Google Street View, Brazil: Random Corpses

Brazil’s flag reads “Ordem e Progresso” which translates to “Order and Progress,” but Google’s Street View cameras capture the true nature of the country’s racially mixed areas.

GOOGLE’S Street View service in Brazil has been been flooded with complaints after users were shown graphic images of dead bodies in the streets at several locations.

The service launched in Brazil last week but quickly attracted attention for the wrong reasons when television station Globo G1 broadcast Google-captured images of a corpse covered by a black plastic sheet and surrounded by blood spatters in a Rio de Janeiro street.

In the images, police cars surrounded the body in Belo Horizonte as officers form a cordon and push back members of the public who have gathered outside the street corner shops.

But several Web sites and Internet bloggers reported other similar images in Rio and further afield.

On Avenida Presidente Vargas, also in Rio, another image seems to show a body lying in the street that has not yet been found or attended by police.

It is not clear how many images of dead bodies were recorded by the Google Street View cameras but after receiving complaints the internet giant issued a statement declaring that ‘all images of the bodies were removed’ from the mapping service….

Brazil: another Street View body

In 2010 the U.N. published a report into violent deaths in Brazil by an independent expert.

The document from Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, stated: ‘When I visited the country two and a half years ago, I found that the police executed suspected criminals and innocent citizens during poorly planned and counter-productive war-style operations into favelas [shanty towns].

‘Off-duty police, operating in death squads and militias, also killed civilians, either as “vigilantes” or for profit.

‘Today, the situation on the ground has not changed dramatically.’

Sources: Western Voices; Daily Mail

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2 February, 2019 12:49 am

Recall the 60 minutes piece on how well Brazil was advancing economically and socially. Har! Just MSM misdirection promoting a multi-racialist society, so that in 2010, the year of Kevin’s report, this spin warranted national airing of which by 2015 was brought down to Earth by , with the unsurprising root causes (crime and corruption), per There is no escaping genetic determinism.

Uncle Cracker
Uncle Cracker
2 February, 2019 4:19 am

Yes, isn’t it strange?
I mean, diversity — it is supposed to be a strength and the key to success and prosperity.
Just because there are a lot of differences between the ones living in a country?
So, how come Brazil isn’t the global superpower nation by now?
Strange, so strange…

Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen
Reply to  Uncle Cracker
30 April, 2021 9:37 pm

Is Roof Japanese or something similar a thing because I know Roof Koreans are a thing in Koreatown (part of Los Angeles, CA), and Brazil has a huge Japanese population and happens to have a higher crime rate than in USA and Europe?