Russia Today, Tomorrow the World

THE 11 SEPTEMBER attacks in New York were an inside job; the South Korean warship torpedoed in March was not sunk by North Korea, but probably by Japan or the US; and the world is run by the secretive Bilderberg Group, who pursue a “New World Order.” Not the lonely ravings of a conspiracy-minded blogger, but all opinions aired recently on a satellite channel beamed into millions of American homes.

With its slick graphics, smiling young news-anchors, and round-the-clock coverage, RT is like any other news channel. But there is one major difference, aside from the content: RT, which stands for Russia Today, is paid for by the Kremlin. The channel launched in 2005, broadcasting news mainly about Russia on various satellite packages around the world.

You might remember a provocative ad campaign across London last year, with posters showing pictures of Barack Obama and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and asking, “Who poses the bigger nuclear threat?”

Read the full article at The Independent

via Bradford Hanson

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
13 April, 2018 6:54 pm

Russia endured Jew Bolshevist rule for most of the
last century, so who better to be in a position to
judge the Jew vermin?