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by Varg Vikernes (text of spoken words in this video follows)

IF YOU GOOGLE “the history of pornography,” you will find references to the statues of Venus and petroglyphs as being the “first pornography.” However, this is not “pornography.” This is a crude image of a woman who has just given birth and survived.

Yes. They didn’t need a “fertility” cult, as infertility was hardly a problem, but they did need a system to ensure the survival of the women giving birth.

The petroglyph shown here is not “pornography” either, but an image of a “duel” taking place inside the woman’s womb, between those who wish to be reborn. Yes, the sperm cells “sailing” towards the egg — as explained to us with symbols in our scientifically based mythology.

The pornography found in Pompeii, for example, was not an expression of “Pagan” tolerance, sexual openness, and promiscuity — but a testimony to the degeneracy of the multicultural and civilized Roman Empire, or parts of it at least. “Barbarian” Europe was chaste, faithful, and honorable. From Chapter 19, Cornelius Tacitus’, Germania, from year 98:

They live in a state of chastity well secured; corrupted by no seducing shows and public diversions, from no irritations from banqueting. Of learning and of any secret intercourse by letters, they are all equally ignorant, men and women. Amongst a people so numerous, adultery is exceeding rare; a crime instantly punished. For, to a woman who has prostituted her person, no pardon is ever granted. However beautiful she be, however young, however abounding in wealth, a husband she can never find. In truth, nobody turns vice into mirth [=amusement] there, nor is the practice of corrupting and of yielding to corruption, called the custom of the Age. As they have but one body and one life, they take but one husband, that beyond him they may have no thought, no further wishes, nor love him only as their husband but as their marriage.

Our “Barbarian” forebears were chaste, faithful, moral, uncorrupted, and proud of it. Pornography is now, like it was in Classical Antiquity, made and promoted by hypersexual degenerates, who see the destruction of everything that is moral as a goal in itself. If you embrace pornography, you embrace White genocide, through the corruption of our peoples. You also embrace your own descent into degeneracy.

I am not here to make friends, but to salvage the wreck of this civilization. Degenerates have no place in the blessed future of the superior man.

HailaR TîwaR!

Ave Zevs!

Slava Div!

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Source: Thulean Perspective

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  1. Anthony Collins
    December 30, 2016 at 10:15 am — Reply

    It’s a pity that Joseph Paul Franklin, the man to whom Dr. William L. Pierce dedicated his novel Hunter, didn’t succeed in killing the pornographer Larry Flynt — or that death squads do not cleanse San Fernando Valley of its pornographers, who — surprise! — are heavily Jewish.

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