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What Is Fascism?

by James Miller

POLITICAL RADICALS OFTEN SHOUT, “Fascist! Fascist!” at anyone who doesn’t agree with their views. The term is especially popular among college students. But do such people actually know what Fascism is? Have they studied it?

Unfortunately, Fascism has an undeserved bad reputation. Regardless of this reputation, Fascism is a very sensible economic and social ideology. There are a few different “flavors” of Fascism, but basically they all come down to the following.

Fascism is an economic system in which a nation’s government plays a central role in monitoring all banking, trade, production, and labor activity which takes place within the nation. Such monitoring is done for the sole purpose of safeguarding and advancing the nation and its people. Under Fascism, the government will not approve of any business activity . . . → Read More: What Is Fascism?


Racial Separatism is Humanitarian

by James Miller (pictured)

MULTICULTURALISM WITHIN a nation leads to internal tension and eventual violent conflict. Six thousand years of human warfare proves this (i.e., roughly 80% of all wars throughout history are rooted in racial/ethnic/religious conflict). All races and ethnicities are tribal and separatist by nature — these innate characteristics of human nature must be accepted and public policy should be drafted with such characteristics in mind. Hence, racial/ethnic homogeneity should be encouraged by policy makers. Pursuing racial/ethnic homogeneity is the most humane way to organize the world’s peoples.

Any realistic humanitarian (such as myself) understands this reality of human nature and works within its framework.

I don’t have anything against Mexicans…. in Mexico.

I don’t have anything against Nigerians… in Nigeria.

Mexicans belong . . . → Read More: Racial Separatism is Humanitarian


The Stark Truth: Interview with James Miller

by Kevin Alfred Strom

ROBERT STARK of the Reason Radio Network’s Stark Truth program recently conducted an interview with Dr. James Miller (pictured). Dr. Miller discussed the huge potential — and dangers — of the growing synthesis of the anti-establishment right and the anti-establishment left, and detailed the plans of the globalists who would like to co-opt them both. Who are the players? What are their agendas? What can we do to maximize Euro-American interests in the landscape of the future?

James Miller is an intelligent, candid, and insightful speaker, who holds a PhD in Physics from Brown University. He works in the field of high energy physics. He doesn’t sugar-coat the truth. His direct frankness is refreshing.

Some of the topics in the interview are:

The two wings of the globalist agenda
How globalist elites . . . → Read More: The Stark Truth: Interview with James Miller