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Conservatives and Liberals: Both Hate Whites

by Bob Whitaker

DURING ONE OF his presidential campaigns, Alan Keyes (pictured with his wife on a trip to Israel) declared that, since he is a Black man married to an Indian woman, the Federal Government should condemn Bob Jones University for any ban on interracial dating. And that is all he said about it.

Every respectable conservative is ready to die for the right of blondes and Blacks to fondle each other in public. Then they get terribly upset when homosexual kisses and other activities are shown on television.

Nearly every state that adopted the Constitution banned interracial marriage. But conservatives now agree that anyone who says a state should have the right to do that should be vetoed from serving anywhere in the American judiciary.

Then those same conservatives get upset that, for some reason, everybody laughs at them when they talk about ‘strict construction’ of the Constitution. Hating Whites comes first.

As long as that is the case, conservatives are laughed at because they should be laughed at.

Liberals Too

Most of us have seen the ad where dozens of non-Whites tell us, in heavy accents, “I am Mellican!” (it means “American”).

An American is a person who has certain documents. There are “undocumented workers,” who are just as American as we are but who happen not to have the papers they need. These are the folks you only call “illegal aliens” if you are a nazi-who-wants-to-kill-six-million-jews.

That ad was put out by the Ad Council, but it didn’t make the whole point they wanted to make. So there’s a new one that has the same type of “I Mellican” plus Harry Belafonte and one critical addition that no American Patriot could do without. This ad has a very dark Asian guy and a very White blue-eyed girl wrapped up together in an American flag. It is shown twice in fifteen seconds, so you don’t miss the point. All you can see is their eyes and their complexions. The rest is the American flag they are wrapped in.

If you are not a nazi-who-wants-to-kill-six-million-jews, this illustrates What America Is All About. Anyone who is not a nazi-who- wants-to-kill-six-million-jews has one aim above all: the end of “racism.” Ending racism has to do with only one race. It means the mixing of Whites with other races.

Those who fight “racism” only want non-Whites to immigrate and be integrated into White countries. Nobody pushes Japan, which is less crowded than the Netherlands, to bring in non-Japanese immigrants, but any criticism of non-White immigration in the Netherlands is Evil. So this ad, where only the American flag is draped around a colored guy and a White girl, takes up where the old “I Mellican” ad left off. Both are products of the Ad Council.

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Mr. Dithers
Mr. Dithers
24 October, 2010 6:13 pm

Too bad we can’t run ads with a Jewish Israeli girl and a Hamas member wrapped together in the Israeli flag with calls for peace at long last. But I forgot that only Jews have the right to racially exclusive living space. Only Jews have the right to hate their enemies.