Italy: Anti-White Feminists React to Fertility Day With Hate and Rage


What the Jews and “feminists” really hate is White children.

ALTHOUGH ITALY’S birthrate is well below replacement level, radical feminists have attacked the country’s Fertility Day campaign to encourage women to have more children, comparing it to Mussolini’s Fascist government. One of the slogans used in the campaign was “Beauty knows no age. Fertility does.” The posters show a happy White woman, touching her womb and possibly pregnant with child, holding an hourglass.

“It all sounds so similar to the fascist slogans of the 1930s, when posters on the walls incited women to give more children to the fatherland,” writes Annalisa Coppolaro-Nowell (pictured below) in Monday’s issue of the Guardian. Coppolaro-Nowell, who claims to be Italian but who has a rather Jewish appearance, and her allies appear to be hysterically outraged at the very thought of more White children.

“Many cannot believe that a female minister has launched such a sexist, ageist, anachronistic campaign in a country where many other urgent problems remain to be addressed,” she laments.

Beatrice Lorenzin, Italian Minister of Health, who wants Italian women to have more children
Beatrice Lorenzin, Italian Minister of Health, who wants Italian women to have more children

The campaign, brainchild of Beatrice Lorenzin, Italy’s Minister of Health, attempts to address Italy’s languishing birthrate by “reaffirming the beauty of parenthood,” as well as offering financial incentives for Italian parents to have more children.

The health ministry dubbed next September 22 as national Fertility Day, accompanied by a series of postcard-style ads advocating having children.

“The first Fertility Day will be celebrated to attract attention to the topic of fertility and its protection,” and “to underline the danger of falling birth rates in our country.” It also says it wants to focus on “the beauty of maternity and paternity” and “medical help for those people who are having problems conceiving.” The site offers information about how Italian regions will be involved, with doctors, pharmacists and clinics available to give advice to those interested in the subject of procreation. And in four major Italian towns – Rome, Bologna, Padova and Catania – there will be events to promote fertility and discussions on the subject.

Annalisa Coppolaro-Nowell: pure hatred of White children and natural procreation
Annalisa Coppolaro-Nowell: pure hatred of White children and natural procreation

Self-described “feminists” like Coppolaro-Nowell are having none of it, insisting that “choice” — killing White children in the womb — and “reproductive health” are the stuff that the the minister should be pushing, not the birthrate. Coppolaro-Nowell even calls the attractive ads showing smiling, pregnant White women are “troubling” and reminiscent of “Fascism.” One National Alliance member quipped that “Coppolaro-Nowell’s face is itself troubling — such ugly hatred of Nature and beauty and true femininity shows in her eyes and expression. Why does she hate Italian babies? What is her agenda?”

Giulia Blasi, writing in Extra NewsFeed, avows that Lorenzin “has approved and promoted a campaign that treats all women as little more than walking incubators, people who should hurry up and have children for the sake of the country.”

Indulging in eyebrow-raising hyperbole, Blasi writes that the fertility campaign is “the stuff of dystopian novels and fascist propaganda, something Benito Mussolini was quite good at in times when contraception was unavailable and women did not have the right to vote, much less work outside the home.” (Blasi is also angry because, in Italy, you have to be heterosexual in order to get state help in having children.)

The caption reads: "Young parents. The best way to be creative." Perhaps the Jews and feminists hate this in part because the man and woman are both White -- and of the opposite sex.
The caption reads: “Young parents. The best way to be creative.” Perhaps the Jews and feminists hate this in part because the man and woman are both White — and of the opposite sex.

Blasi takes advantage of the situation to blast Italy’s abortion laws, which she says are overly strict. The solution to a radically declining birthrate, Blasi illogically suggests, is greater access to abortion.

And in an “open letter” to the health minister, a group of Italian feminists allege that the campaign is “confusing and dangerous” and that it is not the competence of political leaders to care about the fertility of families.

“NO,” they write, “fertility is not a public performance, it is a private, subjective fact.” Women’s bodies, they stated, “belong to women and the way they choose to dispose of them are theirs as well.”

The campaign, they assert, reflects nostalgia for a time of “social and cultural obscurantism that condemned women to secondary roles and functions, in subordination to and dependence on men.”

This is the situation “that we have been endeavoring to fight ever since the times of the Risorgimento!” they wrote.

If nothing else, the rabid reactions to the campaign do help to explain what got Italy into this situation in the first place.

How to get out of it is another story.

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Source: The Guardian, Breitbart, and National Vanguard correspondents

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