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Homeless Jack: “We Have To Struggle To Be, and To Be More”

by H. Millard

“LOOK MAN,” said Homeless Jack, “the White world has gone nutty, and too many of our people are buying this absurd anti-nature, so-called anti-racism baloney to the point where otherwise sane people try to deny that our most basic and most important identity isn’t the one we are born with.

“You can hear them all over the place. Squeeze your nose real tight, man, and knock your knees inward and bend over a little and then while looking at your shoes, whine in a reedy mouse-like manner ‘I’m not a racist. I’m not a racist. I’m not a racist.’ That’s what these pathetic people are like, man. And, most of them don’t even know what “racism” means, but they’re very quick to try to deny that they are whatever it does mean.

“You see, what they’re really denying is nature and themselves. They’re trying to erase who and what they are. They’re psychologically crawling into a hole and pulling the dirt in over themselves. They’re not being fully functioning human beings. They’d rather die than struggle.

“They’re timidly minimizing their peoplehood instead of boldly raising their fist to the Cosmos and yelling ‘I’m here. I exist. This is who and what I am in all my Whiteness, and I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. If you don’t like me and my kind, screw you. I will struggle alone or with others of my kind to be and to be more until my dying breath, and I will expand my kind until the universe is teeming with us and the Code of our people that I carry within!’

“The unawakened among us need to be awakened to the truth, man. Those who have been exposed to nature’s true laws, either through the teachings of Arman or otherwise, but who reject them, should be shunned.

“I’ve thought of a way to explain some of Arman’s teachings about this stuff in a slightly different fashion.

“The first thing you gotta know is that everything starts way upstream from race and human beings. It starts at the beginning of existence. Actually, it starts before that, but we can’t see that far back.

“Anyway, if you don’t start at the beginning of existence, you’ll never understand the teachings or why they make sense. You can’t just start with humans and race, as most people seem to do, in order to try to understand humans and race.

“Before anything existed, I mean when there was absolutely nothing, when not even sub-atomic particles or waves and vibrations existed, there was only absolute darkness and absolute cold. Then — and don’t worry about why or how, man, because we don’t have any good answers — a single point started in the nothingness and it spun and expanded, and it’s been doing that ever since.

“The basic laws found in that single point and its spinning, spiraling, turning expansion are behind and infuse all of existence. When the spinning stops, our existence will stop.

“Because of the constant spinning, nothing is static and everything changes. The only constant about existence is change. Anytime something moves, there is change. And, remember, there is constant spinning even inside rocks and metal. This constant spinning is also behind evolution. And, evolution is important to our beliefs.

“Okay, man, take a look at this timeline that I typed out all neat for you.

“These dates are approximate.

“Notice that I call this Cosmic Evolution. No, that ain’t no call-me-Butterfly-Moonchild-Jack kinda term. Cosmic just means that it covers everything and ain’t just limited to Earth.”


13.7 billion years ago — Big Bang. Start of our universe.

4.5 billion years ago — Earth forms from spinning cloud of stellar dust.

3.8 billion years ago — First DNA molecule (notice that it spins) .

330 million years ago — First reptiles.

220 million years ago — First true mammals.

2.5 million years ago — Genus Homo.

200,000 years ago — Modern humans.

50,000 years ago — A few humans left Africa for Europe and kept evolving.

20,000 years ago — White people begin emerging in Europe.

5,000 years ago — White people became dominant and virtually only type in Europe.

4,000 years ago — Recorded history began.

Present Day — Miscegenation, birth control, homosexuality, smaller families are stopping the evolution of many White families and are sending them, genetically, back to Africa or causing them to become extinct.

“Our present day is a dangerous time for us, man. Our existence is threatened and our evolution can be cut off. You see, nature doesn’t care if we live or die or if the whole bunch of us go extinct.

“The way life is set up is as a competition, and nature is the eternal tinkerer, changing life here and there so that life will feel comfortable in every possible niche available and can struggle to be on top.

“You probably want to know more about how White people evolved, right?

“Scientists believe that a tiny mutation in gene slc24a5, located on the long leg of chromosome 15 at position 21.1, which started in the few people who left Africa and headed into Europe about 50,000 years ago, was a major reason for the emergence of white skin.

“White skin allowed in more sunlight and helped with the production of more Vitamin D than darker skin and prevented rickets. Because this gave those with this mutation a survival advantage over others in Europe, it expanded and the ones who were darker contracted and finally went kaput there.

“The White skin mutation became the norm in Europe 5,300 to 12,000 years ago. This gene for White skin has primary alleles that differ in only one nucleotide, changing the 111th amino acid from alanine to threonine. In White European-descended peoples, the threonine form is found in from 98.7% to 100% of the population; while in Africans, East Asians and American Indians from 93% to 100% of the populations have the alanine form.

“Many other mutations occurred among this new sub-species and we Whites were on the road to being a separate species entirely. That road continues on, but now with modern mass transportation and modern communications, the geographic and reproductive isolation needed to ensure speciation is being compromised, and many Whites are blending back in and returning to Africa, inwardly and outwardly.

“As has been foretold by Arman, at some point we’re going to see a massive dying off of humans and a bottleneck. On the other side of the bottleneck a new type of human will emerge from out of those with our mutations, if we stay on the right path. And, the process of Cosmic Evolution will carry on. It is up to us to make sure we’re the ones who carry on into the future and that we do not blend back in with those we evolved from.

“You know, man, I look at that first molecule of DNA as something really special. I mean it is the father and mother of all life on Earth as far as we know. Somehow, it formed and started expanding its internal Code and it adapted and changed and branched off but it was essentially the same core Code in all life. That’s why we keep seeing reports that humans and mice or flies or bananas are various percentages alike. All life that we know about on Earth has that same core Code. And that core Code seems to be able to diverge in an infinite number of different ways. Man, what a machine! It makes itself. It adapts. It changes. It diverges. It expands. It never stops. It’s like magic.

“It’s kinda like that first molecule of DNA was given the command: “Go and fill all niches of the universe with life.”

“You know, man, our destiny is not certain, but when we’re wide awake we can start steering our own way and we can make informed decisions while living consciously with our evolution in mind. And that’s what Arman teaches, and that’s what I’m doing.”

(© 2010 H. Millard)

* * *

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