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Courageous Cyndi Steele Stands for Truth

by Val Koinen

I JUST FINISHED reading a very interesting, informative, and (in some ways) disturbing and even alarming document. I am referring to the September 7, 2010 affidavit of Cyndi Steele filed with the U.S. District Court for Idaho. (For those of you who don’t know, Mrs. Steele is the wife of north Idaho attorney Edgar J. Steele, who has been charged by U.S. Federal prosecutors with hiring a neighbor and handyman, one Larry Fairfax, to kill his (Steele’s) wife and mother-in-law.)

The extremely enlightening affidavit referred to was filed primarily in order to object to the pending acceptance of an unbelievably lenient plea bargain deal between Fairfax and the U.S. prosecuting attorney (Ms. Traci Whelan) (as was a similar affidavit filed on the same date by Mrs. Steele’s mother Jacquanette Kunzman of Oregon City, Oregon). The affidavits are also pleas for more effective protection of Mrs. Steele’s family, and they bring up other important issues as well.

The filing of these affidavits is an extremely important, potentially explosive development in the closely related Edgar Steele and Larry Fairfax cases. This could be huge! They would seem to indicate that many ramifications of the government’s handling of these cases from the outset could be legally questionable, to say the least.

See the Cyndi Steele affidavit at:


Edgar Steele is presently jailed in Spokane, Washington, awaiting a November trial in nearby Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Larry Fairfax is apparently still being held in the Bonner County jail in Sandpoint, Idaho, although he is reportedly in the process of finalizing a plea bargain with the Federal Prosecutor’s office and the Court.

For more background information and details of the unbelievable and highly improbable if not impossible twists and turns of these cases, you can go here….

While I have not yet dug into the details of the Cyndi Steele affidavit so as to personally and independently verify the facts as represented by that document; and assuming of course that the document I have read online is genuine and is a true copy of the affidavit actually filed by Mrs. Steele with the District Court; I see no reason to doubt its credibility. In fact, I think it is quite clear, and even unarguable, that:

(1) Her statements and assertions warrant a full, vigorous investigation by the local media – and particularly, by the local newspapers:

Spokane, Washington Spokesman-Review
Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) Press
Bonner County (Idaho) Daily Bee

This would seem to me to be a real opportunity for some good investigative journalism – I just wonder if these newspeople have it in them? I am assuming, of course, that the above and other local media are interested in, and capable of, professional and unbiased journalism, and reporting the truth. And I’m also assuming that they are not “in bed with” the “powers that be” that are or may be involved in this case – the FBI, the local U.S. Prosecutor’s Office, the ADL (the Jewish “Anti-Defamation League”), or others.

(2) Her statements and assertions warrant full consideration and investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and its FBI, Prosecuting Attorney, and the Federal District Court (as to their actions to date in the cases of Mr. Steele and Mr. Fairfax and regarding the treatment of the supposed intended victims of any crimes that have been committed) (assuming, of course, that honest and unbiased elements of those Federal entities are available and are capable of conducting such investigations and evaluating the results).

(3) Her statements and assertions comprise legitimate grounds in my opinion for all concerned, reasonable, and prudent U.S. citizens who are aware of these matters and who care about justice and the legal-justice system, and especially the role of those federal government employees involved in these specific cases; to ask the following questions in a sincere effort to determine the truth:

(a) Have any FBI agents exhibited bias or incompetence, or even broken the law, in connection with their investigations, actions, or the possible intimidation of Mrs. Steele? Was their acceptance of the legitimacy of the incriminating tapes or involvement in their procurement (production?) warranted and proper? What of their reportedly taking the Steele’s (remaining) precious metals from their residential property? If the FBI does know the identity of Fairfax’s accomplice(s)/co-conspirator(s), why haven’t they been arrested? What of the FBI’s working closely with informant, (?)thief, and confessed (attempted) “car bomber” Fairfax [Now popularly known as the Idaho Pipe Bomber — Ed.]; even to the extent that they would seem to have endangered the lives of Cyndi Steele and numerous others? Have they duly investigated the possible involvement of the ADL or other Jewish entities, and in particular, any connection they might have with the actions of Fairfax and his cohorts?

(b) Has there in fact been any prosecutorial incompetence and/or misconduct (including but not limited to such things as victim and/or witness intimidation and deprivation of the civil rights of Edgar or Cyndi Steele and other members of their family)? Was it proper for Assist. U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan to grossly undercharge Larry Fairfax for his (confessed) role in placing a car bomb under Cyndi Steele’s vehicle? As above for the FBI – if Fairfax’s accomplice(s)/co-conspirator(s) are known, why haven’t they been charged? Why was Ms. Whelan willing to accept the ridiculously lenient terms of the plea-bargain arrangement with Fairfax? What of Ms. Whelan’s apparent misstatement re: Cyndi Steele not wanting contact with the prosecutor’s office? Most recently, what should we make of Ms. Whelan’s “threat” to “investigate” whether or not Cyndi Steele’s September 7 affidavit is her own statement (as though paying an attorney to draft a legal document on one’s behalf for filing with the Court is somehow wrong, or illegal)? For that matter, what of Ms. Whelan’s seemingly “adversarial attitude” toward Cyndi Steele in general?

(c) Has there been any incompetence, bias, or judicial misconduct on the part of the U.S. District Court, referring specifically to such things as: Holding Edgar Steele without bail (in view of his long and honorable life, service to his country in the U.S. Coast Guard, lack of any criminal record, and professional and community standing)? The “no-contact” order forbidding him from contacting his wife? Apparently sanctioning the FBI’s confiscation of precious metals (and cash and other assets?) belonging to the Steeles? (All three of these things have presumably made it extremely difficult if not impossible for Mr. Steele to prepare a proper defense.)

Read the affidavit, study the unbelievably convoluted history of this entire case, and decide for yourself. And try to keep an open mind regarding the key question – is it just possible that Mr. Steele has been “set up” and is being persecuted more than legitimately prosecuted, for his social/political beliefs and activities? I’m not saying that I know for a fact that this is what is happening. But I am starting to get suspicious about it. And if it turns out that this is being done by our government employees, perhaps in the service of the Jews over their displeasure with Mr. Steele, there truly should be “hell to pay!”…

Read the full article at Koinen’s Corner

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