocked to find that Iraqi security forces killed or tortured people is living on their own private planet.  These were Saddam’s killers and torturers first.  Then they became ours.  What do killers and torturers do?

There was one reason for the invasion of Iraq with all the lies, all the killing, all the corruption.  Israel wanted Iraq destroyed.  Will Wikileaks ever get to something real?

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22 December, 2010 11:54 am

I had this precise suspicion over these few months… and yes, the more I see the leaks, the more I become confident that its just a Mossad Plan… All these “*LEAKS*” are soo useless and skewed towards zionist interest that this issue has become apparently risible these days….

Yalah as God said, these zionist devils plan and scheme but anyways sooner or later they’ll know that the best schemer was GOD Himself anyways…. !

Bunch of Wiki-Loooosers..

27 December, 2010 4:27 pm

“Never stop your enemy when they are making mistake.” Israel is helping their enemies with all their steps so far. As we are in middle of a really LONG LASTING WORLD WAR, the first casualty of it is the TRUTH. In this extremist religious group’s fanatic religious war, USA is been abused severely internally and externally by Israel and extremist religious groups.In course of it, lost all its reputation globally as its contradicting the core values in which USA was founded. Only way USA can gain it back is by asking forgiveness to the whole world for all the atrocities it caused (we remember Obama’s speech at Egypt), followed by punishing the people responsible for it (or only asking forgiveness wont really mean any thing).They also should ban extremist and… Read more »